Have you ever cheated on your partner (unbeknownst to them), and continued to pursue a life with said partner...

Have you ever cheated on your partner (unbeknownst to them), and continued to pursue a life with said partner? How do you deal with the regret? Do you even regret what you’ve done to begin with?

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I've never cheated bro. It's the lowest of the low.

I'm thinking of cheating. I have my reasons.

I'm 37, been married 12 years wife is still an 8 everyone thinks I've scored well with her but she is null in bed
> Sexually frigid
> can go weeks without sex. Once went 7 weeks without putting out
> I get it on the weekend only, if I'm lucky
> Poor bj skills, won't try anal
> Getting her drunk isnt even a guarantee she will open her legs
> Only ever in bedroom, won't try stuff in the car, out trekking, or even on the couch ffs

Wtf am I supposed to do? I love her, but the last time I had decent sex was 2013. I want to try fucking someone else but afraid of the guilt.
It's maybe not relevant but she's also a shit cook and doesn't clean up either.

Sounds like your wife needs a man.
That's your only problem.

It's also guaranteed she is cheating on you if she doesn't want sex at all. She's not attracted to you.
Women are just as sexually active as men, so whatever the fuck it is you are doing, stop.

Lol. When was the last time your wife came?

That is the most disturbing photo I have ever seen

You should ask if she'll let you watch when she gets fucked.

I did recently. GF of 3 days and I fucked someone else. It was a mistake and the guilt consumed me for a bit. I would not recommend it. I’ve since forgiven myself as it was a mistake and I am human. But I do not want to feel like that again.

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Been a while since she came. She's on anti depressants and they've turned her real flat. I love eating pussy I'm always ready to go, but she's just not into it.
I never considered that before but I'm gonna think about it some. If I think she's screwed around behind my back I will fucking destroy her.
I asked if we could get another woman in bed. She was totally against it.

Personally I wouldn't go through with cheating if it's stale in the bedroom even after 12 years.
Work on your shit during sex, if she isn't enjoying it then you might be doing something wrong, by the sounds of it you got plenty of time to practice.
Also if sex is the only thing that relationship is built on then you wasted 12 years of life for the both of youse.

Why would you throw away those 3 long days you worked so hard for together user? 3 fucking days?? Does that mean nothing to you?

Ty user. Yeah I suppose I've got some thinking to do.

i cheated in every serious relationship. the guilt feeling is present but it's not costing me any sleep. Knowing how i live I avoid dating and relationships because i am more aware of how grimy it is to be unfaithful. i still get to have sex regularly because there's others like me who also hate dating and relationships

I've done it with several partners and I've never regretted it. First time was with my exwife. After we got married she let herself go and was a dead fish in bed on the rare occasion she would want sex. She found out because I shoved it in her face. She wouldn't fuck me, so I fucked someone else. She cried and got even more depressed. I filed for divorce and got everything I wanted, except for all that lost time.

Yep all the time. I only feel guilt when its with a girl thats no where as good looking as me partner and or sucks even more in bed. Even then its more of a dissapointment, as in i went through all that trouble when a fap couldve been better

Me too, but I am yet to find a girl that doesn't want a relationship, to settle down, get married and have kids.
Then again, I am 36 now, so I find the only single chicks at my age either already have kids or have their ticking timebomb of hormones making them want to rush into these things before they are over the hill so to speak.

Love cheating on whatever girl I’m with. Either it’s a tinder girl or an ex. Tbh, it wear on you because you have to hide texts constantly and formulate lies. Currently sleeping with my pregnant baby mama and some bbw milf. The baby’s mama is constantly putting out for me but the same vagina gets so lackluster to me. Part black so maybe it’s the nigger in me that enjoys this. Do I regret any of this? No. Will I continue to go after I’ve been caught? Yes.
Women are whores. Don’t reserve yourself. Be a whore too. Cheat before they cheat on you. Also note that all these women are white. They dumb as hell

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I added some bitch from Omegle on Snapchat when I was in a relationship because I was horny. She said she was curvy, ended up being a landwhale with dyed hair.
I blocked her and felt bad for going behind gf's back. Never again.

Yes, three girlfriends.

No regret, why would you regret fucking someone? It's just sex. Sex is meaningless. Get your nut and bail.

I only cheat on the girls that say they're monogamous, I simply don't care I have no guilt and am incapable of feeling guilt.

It sounds like you only care about your sexual experience, and not hers. Most women don't want another woman in bed.

Then why do you need girlfriends?

Feeling guilty about "cheating" on a made up construct that has zero basis in logic is beta as fuck.

Also, news flash, I'm willing to bet your GF has texted someone, sent someone nudes, made out with someone, or straight up fucked someone and you have no idea because youre just "soooooo in lovveee and could never!!!"

