Lol dumb bitch got raped

Lol dumb bitch got raped.

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More info

Caitlyn C
Age 18
Loves in California
Got raped by her boyfriend and two others in a car. Vids leaked via snap

please god tell me more. she looks familiar

wheres the vids?

Post vids or I call shens in the "rape" part

pics or it didn't happen

Uhgg Some people will rape anything

More pics

So no proof, got it

I see why

OP is fagt

Soo...he was behind all that...?

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dubs confirmed, Elon Musk is a rapist

discord gg/g6upAQ3
no rules
anything goes

high egirl economy

>Caitlyn C
>Age 18

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Who's the asshole that keeps posting this?

Bezos is probably behind it all

thot status: patrolled

>Got raped by her boyfriend and two others in a car.

>Oh boyfriend I love you so much omg you're such a bad boy!
>Fuck my two homies slut
>Okay sweetie fuckfuckfuck
>haha ur a slut i dump u now
>ehm.. no wait it was rape! help help police delayed rape reaction!

>vids leaked via snap
>doesn't post source

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were ognna need to see that video frend

my dubs say post the video