What the fuck is this impeachment? I can't follow a single word of what they're talking about...

What the fuck is this impeachment? I can't follow a single word of what they're talking about. It sounds really really boring, like most liberal shit.

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Nothing to see here, it's TDS all the way up to Pelosi.

That's just because you're too dumb to understand what's going on
Just like how you don't know how to get to Sup Forums

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Trump got Sondlandified. That's all you need to know, brah. That's all you need to know.

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>Hur dur, I totally don't know whats going on, but its all bullshit amiriiiiite?

Figures the hearing for today closes, and the shills swarm in to start the damage control.

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>Those notes
>He needed to write that shit down

So when Sondland said that Trump said he wanted no Quid Pro Quo, he got Sondlandfied?

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>Everybody is a shill
>Fucking glow nigger shills
>All of them are shills
>I'm the only non-shill left

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I’ll put this in a way Trumpers can understand.

(Pulls greasy dick out of cousin)
The man at the purty desk asked people who dont speak no English to do his illegal spyin’

And there are people who don't think he's legit retarded.

Except he didn't say that. You guys blew it today.

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At least they're getting laid, incel.

You mean, when Trump tried backing out of it after everything blew up in his face?

Sondlandified, bitch

Shits been boring as fuck. The dude today contradicted himself so many times it looked like he was gonna have a stroke. The Den controlled House will likely narrowly pass impeachment by a thin margin, the Repub Senate will find Trump innocent and the 2020 election will decide if Trump leaves office. This is just the latest Democrat tempertantrum over Trump beating Hillary.

Inbreeding truely saved republicans. But as you said at least they get laid.

there is no Sup Forums, only shill. seriously this place is just a corpse infested with russian and white supremacist shills at this point

I used to think I rather be a virgin than fuck a relative, but I recently discovered my 9/10 cousin on social media

No. When Trump actually said that's not what he wanted. Seems pretty simple to understand.

When did he contradict himself? For most people it was obvious that Trump directly held off on giving foreign aid, to help his own agenda. The only ones interpreting it different are desperate republicans.

Don't you have more important things to be doing, Devin?

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If i say i don't want to kill you while i kill you, will i not be guilty of murder?

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Yeah, he said it's not what he wanted after the Democrats announced the investigation. Unfortunately for Papa Don Don, the evidence is not in his favor.

Yes. Absolutely everyone everywhere is a shill. You might even be one

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Except there was no murder. You do understand that they got the money. Right?

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Hunter Biden works for a CIA front. They pay him in cocaine. He married his dead brother's wife.

Trump spied on him
Wouldn't you?

>If i say i don't want to kill you while i kill you, will i not be guilty of murder?

Stop crying so hard, libtard, get with the program, go suck your non-binary boyfriends cock and smoke some dope and let all us grownups take care of the country. #MAGA, bitches.

what happens if biden becomes the next president?
will the republicans shitstorm all the time about him like democrats about trump?
orange man bad is litteraly 90% of us-news i hear in my 2th world country

>They got the money
You're literally just parroting the Republican talking points, huh? You shouldn't do that, because they're laughably flawed.

It doesn't matter whether or not they got the money. The intent was clear. And the reason they got the money was because the whistleblower blew the lid off their plan.

Your timeline is off. They got the money on September 11th.

>6 months before reelection
pretty useless to me


*Note: they probably would have received the money anyway, because they were eventually going to announce the investigation of Burisma and the Bidens.


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This. The witness today flip flopped continually and changed his story depending on which side questioned him. No wonder the far left & far right are only hearing what they wanna hear. The House Democratic majority is prob going to impeach as everyone expected, and the GOP Senate majority will find Trump innocent, as everyone expected. This is just political theater to soften Trump's campaign up for 2020. The economy is going to be the biggest deciding factor on if he gets re-elected. This is just Democrats wasting time, money and hoping to improve their 2020 election chances,

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How exactly is Ukraine getting the money a "talking point". They either got the money or they didn't.

They never announced anything.

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trump 2020

The whistleblower complaint was filed Aug. 12 and released Sept. 26.

So, either way, the Trump admin was well aware of it.

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confirmed, left can't meme

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meanwhile, as conservatives talk, they sound like philosophers

Remember! Sup Forumsfags are newfags!

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Exactly. Democrats are fully aware this won't go anywhere. Their hoping this gambit weakens Trump enough in 2020 that they can run the electoral college like Trump did in 2016 and pull off a win.

Doesn't matter

newsflash zoomers! You can impeach a president for literally anything, its a partisan process.

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He won't. Biden is just there to look bad, lose DNC nomination, and make us think an underdog won.

Buttigeig is DNC's boy, Warren will get VP. Sanders still maybe has a chance, but corporate money (Pete) tends to win.

Prepare for cheaper healthcare, better roads, less degenerate niggers (free college can actually help future generations of blacks, making them less retarded), and feeling like your taxes are actually benefitting you and not lining pickets.

The Mueller report will surely clear this all up.

Basically Trump has eaten too many peaches and they want to suck them out. Typical degeneracy.

How would they have known about something that was in Schiff's or the inspector generals office?