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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I don't NEED them. I want them. Companionship. Sharing experience. Love. Growth.

Having sex with another girl you don't care about does not affect any single one of those.

Cheated on fiance with over 20 chicks-we broke up
Cheated on next gf with over 20 chicks and a few guys.
Cheated on current gf with 9 different guys

faggot confirmed

Open relationships are so much better. My wife and I are satisfied and love each other so much. We understand that sex is just sex.

found the nice guy, aka virgin

Why? Why not find someone who's open to sleeping around? Why string people along like that?

Yeah but women in open relationships are typically crazy. They can't separate the two because they are driven by emotion. Men are not.

Well, yeah.
what tipped you off, the dick I take in my ass?

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because i can.
And I can get away with it.
I'm very good at it.
Wanna fuck?

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Not to diminish that it's hurtful or can cause guilt or problems with relationships, but statistically it's very normal to cheat
People cheat all the time and biologically it's hard wired into us because it's a very successful strategy to proliferate genes (and so your ancestors were likely cheaters too)

>string people along

How? If you love them, care, support their ambition, want them to be happy, spend 97% of your time together genuinely, what's stringing along?

You spent 1 hour a week fucking and cumming in a girl, what's the fucking problem?

Yes, I've slept with 4 other women over my 6 year relationship with my gf, I don't have regrets
Feelings toward my gf and sexual experience with others just doesn't seem incompatible for me

This guy gets it.

Fucking moralfags. Go back to your celeb threads

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i'll also add that the more I cheat the better the sex with my gf.

i haven't fucked my wife since she gave birth. she's so unbelievable bad at handjobs and bj, doesn't like anal and her pussy is wrecked and under "repair" surgery. no sex for 8 months now. she said she can not demand from me to "fuck" her exclusively. so she once secretly persuaded one of her friends to fk me. i was confused and tried to go along with it, but i can not bear cheating my wife. don't you have any dignity, man?

Yeah, you just have to lie and deceive them here and there.

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sounds like youre a fat beta.

Yeah been with my girl for 10 years next month very happy relationship deeply in love and I will marry her in the next year or 2. Cheated 7 times with 4 different girls. Don't regret it nor do I feel bad. Honestly i never even think about it so no. I don't feel anyway about it a guess

That isn't stringing them along.

Also, your wife or GF consistently lies to you. Bet. May not be big lies. But if you had a camera on her 24/7, youd be blown the fuck away.

You gonna die sad man, just cheat. I fucked this girl couple months ago, havent thought twice about regret

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glad i only sound like one

Was dating a girl for a year. She cheated on me with some random dude who was just a "friend". Other dude was also fat and ugly and lived with his parents, so it was like a hit to the ego.
"Forgave" her but then went out and fucked as many girls as I could. Ended up bedding about 5 in the next couple months, took pictures of my dick inside all of them. Told girlfriend I need to show her something.
Cue 5 minute long powerpoint presentation with pics of fucking other girls along with texts and nudes. She only stayed for about a minute and a half of it.

There's something mentally wrong with me. Should have left, but deep down I had the desire to hurt her more than she hurt me. Was gonna be monogamous, but that's what cheaters get.
>inb4 I'm a cheater now too

Done it once in current 5y relationship. It was sex, I have no regret.

Yup, gf of 5 years. Started around year 3, little sex life, she has no drive. Always was low then the anti-depressants killed it. She’ll make a wonderful mother, she’s my best friend, so much in common and enjoy talking and spending time. She’s just a shit lover, instead of hassling her, feeling resentment, I just discreetly fill my need for sex with other women. I’m sure she knows by now, has never confronted me. I’ll admit some guilt when I think about proposing. But I don’t think telling her would do anything but hurt her.

It's just sex you love your wife and make live to her. You fuck anyone else with no emotion. It's only about getting that nut

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>That isn't stringing them along.

doing gods work

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You 2 still together?

Stringing someone along is making them think you love them, think you'll stay, when you have no intention.

I have EVERY intention of loving and staying. Having sex with someone to cum has nothing to do with love or reliability in a relationship. Grow up. We're not 15.

47, married, cheated, and agree fully.

Are you cool with your GF fucking other men, then?

Kek, that’s pretty great, what was her reason for cheating. Caught my ex sexting another guy, I just left, wish I could be as malicious as you.

So if they fuck someone to cum too you're OK with that?

man if you really loved her you should tell her. maybe she accepts it, based on what you wrote

If she did and I didn't know, how would I have the capacity to care? Does she love me? Stay with me? Fuck me as well?

If I knew, I'd care. Just like I'd expect her to.

