Best of sleeping/drunk/passed out sluts

best of sleeping/drunk/passed out sluts

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Bumping this

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Is this porn or medical emergency?

EMT here. If it's not real its damn convincing.

Either way if im the doc the parents better stay in room i cant guarantee anything

Sleepy girl thread* newfriend

Real EMT here you don’t know Jack stop larping pls

larynx tube is not far enough inserted to provide proper I'd say its fake/porn

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Is this a very specific fetish I'm not aware of?

>I'm a real EMT
>I can do CPR and give an IV

You are a first responder, not a doctor. Your job is stressful at times but not hard. Get over yourself.


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Too soon

What out! We've got a reddit edgelord here!

bruh is she dead


She’s entirely too pale to not be dead.

imagine living in Russia

yeah I figured and like, now I'm just sick.

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Fucked up thing.... Now I HAVE to watch it. I want to ruin my thoughts for the next week

Not wanting to see her cum and enjoy you is pretty fucking gay

it only gets worse from here bros, some dickhead is fucking dead bodies and we gotta live with that knowledge

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Shit, fap already on the way, cannot go back now

My fucking fetish. I miss college

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She's not dead you fucking idots ha ha ha. You can see her breathing and she even opens her mouth for a second.

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You're an idiot.

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now the com shot

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fuck off newfag

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This faggot jacked off to a dead body. Kys (film the suicide)


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My contribution:)

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Also there would be a ton of sticker backings all over from the attachment of the ekg leads and trash from the sterile packages of all the equipment, her color is perfect too, it's fake

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She must've been hammered if she don't wake up to that

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Not wearing gloves, improper placement of paddles, he's in contact with the patient what is this russia?

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Ur killing it bro

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How much alcohol does it take to knock girls out like ones on this thread?

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pale does not mean dead....fucking Sup Forumstard

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My girlfriend

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She never let me take pics when she is awake

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But when she sleeps...

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Does anyone have any personal stories about doing something inappropriately sexual to someone while they were sleeping or passed out drunk?

I recall reading a story that someone posted in a thread on here a while back, about how they stayed the night at their friend's house and their friend fell asleep early. So they were walking around the house, or maybe had to use the bathroom, and they noticed that their friend's mom's bedroom door was partially opened. They knew that the mom had a drinking problem and realized that she had apparently passed out drunk, so they quietly slipped in to the mom's bedroom, and while their friend was sleeping, they jacked off and came on their friend's mom's face and then slipped back out unnoticed.

The story was dirty and hot as fuck and I was wondering if anyone else has done some fucked-up, filthy shit like that to someone? If so, greentext that shit!

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i've seen chicks with like silver/blue skin, like i'm pretty sure they'd darken if they died cause there's no room to get any paler


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Russian messi
Russian messi

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anyone got saves of that passed out ginger chick in the denim skirt? Didn't get it saved last time this came up.

Glad you like it

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if he films it the cycle will just continue till there's no user's left, then the russians win

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can you please it with cum?

About 5 years ago I was at a party being thrown by my now girlfriend. She was fucking wasted and went upstairs to basically pass out. Her best friend and I were flirty all night and went upstairs to fuck on her (now girlfriend's bed)... she was already there, passed the fuck out, completely gone. We fucked right next to her, and when I was gonna cum, her friend pulled me out and made me cum on now girlfriend's face while she slept. We've never told her that but still giggle about it to ourselves.


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