How long and how thick does a dick have to be to look good on camera or aesthetically pleasing?

How long and how thick does a dick have to be to look good on camera or aesthetically pleasing?

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No right answer. I prefer cute guys with smaller dicks, so for me personally, 4 inches is ideal. But probably 7+ for most, if I were to hazard a guess.

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Do you press the ruler into the bone when measuring the dick?

5.5inch and 5.5in thick would be the standard in my opinion. Also small girl like 5ft 2inc and below... So anything bigger would look good but smaller idk... Also depends on camera angle

about yey high and thick

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is that my dick?

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See that's a good example of a small girl and avg cock that looks big.. Look at the angle and how she only is fucking the tip to make it look long.. Btw I'm Ez$.

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That's the way all measurement studies are done, bone-pressed along the top of the penis.

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Is this big?

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Depends, if you fuck a short girl even an average dick will look big

ok that's not mine.mine is bigger

How big is yours? Mine in the gif is 7x5.5

Do you think that big dicks are overrepresented in amateur porn, because it’s more likely a big dicked guy will be comfortable with filming himself having sex because he’s more ok with his dick being on tape?
Maybe small guys would be embarrassed?

I have about a 7 incher and I struggle to snap a decent pic. Is everyone else that much bigger or do I suck at dick photography?

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Length or thickness do not matter. The one thing that all aesthetically pleasing cock’s have in common is that the cocks belong to girls. Something about the estrogen in their blood causes the most disgusting cock to become aesthetically feminine in nature, pacifying the most bulged and grotesque masc cocks into adorable, cute, and beautiful cocks
Mens dicks are fucking gross.

Not big. Most porn actresses are really small. So usually 7.5-8 inches is fine

It’s because girls like big cock and it’s similar to posing with a deer your just shot. Big buck = grip and grin. Doe or small buck = not posing for pic but they’ll eat just fine.

t. trophy cock stud

This is a 7 incher too. Does it look big? I think so.

It's all about the ratio. My dick is 6x6. 6 inch length is average. However since 6in girth is like top 99% my penis looks 4 inches in pictures.

it need to be big enough that you can see it rearrange her organs.

Man's ass make it look huge.

Yeah it looks like a 7 incher should look. Big but not huge.

I feel you, I have 7,2x7,4