Former democrat here...

Former democrat here, because of this impeachment waste of time I will defiantly be voting Trump in 2020! Might even vote Republican in my district

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Same here. Glad im not the only one.

both of you are dumb fucks

So is supporting Trump openly racist now? At the least antisemitic? Or are you all just letting eugenics invade without realizing? Or is it ironic?

This is the worst bait of all time.

I cent wate to defiantly voat four Turnip miself! I mite evin voat oll Reepublicin n mi districk as wel

> Defiantly

The level of bait here is master level.

Bernie Or Bust!

well it isn't really bait,,,if you like the liberals you are a fucking idiot,,,i have people from uk,,,china and russia all say the democrats just do the dumbest fucking shit that doesn't make sense. They openly lie on national television lul. Impeachment came and they had no proof no witnesses or nothing. all they said was and i quote * we've heard talk and we have heard a number of things * That is what they brought to court loololololololol. a 4th generation democrat, my family has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the democrats since the late 1950s. Both me and my parents will be voting republican. this circus is just getting out of hand its sad to see what things have come too. Dont get me wrong i dont love trump by and means but the democrats have lost the plot and are completely unhinged at this point.

I voted for Obama both times and I'll most likely vote for trump again. It's probably going to be the best choice.

Same here voted for Obama 2x and regrettably voted against Trump. We need to stop embarrassing OURSELVES. It's MAGA for me 2020

Russian's can't vote, tho?

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Please do! Every vote for democrats is a vote for China!

Got off this fucking board you rooty-poos

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That's cool and all but why you need to post a fattie for this?

This is a MAGA-girl

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Voting for democrats is racist, because they push policies making the extremely racist 4th Reich stronger

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>4th Reich

Who that?

Current republican here, I suck sissy cock every day. Might even get a rich daddy to love me if I'm an extra good cocksucker.

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I'll be voting for Trump again because Trump will ALWAYS be better than the nonsense Democrats believe in

Nice try MAGA-tards. At least try to be clever next time.

Fresh off the meth train looks like.

Hollie is fine, regardless of politics.

Fake and gay. Or you're just actually retarded. Stick wit yo' guns, nigga. Have some conviction (with a willingness to reach across the aisle, compromise, and come to an understanding during an impasse)

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You probably like girls with veiny abs, don't you, closeted faggoot?

Same here, the silent majority grows day by day. The next election is going to be a rude awakening to the left, pc culture, feminists, faggot genders and anyone that supports their contradicting "ideologies" you do not belong. Hopefully they do pack their shit and leave.

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Your underage is showing kid.

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if you are for this bs impeachment you have to be china.. or bought by china.

Welcome aboard brother

>i have people from uk,,,china and russia
Do they ride the same short bus as you?

you know trump is shit when democrats want to vote for him

Even with comebacks or as you faggots now say "cLaPbAcK" you fuckers are lazy, unoriginal, and bland. You sound like the fat cousin in the family that no one speaks to, its heavy into larping, dropped out of college and is constantly posting shit about trump on social media.

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What’s her social media? I need to follow this white queen

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