Anyone have that one rekt video where the dad sets a gun down in front of his kid and he shoots himself in the head...

Anyone have that one rekt video where the dad sets a gun down in front of his kid and he shoots himself in the head real fast. It was on a CCTV and I think the backstory was the kid was talking about commiting suicide so his dad put a gun on front of him, when he used it his dad thought he was bluffing and smacked his head only for him to fall to the floor the mom and dad break into Hysteria

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Fake, also bump

This soy boy doesn’t know what death looks like kek

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It's a lumenock arrow that has a red/orange LED in the back so it's easier to find if you miss.

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Thanks I thought it was a lazer

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poor majestic creature minding his own business, humans are garbo

Yes, we need to exterminate the bad meat eaters that kill such majestic animals.
Everything that's not vegetarian.

I actually keked at work user, holy shit, saved.

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dont post animl cruelty you faggot. How would you like it if you got shot and just bled out? FAggot hunters better eat every part. Fuck people who hunt for sport.

The faggot is you crying over the most natural method of meat production there is.

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edgelord and psychopatchic animal hater


That punch fake out was clean as fuck.
Get fucked jiggabo

Did he survive this?

For a little while.

If somebody is hunting with a bow it isn't for sport. That elk didnt bleed out, it was shot in the heart. That's the most humane way of killing something, having a foreign body pierce your heart will make it instantly stop and it sends you into shock. Being in shock = no pain. All that elk felt was a massive adrenaline rush and then it started blacking out, it didn't even die awake. You should see what it's like firsthand and kill yourself you crybaby liberal faggot.

i’ve seen it, i just don’t have it op

They got him to hospital but he died soon after. Unbelievable that he didn’t die instantly from the fall and blunt force trauma


Must have smelled like fish

Beautiful kick.


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>hunting uour own food
>edgelord and psychopatchic animal hater
Holy fuck imagine having sub 50 IQ

Fantastic shot, great hunt.

>hunting your own food
>edgelord and psychopatchic animal hater
Holy fuck imagine having sub 50 IQ

actually it probably did. cats love anything with that scent.


its ok to eat the elk, but not if u hunt for sport is my point. Also filming it and posting on Sup Forums makes you a qualified edgelord and neckbeard.

Unironically this.
Hunting for food is necessary, if you happen to take joy in it that's perfectly fine. Putting that joy ahead of not causing the animal unnecessary harm ain't cool.

what the fuck are you whining about? I trophy hunt all the time (diff subject), I'll film my kills. My hunts inject money into poor economies.

I've taken Rhino, Tiger, Lion, Giraffe, Elephants.

You say "if you hunt for sport you shouldn't eat the animal, and you shouldn't film it"

Reddits that way fag

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Soo...he was behind all that...?

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Because he's a faggot is why.

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if anyone can draw up specs on this parachute I'd be grateful.

gonna try it out on my gf's chihuahua from the Cessna.

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yeah, these libs today haven't ever even been camping, let alone hunting. utter pansies.

faggest award of all time

Sharing the video is viable for education purposes.
Hunting should not be something that's hidden from public view. It should be shared with people that have never experienced it, even if those people never hunt.
I also believe the conditions in stockyards and slaughter houses should be shared.
People who consume should know the reality of the market they create.

Is that Pelagea?

This x1000000000

because it hurts my feefees to see the poor circus animals go bye bye. :( PETA told me we can live off tofu and sprouted bean pods.

no seriously that's their whole argument in a nutshell.

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What the fuck is happening

hey snowflake, hunting's a great way to save on food costs, and a fun way to get out and enjoy nature.
my father grew up in poverty, they had to hunt for every meal, so there's that too -- it provides a way to live for many Americans.

Sport, cost-effective and liveability

there was a natural gas leak in the building, the teen goes to vape like an angsty fag and ignites everything. 100% fatalities throughout the medium-rise building.

2.5 square feet for every pound.
Let's say the chihuahua is 10 pounds.
So 25 square feet.

That's about the area of a queen size bed sheet.
Get a harness from Petco..
Tie to corners of bedsheet.
Be sure to strap an old phone to it and hit the record button then throw that annoying fucker out the window at 2,000 feet.

Rather get shot then eaten alive by literally any other predator/carnivore.

Hunting for sport is the best hobby for insecure wannabe alphas. If you're eating it, good on you. If it's just for a trophy, you're a literal degenerate. No way around it. Hunting is about having respect for nature, not showing it "whoose da man"
"Look at me I killed this mighty trophy beast... by sitting in a stand and moving my finger, aint I badass."

Honestly looks pretty cool. I thought some captain marvel shit was going on

There you go

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Holy fuck!!!

super saiyan

I trophy hunt, it's patriotic and injects money into poverty-ridden economies.


no it doesnt.

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Humans have agriculture, animals don't.

>Animals do it which means it's moral
This is a stupid argument.
Animals also fuck each other up for no reason.
Does that mean murder is good?

I'm not even a vegetarian btw.

Nah, a laser that could actually kill that would require that time to focus but that problem is it would also weigh 11,000 pounds and sound like 18 lawnmowers having an orgy while high on blow.

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Yeah I saw that one. His dad was a cop. It wasn't that he was talking about suicide its that his dad was just a piece of shit. His son was sitting there and his dad threw the gun down saying something stupid. If I remember right it wasn't "kill yourself" but more like "You're not even man enough to take a shot at me." So the kid just picked it up and blew his brains out.

Good server
Took my virginity and shoved it up my butt

>blond short kid wearing yellow tshirt
reminds me of the kid on crack getting hit with a basket ball