Male nipple play?

male nipple play?

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I've got a folder of them. Add me on Snap, LordKrantz.


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I've heard it creates gyno.


No proof at all, just a thing I've heard. Nipple stimulation causes breast growth.

Literally can't cum without it anymore.

Really want to learn to cum from only nipple stimulation. But I'm also a sub, so anything that denies my dick gets me going.



AMA for advice, I can cum from nipple only.

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gib tips

No science whatsoever in "I think so". You see a ton of japanese people getting a ton of nip play and they rarelly have gynecomastia.

Picked up a prostitute and while I was feeling her tits she started playing with my nipples. I thought that was just weird.

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That's a big nip. Do you pump it?

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Sorry if my English is bad, I'm Japanese. At what stage of sensitivity is your nipple in?
In Japanese community there're usually 2 ways to increase sensitivity, one is using オロナイン (oronine) and the other is スポールバン (suporuban). I found that oronain is universally recognisable and can be bought through international Amazon.

Breast swelling would never happen unless you take hormones. Although your nipples will grow if you use pump.

Yes I like stroking my nipples when it gets big.

i hear nipple piercings remove sensitivity.

It does not for a lot of people, quite the contrary, it improves sensitivity.

Also if anyone is interested I made an article for スポールバン (suporuban).

It's in Japanese though but you can use Google Translate just fine.

Isn't that a needle? Do you have pictures of people using ir?

we don't have that here, but i do have something slimier to that. thanks fren.

Yes it's a ban aid with small needles. Pic related. More detailed article here

The long way around would be to play with your nipple everyday. To cum from it I would highly suggest to do a no-fap for a month and let yourself have nipple pleasure only.

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You japs have really nice sex toys.

We have nipple play salon too haha.

Forgot link

wait really? I need to move to japan!