Why wouldn't you fuck the hyena if you had the chance, seriously, there's nothing morally wrong with it

why wouldn't you fuck the hyena if you had the chance, seriously, there's nothing morally wrong with it

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I wouldn't fuck her because I'd rip her little cute hole to bits

leave the hyena alone


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there is nothing morally wrong with fucking the blender hole in the sink, either. "there is nothing morally wrong with it" is not a reason to do something, you still need a valid reason while we're on the topic, moral doesn't exist, and so fucking anything has nothing morally wrong about it

Her penis it too big, it makes me feel insecure.

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I would totally fuck her up the ass

Fucking jasiri >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> human pussy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> blender

yeen vajeens are quite stretchable user, they have to pass a baby through there
she likes me
so fucking kids is not immoral?, morality isn't as abstract as you claim it is, also there is a reason, its an intelligent sapient animal that can reciprocate feeling.

its a clit user, and shes more insecure about it than you, why do you gotta be so harsh on her, she didn't want to be born with it

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sounds nice, but i prefer her warm yeen puss
this guy knows whats good, you earnt an internet point from me

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i have printed 72 of my hentai images,so far
i'm planning on printing a lot more
nice to have it by hand

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Fucking kids is not immoral, as I said, moral doesn't exist beyond human definition. If you can prove me otherwise by showing me physical moral, or a natural apparation that forms moral beyond sentient organisation, I am ready to back down.
Until then, for all purposes? The reason we don't fuck kids is because we don't want to, not because we can't
for the same reason, we don't fuck hyenas, or cartoons

People like you make furries look bad.

>she didn't want to be born with it

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i'm talking about a human definition of moral, not some kind of law the universe has about what you can and can't fuck, and as i'm saying, by human standards, there is nothing immoral about it

i wouldn't consider myself a furry, its a very loose definition, and you're free to hate me, i don't really care what a random stranger thinks

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fuck me that article, please tell me its fake...

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humans have no unified standard though, many people would disagree with you, and yet here you are
in conclusion, morality is still fake

you spam this shit so fucking much, kid. stop. i see more of your pedobestiality threads more than log threads.

nice trips
morality is indeed not a white and black, but most of us can agree on general terms, anything done that causes unwanted harm in the other individual is immoral, and as far as bestiality goes, its immoral for the reason that the animal can't consent, so its rape, here there's nothing like that, since the animal is sapient and can consent

lets bring back /fur/ this time for real

learn the term for "pedophile"
where did i claim to have sex with an animal?

as for seeing my threads, install Sup Forums x and filter them out
you can't, mods are faggots

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do pigs consent to be slaughtered?

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>cartoon can consent
additionally, and I don't know if you've noticed, but my moral standards allow me to wish you to kys without irony, proving your thesis wrong

that's a fair point user, the fact is that people don't care whether they consent or not, only that they don't suffer, its a pretty flawed logic and i would be a vegetarian if i could have the mentality, i agree that animals deserve atleast a painless death

>you can't, mods are faggots
Quickly reminder that mlp exist. We can we just have to be as anoying as bronies.

you're sexually attracted to an animated young animal. seek psychiatric help.

>don't suffer
>implying that being elecrocuted doesnt hurt
>implying that pigs are treated well until they are killed

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Really OP, it is time to stop now. Just fap quietly already.

>seek psychiatric help.
why? you didnt seek one when you started browsing this shithole?

i've stated my moral standards about one thing, not for the general part of it, if this is what your morality allows you to do, go for it, but you would be immoral, morality is determined by what most people think is right, and you maliciously wishing for people to kill themselves goes against the general morality people have, which means you're going against the general consensus.
i haven't been here when the mlp raids happened, so i don't know how much it took for the mods to finally cave in, but it was most likely a ridiculous amount being spammed 24/7, and i assume one of the mods was a brony and that kind of helped its case, i would like if each subject has its place, that way Sup Forums can be ever so slightly more random, but i doubt it
i'm sexually attracted to the personality of the character, and if you look it up online, there's more than plenty cases for it, men and women of all ages, thats normal.

