Spying on you're waifu

>spying on you're waifu

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for my whole life, i didn't know if i even really existed... but i do... and people are starting to notice.
anyway here's Yui.

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>syndra will never fondle your balls

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have you tried asking nicely?

Think it would work?

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probably not, but you would know you tried

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is this the right kind of thread for this kind of post? I just wanted to post a dead meme today

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nought wrought with a dead meme if you like it

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Syndras dead. Hes fucking dead. I just.... fuck.

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Ok: The reason I like the Earth so much is because, when we're together, when I wake up with them in mind or go to bed with them in mind, I am calm.
In that case, good grief! cause I'm one of the people who like this meme most. Your opening quote seemed oddly familliar for a sec.
You ought to stop clowning around.

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hey, that's a pretty good reason
that's okay! memes are nice. i'm a meme
you don't listen, do you?

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Thanks, y-you too. I spend my entire life not listening, I feel. I'm going to die a blind cave salamander.
>I'm a meme
me too friend, not one of the better ones either

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i said, what do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a sOCIETY THAT ABANDONS HIM AND TREATS HIM LIKE TRASH?
i think you're a good meme.

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being a meme is one step closer to Earth chan
woah thanks
I'm putting that in my folders

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heh... i guess that's good..
let's be memes together
kinda baste ngl

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she is my girl

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I remember getting that one from an user at some point. That image looks so calm, and cold. I love it.
I've been collecting trash for pretty long now but there's still some nice scraps hidden around.
trips is meme
can't wait to see a florida man anime
That's pretty lewd

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nice trips+10

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nice dubs, singles next please

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you are the here in someone’s life story out there in the biggg thiccc world....
think about it.

i slep.

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nah, quads, sorry
you're cool
have an awesome night

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Who cares, we gather around the warmth to tell tales of strangers, not our own.
your script is a meme.
you should cuddle Yui like that guitar

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bump and arrivederci

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ok schizo

i don't script, i just ask the mods for dubs
maybe some day i will... that'd be amazing...
have an awesome like you

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that means "you are"

you + are
you ' are
you 're



no, he is right it's "you're"

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"Spying on you are waifu" is a grammatically correct sentence

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Go spy on a grammar book faggot

Waifu here

i like you a lot

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I also like you a lot

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wew lad

God damn you people are terrible.

It's okay, Axolotl are pretty gangsta.

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Lain a boring shit.

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Shut your whore mouth Tomoko no one is talking to you.

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Lain a shallow boring slow ride shit

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I can't tell if you're retarded or trying to tell me something.

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Lain a stupid too.
Stupid, boring, shallow, pretentious. These are the things Lain is.

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Apparently so. Tomoko is a mad little samefag.

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Samefag? When did I ever try to pretend to be someone else?

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back to discord

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it's my job

Sad job


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who is the most boomer poster here?

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the literal boomer, who else?


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How's life?

Are you happy with the direction you're heading?

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sorry for being dumb last we talked
kind of...

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What did you say?

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wonder what alice2's butthole look like lole


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riveting conversation


A stupid tranny


Theres no memes in the thread anymore.

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could you not?

I'm a biological female, as obviously seen here

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i dont know why alicetards wont leave

The fact you have to use this word just means you cut your dick off and screwed your hormone levels up with drugs to get fake tits.

You c-called and I came

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N-not at all, that would be a transgender female. Biological means I w-was born and raised as female.

Literally the reason I use that phrase is to counter you calling me a tranny.

Anyway, l-let me pour you some tea

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You can see his adams apple

shut up tranny


You c-can't, given I don't have one

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>born and raised as female
I don't think so, Tim

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>I'm a biological female, as obviously seen with this webm that gives me proof
even i'm a little not retarded enough to believe that

then leave tranny

Don't c-call if you don't w-want me to come posting someone else who doesn't at all match my previous IRL posts

Alright. You do you assertion
Sorry, I literally posted evidence

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