I am putting together a team

I am putting together a team
I need the best and purest genes

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Well, try to defend Sudetenland. Let's hope nobody will Beneš us this time.

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I meant time to defend Sudetenland, not try.


I guess prince Harry's mudblood baby is out then

I'm in Kamerad

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Definitely superior

Reporting in

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whats good nigga

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Hahaha haha i know right

Take me. I would me glad to be in your team. Contact me

The Black Knight of Down’s reporting for duty

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I'm in

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Your ideals are based off lies

discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

white power

the best and purest genes....there you go.
(nature hates "pure genetics", ist just another word for degenerated.)

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Step aside inferiors.
I will take it from here.

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You have my panzerfaust.

So True xD

blair witch.jpg

also, blair witch is actually a real tape. they found it in the woods. enjoy the movie now :)

I'm real when I need to be

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Amateurs, lemme show you how it's done

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Wouldn’t we want to expand?

I suggest Austria, it’s to weak to resist

I am a trisexual trans muslim Refugee from Pakistan. Can I join?

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> some fag post some nazi shit
>probably thinks he is edgy, but isn't even German

Ein neuer Typ von Hurensohn wurde entdeckt.

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Id like to welcome you to the Kino initiative.

Now there was an Idea... To bring together a group of... exceptional individuals, to fight the battles that no one else ever could...

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Get a load of this faggot