Tributes Continue

Tributes Continue

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Guys im not gonna lie, im not gonna be around for too much longer. This buttplug i got in me is gonna make me sploodge soon

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The vibrations are fucking crazy. Someone start posting quality nudes.

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I wish that big butt would sit on my face while i cum. Almost got me here.

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Cum to my girl?

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Spreading her pussy to accept your cum

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Kik: Hanstoned, I'd love to trib

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Would like a tribute for my wife

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Trib my slut?

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Doing as many as i can before im overwhelmed

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Fuck my plug just died!

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Oops swap

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Ur wife looks like a slut

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time to blow

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Doing a couple tributes on kik

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would love it, pretty please

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Thanks! And yes my wife is a big slut. I talked to her about cucking me and she loved the idea. She fucks one of my friends 2-3 times a week

Thanks man, hope you didn't mind me spamming my girl

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wedding day trib?

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