Big Gae Fuz Pile

Big Gae Fuz Pile

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how do people turn into furries, dad?

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That's an odd gfur thread

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Soo...he was behind all that...?

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trapan - duhhhhrrr spiro hurt my brain

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Chill groups for anyone that wants to join

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I just decided things are going too smoothly so I'm gonna fuck it up.

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Self destructive goat

Do drugs, smuggle explosives, evade taxes.
It's the only way to live.

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Get yourself into a "pound me in the ass" jail is a good goal.

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Oh shit, here we go again!

discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

post furry shit

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I never get caught.

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I'll catch you.

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Jail is full of people who thought they'd never get caught

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Haha! You can't catch me! I'm your worsest nightmare!

I don't think I never get caught.
I KNOW I never get caught.

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two gay bois

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Gay here

You gay.

you in wrong bread

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