Someone shot my dog

Someone shot my dog.

I don't want to have to beg for money, but here I am. Some piece of shit claimed my dog was "terrorizing him" and shot him with a rifle. I know it's pretty standard for people to say their dogs dindu nuffin but I really mean it, literally the worst he does is jump up to people to get kisses. He didn't deserve to get shot over that.

Even if you can't (or just don't want to, I understand) donate, then at least help me share this around. We just can't afford a $5000+ bill out of nowhere because of some cocksucker.

Sorry for the shitty picture. I had to keep cropping until it would let me post.

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I wish but we've already filed a police report which would immediately trace it back to me

How the fuck would your dog getting shot cost 5000?

No timestamp?

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It happened on the weekend where we had to rush him to the emergency vet, not to mention he had to go under major surgery to remove half of his intestines as well as all the pain meds, blood transfusions, etc... I posted a full breakdown on the GoFundMe page

Control your fucking animal you piece of shit.

Random people aren't going to know the intent of your stupid dog.

You're lucky he's not dead.

You deserve this for being a fucking retard and not training your animal correctly.

Best bet is to prove the cunt wasn't in danger than sue him for damages.

>Cat lover detected
What's wrong buddy, scared of anything larger than a paper bag?

Look at the file name and reverse image search

>Vet surgey
>not several thousand
do they just shoot people's pets where you live instead of treating them?

Post knot and then we'll donate.

Prove it, or you're a liar trying to rip people off

People with untrained animals are animals themselves.

"GOOD" dogs won't jump on people like this. OP is just a piece of shit with a dog that's too much for his faggot ass to handle.

>terrorizing him
>long range weapon
>terrorizing him
Jesus christ

Second this, post dick with timestamp. And your girls feet and titties.

I agree with this user here. And if the fire arm was discharged in a neighborhood that'll also land the cunt in trouble. Unless he genuinely believed that he was in danger, which if that was true he wouldn't have the time to get and arm a rifle.

814487692, you are an asshole.

This, my aunt had her chickens killed daily because of fucks like OP who didnt control their dogs, claiming they 'dindu nuffin' fuck OP, beggin ass fook

Are you retarded?

Post info of ass hole that shot your pupper

OP is probably conveniently leaving out the fact that he was asked to control his animal, refused, and then the animal continued to trespass onto the guy's land harassing his chickens or other livestock.

look at the filename and reverse image search, did i take a picture of pewdiepie?

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You do realize you can use a rifle for something in front of you right.

OP the vast majority of people who have a dying dog with massive debt will consider euthanasia.

I'm afraid it's the only way. A quick sledgehammer or .22lr. Remember him for what he was.

The story seems fishy all around, I think op is scamming us

Could easily cost much more.
Check for yourself to verify.

Have you tried dosing the person who did this with an inordinant amount of Lsd (enough so his brain can never recover) then kidnap him and ditch him in the wilderness after breaking his legs?

You do realize there's no way in hell some retard was just walking around with a fucking rifle rather than a handgun, right?
>I was just taking my rifle out for a walk and this dog tried to attack my rifle and I!

Sup Forums won't let me post image because it's more than 2mb no matter how much I try to crop.

My dog shot out the door because my nieces threw the door open. We had to run around the neighborhood looking for him.

I don't give a shit about your dog, and none of us should. Stop e-begging and ask your daddy for some money. I hope it dies, btw. I would've shot it too.

i've only meet 1 dog owner who's dog is well trained.
and the dog takes on traits of its owner from what i've seen, it may be trained to go potty only outside, but outside of that, its general behavior mimics that of its owner.
the shitty mexicans on my street who own dogs let their dogs bark all night and day, this drastically reduces quality of life, it is a major disturbance of peace.
and the one old white dude next door to me has a dog that never barks and doesn't shit in my yard, the only competent dog owner i've come across. he lets his dog know that he's the lord of its life, and everything that affects the dog is directly because of him, causing the dog to have nearly adult-like discernment in its interaction with people.
and if my shitty mexican neighbors don't pick up their act, i'm gonna start shoveling their dog's poop that ends up in my yard right on their door step. and buy a high powered metal bb gun for shooting the ones that get too close or bite me again, as they historically have.

Shooting any random animal that approaches you is normal behavior then?
The reason so many think it should be illegal to carry a gun is because there's way too many trigger happy idiots out there who carry guns.

It takes more than a couple days to do an investigation, dipshit. The police are looking into it right now.

If a dog or cat comes onto my property (farm) I'll shoot it immediately.

There's no such thing as an "outdoor pet". You let them trespass, they're bound to be hit by a car or gunned down.

What a fucking newfag

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The entire story seems b.s. I’m just saying if a dog was running at me for some god damn reason I had a rifle, I could easily hit it.

So this guy admitted to shooting his dog, where the fuck was his dog at? His own yard, his house? Why wasn’t he on a leash? How the fuck could this situation happen?

Dubs speak truffs

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OP is a shitty pet owner and didn't train the poor dog. Now the dog is suffering because of it. The dog deserves a better life and death will probably give it to him.

Read the thread, retard.

My nieces threw open the door to my house and my dog shot out. We ran around the neighborhood looking for it and some cunt a couple roads over shot him because HELP I FEEL THREATENED.

I'm not OP. You're just being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian. The facts don't add up starting at self defense with a rifle. Even if the dog was in his yard barking, you don't fucking shoot it. You call fucking animal control to take the dog to the pound like myself and everyone else in a suburban home has done.

>couple roads over
what was he a military sniper than can take out moving targets?

I have a feeling you live in a city.

so basically, your dog attacked someone, got rekt, and now you're begging for money to mitigate the costs of your shitty pet stewardship? next time train your dog better and don't let it attack innocent people. lesson learned.

If some random ass fuckin dog ran up and tried jumping on me and I had a guy I'd fucking shoot it too. An I'm a vegan.

Gross you got mexicants for neighbors? How poor are you? Are you a filthy democrat?

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Damn that sucks OP. I guess that's why there are leash laws.

Way to go blatantly telling everyone you're a newfag.

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How was your dog able to bother your neighbors? You let him roam outside. Theres people starving and you're requesting thousands for an animal. Probably should have let him die. This was your choice, this is your burden. You're just taking advantage of people's soft spots for animals.

You wouldnt shoot shit. Vegans are complete leftist pussies that are scared and traumatized by weapons.

Sry to hear this man. If some piece of shit just shot my dog, I would be shattered and pissed to. While I can't help you with the bill, I wish you and your dog only the best.

I don't fucking want your ugly dumb dog with huge ass canines jumping at me with the off chance that it's happy. I don't care, I wanna mind my own fucking business without a four legged nigger fucking with me.
I hope your dog does a slow and painful death along with you for not putting a leash on that nigger.




why the fuck was your dog outside unsupervised where it could get shot

Anyone who neglects leash laws is guilty of animal neglect. You dont deserve to have an animal if you cant take care of it. Your innocent dog got shot because of you and that's the bottom line. If I where you I would get a second job and raise the money myself cause you are the only one responsible here OP.

What does "attack" mean? A dog jumping around a person isn't attacking, they usually only want to great the person.

keep blaming everyone but yourself for your failures and see how far that gets you in life.