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dont listen to him im enjoying this thread

i wasn't implying that they are having the time of their lives right now, i was talking about the fact that it should be better, less painful deaths and better treatments

i don't need to fap, this isn't from horniness, this is from appreciation to the queen
thanks user, glad you enjoy these

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yeah but i'm not the one spamming that you want to fuck an animated animal from a kids show to a board full of strangers that despise you. even if i had a bizarre sexual fetish, i wouldn't spam it.

me neither but you only have to read a bit to realize that the history of Sup Forums is one of people breaking apart with the intended rol the mods had for the board and fucking anoying the hell out of them until they gave up and gave them what they want just to make sure they leave the main boards at peace. Thats how mlp was born that was pol was born and thats how the unlikely fur could be born


>even if i had a bizarre sexual fetish, i wouldn't spam it.
hard to believe that user perfectly sane people dont stick around here for long

it's not normal. you may not be alone, but it's not normal. it's like a pedophile joining a forum for pedophilia then claiming its normal because you're not alone.

i don't despise you, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to fuck an animal like Jasiri, regardless if its from a show intended for 5 and up or 18 and up, you can't prove me wrong, as for spamming it, install Sup Forums x and filter the md5s out, i keep them the same for this exact purpose, i'm not here to anger you, i'm here to show there's a problem with Sup Forums

pastebin com/BWuRkeYi

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Actually, I think whether most of the population would find a bestiality pervert that posts on Sup Forums deserves to live is not determined that easily. I can very fairly see a majority of world population consent against your existence. Also, for either of us to be proven right, we would require statistical data, since that very obviously is by what you define "morality": popular vote.


its best to not to sage and just not reply at all, you've done nothing by stating you're saging this thread, and you would've gotten the same exact results by ignoring it, sage isn't a downvote

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no :0

jasiri is an adult

And besides, what is just crossing my mind: by your definition of moral, your OP is very clearly wrong. Most people would agree that wanting to fuck a sentient, cartoon hyena is extremely "wrong".

pedophilia is the minority here, which makes it not normal, if everyone was gay, then being straight was not seen as normal, but most people are attracted to characters for their personality, not just their looks, and its a common thing that happens, take a look at lola bunny back in the old days, sure it might not be more than half the population, but its not as weird as you think

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What a bunch of assholes.
The fuck is wrong with you?

>isn't a downvote
is like trying to downvote a video on youtube it actually has the oposite effect

>feel more confident
>be confronted with reality
>have to choose between admitting reality or avatarfagging harder
>avatarfag harder
>rinse and repeat

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you're free to think what i want, so long as i'm not causing harm to anything or anyone, then i am free to continue doing it.
why is it extremely wrong, give me your reasoning
exactly, and even if she wasn't, it still isn't pedophilia
i don't know user, most of them are pissed at the hyena for some reason, must be jealousy

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This is probably the greatest example of an incel you could ever find on Sup Forums. Some beta tween who knows they will never attract a human female, so they fantasize over an animated hyena that they find "cute" on a show for children. While I generally wish you would kill yourself simply and quietly, a part of me wishes that you were thrown to a pack of hungry hyenas.

>The Queen is a Godsend for this Place but can we please not talk about her sex life.

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i'm merely posting pictures of the hyena, not conveying any types of emotions with the images, and i'm posting other characters along with the hyena, so no.
>being this mad at me posting a cute hyena
i can sense some jealousy in your reply, be honest user, we're all friends here

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yes gael, I shall cease talking about her sex life, your satanic trips demand it

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no really, kill yourself.

>My thanks, sir.

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>not conveying any types of emotions

>>>be confronted with reality
>>>avatarfag harder

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>This is probably the greatest example of an incel you could ever find on Sup Forums
stop proyecting your problems mate
if you would say that this is prove that you cant stay on b withouth devloping some seriously bizarre fetishes i would agree but cmon dont call anyone virgin on b you will be shooting in the foot

Some people actually PREFER female animals, ever thought of that?

That's like saying, some people will never get an attractive man so they settle for an ultra attractive straight up supermodel hot slut instead.

It makes no sense.

you see, you kind of convinced me for a second, but then you sent a kys, so i'm still pretty sure there's some form of jealousy at play here
>implying shes not cute
>implying she isn't your waifu

hey look, you just posted a picture of johnny bravo, stop avatarfagging

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logic doesn't work with these people user, you shouldn't even attempt it

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>op fires back with complete, madman nonsense
dude you calling my mad le epic reaction images avatarfagging and throwing shit like "waifu" at me, you're entirely disconnected

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user this has been going on for a while, to be honest this convo was done 3 replies ago, i just wanted to see how long you would reply to me for

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>Who's More the Loony?
>The Madman Himself?
>Or the Dunce trying to convince him he is Mad?

