Walk into your bedroom

>Walk into your bedroom
>Find this naked negress on your bed
>But you hate niggers
Wat do???

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Master my primitive lizard brain reactions and get me a suck of those sweet titties.

Tie her up and make her watch as I aggressively fuck the pillow

Tell her to wait there, hide all valuables and gently give her my chicken nuggets.

What do you mean "give her my chicken nuggets"?

Wonder why there is another black girl in my room other than my girlfriend

call the cops and have her arrested for trespassing, I don't care what color skin you have or how beautiful you are, or how much I want to fuck you until you can't walk straight, the law is the law, and you broke into my home

Look for her pimp, I'm obviously being scamed

Ask if anyone knows where she is. Proceed depending upon answer

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She's hella hot and I'm not really even a fan of the colored folk but I would definitely fuck her.

how dat?

Close and lock door. Then call the police.

Hate fuck her

I dont mind black chicks. I just dont like the ones that look like 40 year old men.


Her sets here btw

Ask her to leave then wash my sheets later

Okay fellas I have prepared myself for the newfag comments but what is gg?

Lol he doesn't know how to use the three shells

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hate fuck the nigger

There's a shitty discord server that requires people to shill for it before they can get enough access to realize it's not worth the price of admission.

good game

Search for her pimp or partner in crime if none are found ask if anyone knows she's here if noti turn her into my slave
>get her checked for STDs and other health issues
>chastity belt
>geofenced shock collar
>expect her to take care of my house while I'm at work

Back away slowly, turn back, exit the house, and start running, since I don't have a bed, nor a bedroom.

360 and walk away

Draw the p30sk from my hip and Mozambique drill. Castle doctrine for the fucking win.

Then feel her as you two become entwined and she starts screaming your name in a fit of ecstacy. You star deep into her eyes as she cums and you realize that you, her, and everyone in the world are the same soul in teapped different bodies,

and then you cum and forget it all and tell her to leave or you'll call the cops.

Give her all my money and beg her not to hurt my family

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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>Stick erect penis inside of her
>Fuck her while telling her how much I hate niggers
>Ejaculate deep inside of her nigger cunt
>Tell her I still hate niggers
>Cuddle with her but tell her it wont stop me from being racist
>Fuck her daily for weeks while telling her I'm very racist
>Marry her nigger ass when she's eventually becomes pregnant
>Stand there as she walks down the aisle in her wedding dress
>Inform her that I am in fact horribly racist (family agrees that I am)
>Do you take this very racist man as your husband?
>she does
>Do you take *cut him off* WORTHLESS NIGGER AS MY BRIDE? I do.
>Slide the ring on her finger and tell her not to pawn it for crack money
>Grow old together
>Die with a bunch of mutt children at my bed
>Goodbye worthless half nigger kids, daddy loves half of you.
>Rest in peace racist papa

t'was a good life.

initiate bleachkrieg

tell her "tits or gtfo"

based life

discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

make her eat eggs

based and redpilled

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I do my duty to mankind and dilute her niggerness's offspring further.
Fuck em out of existence. Its your responsibility.


Aggressively and repeatedly coom on her until she becomes white

Assume she's a gift from my girlfriend and fuck her.

1) I don't hate black women, but I do hate niggers.
>There's a difference
2) I would thank the wife for the gift and let her watch and join in.

Good job walking into her again you retard

hes bait
you're bait
im bait
we're bait

>daddy loves half of you.

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my dick is colorblind so i guess a passionate hatefuck

smoke some weed together and fuck
> I dont hate niggers lol

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Then spend the next 10 years in prison. Castle doctrine doesn't mean you can murder someone unarmed and helpless.

Varies state to state. Uninvited surprising me in my house absolutely counts in mine.

Tie her down
Fuck her
Dump load into her
Put a iron into the fire place
Use hot iron to cauterize that black gash