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It's a talking point because it's mostly irrelevant. It's just noise. The problem isn't whether or not the plan was carried out, it's the attempt. The only reason their attempt failed was because of the whistleblower.

Its reminding me of a certain Kafka novel, but instead of the protagonist being on trial hes a spectator and everyone involved is in the conspiracy.

Not really. He has to focus on this, plus campaigning, and the actual job of being president.

Protip: Trump is sick of the white house and wants his old life back, he's gonna try to lose.

Yes it does. Zelenksy never announced anything, because he never felt pressured to do anything, other than fixing corruption in his country. Zelensky has said as much.

i wished we had id's back

all presidents from now on are always in the middle of being impeached

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Lol if he thinks all of this will be over after his term is up he's got another thing coming. The ongoing SDNY cases are going to fuck him up the ass for the rest of his miserable life.

The investigations began on Sept 9. Aid was released on the 11th

On Sept 9th, three House committees launched a wide-ranging investigation into the allegations that Trump, his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and possibly others, tried to pressure the Ukrainian government to help the president’s reelection campaign by digging up dirt on a political rival.

Wojak was apolitical till some autist on Sup Forums decided to politicize memes.

Seriously, consider suicide.

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>It's a talking point because it's mostly irrelevant
Bullshit If the whole basis for impeachment hinges on whether the money was held back to get Ukraine to investigate Biden, yet no investigation was started or money withheld, then of course it's relevant.

>Seriously, consider suicide

Well ain’t you a dumb lying bitch!

that's what happens to your brain on fox news

You don't have to commit it, just consider suicide while in twitch

Of course Zelensky is going to say he didn't feel pressured. Obviously he's going to say what he thinks Trump wants to hear, given the fact that his country is in desperate need of our military aid.

Try using all 4 of your brain cells at once. You can do it.

Wrong. The impeachment hinges on the intent, dumbfuck.

>Wojack was apolitical

Wojack is literally an incel meme. Not having a gf is intrinsically political.

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Fucking newfags

>My first time on the internet was in 2013

no idea who that is, single thing i see quick is that hes a faggot, but well griffith fucked too for warfunds so it cant be that wrong, thanks for the intel, mate

If Trump said he wanted nothing from the Ukraine and that is a direct quote, then that's really all that matters. Presumptions and hearsay does not make a case.

>Mr President you've had too many peaches, we have to suck them out
>No! This is a witch hunt! (Trump runs up the ladder to his treehouse to hide and eat more peaches)

ok boomer

Lying? Everyone knows that Sondland had that conversation with Trump.

>he calls wojack "that feels man"
oof, you're too old to be here

You can't prove intent on presumptions and hearsay. Calm down.

Oh no I've been accused of being younger than a faggot

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>> I can't follow a single word of what they're talking about.
Are you pretending to be a Trump supporter, or are you genuinely this stupid? Does most of what goes on the world seem complicated to you? Do you believe everything you're told?
I think it just means that you should leave important stuff to people that do understand every word. It's not really that hard.

Wow, you really aren't too bright, are you?

1. You're choosing to believe someone who's proven himself to be a compulsive liar.
2. They don't need to prove guilt with absolute, 100% certainty. They can find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. And make no mistake, it's well beyond a reasonable doubt at this point.


He's a veteran, and was a mayor in a shitty city. He's gay, and wants to legalize weed.

Honestly not the worst choice. I just hate that he'd be another president with an Ivy League (secret society) degree

Bullshit, Zelensky could have definitely used this to his advantage. But he didn't. I know thinking is hard for you.

See: >B b but I need Trump to spell it out for me

You've been accused of claiming memes that aren't yours. Know your place, child.

>Bullshit, Zelensky could have definitely used this to his advantage
Oh really? How's that, Ambassador Dumbfuck?

Thats a pretty stupid argument to make. The argument that your side needs to prove is: If a boss tells his staff not to do something, and they go and do it anyways, or try to do it anyways, or talk about doing it anyways - does that blow back on the boss?

See, this falls perfectly in line with the Democrats ideology of cancel culture and attacking the guy at the top. If someone I employ does a bad thing, the Democrats and their victim mentality/socialist wealth-hating ideologies want to come after the person with the deepest pockets.

All day, every day, bombshells

>We have absolutely no proof of anything but he must have done it because Trump is a bad man with bad intent and I want him gone!

I don't get it either. Whats so important about it? Fucking retarded doesnt make sense.

>2. They don't need to prove guilt with absolute, 100% certainty. They can find him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. And make no mistake, it's well beyond a reasonable doubt at this point.
There isn't even a trial going on. You can't prove shit with this circus. Let the Repubs call their witnesses if they think their case is so strong.

>The fastest dying meme of 2019

This is your brain on maga. Don't do maga, kids -- it'll rot your fucking brain.

he said its not what he wanted on July 26th, the day after the phone call on July 25th, and well before the whistleblower reported on August 12th, and well, well before the whistleblower complaint went public on August 29th.

>Newfag normie thinks he's accepted here....

>b b but i need Schiff to spell it out for me because orange man bad.

I know how to spell his name, WOJAK. faggot.