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ah, the old "I was merely toying around with your intellect this entire time"
it's disrespectful to play this card, but thanks for trying, now delete your thread please

kek, well played, although i'm not mad.

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"I'm not mad" is really the only way to confirm your immense rage on an online imageboard, Op

Wait, I thought you weren't into zoophilia. Unless you are not the same -o I spoke to the day before yesterday and to whom I asked why were you making this posts and if you liked animals.

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naw user, i didn't take back what i said, i still want to peen the yeen, i only mentioned the fact that you keep replying to my obviously baity replies, but feel free to think otherwise

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>You daft Twat, I'm calling you Insane.
>Not only Are you mentally Unstable but have the IQ of a chicken

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Bloody hell, because of you I am starting to take a liking to that fictional character, even though I am way too old for such stuff (18 years old).

It's way better than those LOG OF SHIT posts though.

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i wasn't talking about angry mad, i was talking about crazy mad, read the convo mang
yeah i remember you user, it was me, and i'm talking about fucking jasiri my guy, not any animal, i keep asking people to state why its wrong, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to fuck her really, since shes a sapient, intelligent being that can consent

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hold up with this, we already established before that these entire threads are nothing, naught, nil but bait, so jolt that down

can a chicken do this?

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Finally, good see her influence on you

Agreed, log posters need to burn on a pile of tires.

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shit user this image is great, saved

as for liking that fictional character, there's nothing immature with that user, you're free to watch the show if you feel like you'll like it, the character is pretty great

the show is rated 5 and up, not 5 and down, like the lion king movies, its intended for the whole family, not downplayed so toddlers can learn basic shit, anyone judging you for it does not have the right to do so.

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like 90% of the shit here, but mods don't care about that so long as they get that ad revenue

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>shits on log posters who sit in photoshop all day trying to be creative about their shitposts
>just puts google images of a sonic-OC tier character on Sup Forums

>creative about their shitposts
>uses the Same old "HURHUR, IZ FUNNI CUZ IS POOPY" Joke
Sure user, believe what you want.

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>sonic oc tier
>by a disney, who owns the rights of lion king
your standards are way too high user

and we do make some shit, but for the most part we just stick to posting good old content from the show

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not to mention that we have different goals here, logfag tries to be ironically funny and force a meme, we want people to enjoy our thread and laugh, but its not the main focus here, Jasiri ain't some elaborate joke.

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>shit user this image is great, saved

Save it, it's all yours my friend.

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thanks lori!

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tbh I'm almost impressed by the lengths OP is willing to go and the mental damage he is willing to simulate to sell his bait

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discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

hyena can get it

>her influence on you
I am a sucker for wholesome characters, I can't avoid it.

You see, I have always liked The Lion King, since I was a little girl. That partially explains why I am taking a liking into this Jasiri.

I searched for The Lion Guard in my language and found out the series is remarkably well dubbed. Very professional. Here, take a look of how good it sounds in spanish:


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well, i like exaggerating it since people already think i'm mentally damaged, so why not am i right, so long as i'm entertaining to others

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we got our own discord, thanks though

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you're not entertaining, but I like the spirit of that sentence

So OP is merely pretending to suffer a mental illness just to troll real mentally ill people?

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seems plausible, I think yes

oh yeah the show can get pretty wholesome, and they definitely made some effort for the songs to sound good dubbed, but i would suggest you listen to the english versions aswell ,seeing as they're the first language it started in, fuli is pretty nice but i prefer Jasiri in wholesomeness
if you liked the lion king you will most likely like this show, i am not gonna lie, the pilot isn't the best, and the first season is kind of repetitive, but it gets better and gets more plot added at season 2 and 3, most of the songs are decent to really good, but there are a few which aren't the best

i'd like to hear back at you if you like the show, keep me updated, i'm the -o sign filename poster

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that's a really wild claim to make user, surely from the site of thousands of users, more than a few of them like my content, i did surveys around a month ago and a third of them, something like 40 votes said they like the hyena, i also get positive comments

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i mean, i'm merely exaggerating my character out in ways people portray me, so i guess i am acting mentally ill, although i do get serious when needed

i don't do this to troll the users of the site, i only annoy haters

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