Better YLYL then existing one. Dumping my besties

Better YLYL then existing one. Dumping my besties

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sauce tho?

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Soo...he was behind all that...?

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discord gg/random

join us shitposters!

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anyone have original?

The ddr never said it was communism tho

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I assume in the original he dies in an equally dramatic fashion

Right is adult

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And which is which is not difficult to decipher.

this place has held u hostage for a while

Fuck them both. Problem solved.
Have a cock parrot.

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kys tranny

discord gg/random

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Ah. This again

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Aside from being ruled by the sed in a one party state.
Pure coincidence that the sed was communist.

he's the most based poster on this board

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Both legal in japan

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Do you have the picture of the rooster biting the head of a mans penis and it says cock vs cock?

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discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

post ur funny shit here

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Worst ylyl ever


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Fucking lost

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>bireds are dum lol

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Another sandnigger? Get the fuck out from here, piece of shit!

The amount of work that this dude has to go through is not worth that amount of meat.


>Oh right, I'm in a fucking tank...

Mudslimes are conspiring to convert all anime girls to their shitty islam and to cover them with burkas!

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This thread has been really stale. Also fuck off with your towelhead shit

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man that's old hellow fellow 90's kid

Are you autistic?

>many people have this shitty humour
>i love looking at bbc porn because the dicks are big and remind me ow my own
>i like owning a dick and doing what i want to it
>i want it to be mine
>it is mine
>i am a male

Unless you're death parade then it's role reversed

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Half of it is the sport
As long as you use the meat though, its ethical

And asobi asobase

This is an average hunt for me
Go out there with my buddy and my dog and rack in a good 5 to10
Doves are everywhere, but pidgeons jave more meat

The logic is sound

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Well, Jesus was a Jew

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show bobs and vagine

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got me

It was literally mentioned in their constitution

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