Ignorance is bliss are the most true words ever spoken. Think deeply on them.

>power point

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Fuck no, she left right after the powerpoint began and then started texting me nasty things. I basically said "you started it lol" and she did NOT like that. She came back every now and then for some dick because she likes the way I give it I guess, but she said she couldn't trust me. No shit, trust vanished when she fucked a basement lurker.

I fucking hate cheaters, but revenge cheating? A thing of beauty. I think all those nights, my cock was hard simply due to the fact that I'd reveal this to my then-girlfriend at some point.

Her words: I don't know, I'm stupid.
I read through their texts, he was a pretty charismatic guy and probably made her feel special. I tried my best, but this chick had some serious mental health problems and hated herself. Tried to find validation from other people. Good on you for leaving, hardest part for me was staying and pretending to still love and trust her.

26 year old here, powerpoint is the shit, get the fuck out of here zoomer

So it's okay to hurt other people as long as they don't know about it?

I’m sure she’ll stay user. we have sex twice a year, three if I’m lucky. Think she’ll ever find a guy that’s not going to cheat on her?

I’m debating it, what if she doesn’t want know/confirm it. She’s never questioned it, doesn’t go through my phone. Honestly I don’t think I should stir the pot if it’s not broken.

No ragerts

Dude. So much this. My wife went on a girls weekend to Vegas and I straight up told her what happens in vegas STAYS in vegas. If it's some one night dick and we keep on doing good, then wtf do I care? Just don't tell me about that shit

dimwit. It's because you might a develop a taste. Realize what you've been missing out on. Smell the blood.

How the fuck are they hurt if they dont know you fucking retard? You must be female

Cant hurt someone if they don't know.


Read it again, then again.

That requires you to have self control; which I guess most braindead morons don't have.

Which is why you have button pushing jobs working for someone who says "bob, fuck your friend's ass" and you do it because your big bad boss told you to.

And how would that be a bad thing? My wife is not my property you fuck. If she wants to move on she does so with my blessing and continued friendship. You faggots are so weak emotionally

>Hiding texts and formulating lies
>Sleeping with pregnant baby mama and obese white woman on the side

Black Gentleman detected.

My 31 year old virgin friend uses this excuse a lot. "women aren't property!" and "what I don't know cant hurt me" and shit like that.

It's all a bunch of crap. It's not OK to be controlling, but it's entirely normal and OK to expect your woman not to slurp some other guys cum down her gullet on a "girls trip".

What kind of cuck fuck thinks this is OK?

My gf and I are extremely open, but in order to maintain monogamy we don't cross certain lines. We're open to people watching us, even masturbating in the same room, whatever.... you name it. But we don't fuck other people - if we ever did ,it would be TOGETHER not by ourselves. If you fuck someone else by yourself your relationship is over. You might be able to fuck someone else together if you have that kind of relationship.

I have proof you're wrong.

Cheated 3x, relationship aint over.

Nah this is far weirder than two people secretly cheating which seems normal. Monogamy is a tad monotonous, a drunken accident is bound to happen. But swinging together would be a red flag if a girl suggested it.

Clearly the line is if they are developing a new relationship with some one else, that’s the end.

Just remember that the stories posted here are nothing but creative works of fiction.

discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes


Maybe not officially, but emotionally it's gonna die. She'll find out, they always do, and when she does, it's over. Even if she doesn't end it immediately. It'll instead be a long slow road and die.

>secretly cheating seems normal

Monogamy doesn't have to be monotonous if you have a partner you trust, love, and both are open minded to explore. My girl never suggested swinging - and we don't "swing" we just push the boundaries and explore. But even if we did have a threesome, it would never come from her. I'm the more open one who introduced her to everything.

> being this dead inside to not know the raw power of sex and the splendour of the animal

Was out of town for work. Last night having dinner with everyone from the office. Went back to hotel decided to have a nightcap in the bar.
Got talking to a woman from Fresno. Wasn't thinking anything of it, had no desire was just a conversation with someone else on business.
Fast forward an hour we are in my room. Gave me all her holes. Swallowed my cum. Went for round 2. Intense between us, we really clicked.
Lying in bed afterwards both said we had never cheated before. Not sure if I believe her. She went to leave for her room at 3am. Walked her to the door and both started going at it again. Fucked a third time.

Checked out in the morning, saw her in the breakfast room. We acted like strangers. Gave each other a smile.

Went back to wife that afternoon. I felt like shit but decided it was something that never happened. Like it was a dream. I sleep ok at night.

Whether real or not doesn’t matter much to me.

It all comes down to 24 hours of guilt which during u actually become a much nicer boyfriend. Try to notice

I've been in 3 relationships and ZERO found out. You're a fucking retard if they do.