When’s the last time you had sex?

When’s the last time you had sex?

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never had sex , proud waifuist

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a few hours ago

2 weeks. Before that it was 3 months. Before that it was 4 months. Before that it was 14 months.

>tfw too small to achieve penetration

Every single fucking day of my life since the day I was born.

something like 7 months ago. Then my gf left me. I miss her so much. Not just because of sex but i feel so lost without her.

Fucj can't find a higher res pic

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Most of you weren't born

Something like 16 months

Anybody can fuck, the real question is when is the last time you've had a 5 and above or a 7 and above or a 10. My last 7 rater was like 2 years ago and turned into an 8 soon after.

The question was the last time you had sex, not the last time you got fucked.

Grow up faggot

Last night, fucked her good and then cummed all in her mouth before she could realise that I was cumming a load

Sunday. It's honestly pretty overrated. I bang different hoes just to know I have at this point.
Past season: 9 with makeup; just turned 18 twig with firm round tits and ass, the university homecoming queen (I'm not even a chad lol). So i guess I'm not doing too bad for a manlet.

Spring of 2018
>currently 23
>feels bad

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about 5 months! this is the longest ive managed without it, since i started fucking ten years ago and im really happy. i can see some girls that are cute, but i'd probably just loose a year or two of my life managing their psyche and problems. im better of alone for now

Last two times; June 2017 - son conceived - & a brief follow up Dec 2018. HJ in the summer when I left family on holiday, so I didn’t “get ideas at home”. It’s fucking pathetic.

Sex is sex you fag

3 years ago. Don't care.

my man!

Pounded my old lady in Saturday. Mediocre as usual. Id rather jerk off most of the time

End of september, before my gf went out of the country.
After that I ate pussy once (not hers of course), but bitch didn't let me fuck her


if i called her old lady i wouldn't want to fuck either. change the attitude man

I’ve never had sex.
Every girl sees me as a joke.

Some of us are destined to die with no heir.

That’s just nature.

Around 10 years now.

Last Friday I work with a hot married wife , asked her if she wants to fool around she is now addicted to my cock and I give it to her every Friday we work

if you licked her and didn't get pussy than you weren't good at licking her

This past weekend and I ended up tearing something cuz I went in too fast.

>Last night.


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Nah, she's married and felt guilty at the middle of it... 2nd time tho, so I was not surprised

This is purely a matter of being present and available when the hot girl is in thrall to her hormones and will fuck anything. It's not even difficult once you understand how it works.

nice one, bro!

10 days, about, maybe a little longer. wife got her period and the flu back-to-back.

2 weeks ago? was on drugs and told the girl I loved her
fml lol

Last monday

maybe 8 years ago. i don't know

>Unironically advocating for roasts and losers.

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two days ago, we try for every day but i do long shifts

A couple weeks ago I think.

Three days ago, wife's on her period.

nah bro. she just told u that. if she let u eat she was down to fuck and u suked so bad it turned her off.

I'm sure you already knew, but "old lady" is just a term for someone's wife.

chad here, can confirm.


At least you're honest with yourself.

You're so cool.

Hope she feels better soon, for your sake.

I remember it but can't remember how many years it's been


5 years. But I do have virtual sex almost every night and I've fucked half of the girls I know this way.

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