The moment has finally arrived

The moment has finally arrived
That super hot girl admitted to loving anal, and she wants you
In her bedroom, clawing for each other
Slowly slide her pants down
Find this
Wat do?

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I out the condom on and get to work

Her ass looks atrocious but I bet the pussy is bomb, I'd bareback her and fill her up

Fuck her in the ass and quit being such a fucking faggot OP, Jesus Christ
>"oh noez, she's got acne I can't put my dick in that!"
you're such a little bitch OP

Slap it and it will all be red. Big red ass

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no rules
anything goes

rub acne medicine on ass

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hmmm. Depends if she has pimples on her face as well. If only on her ass, I'd like to know how that could happen, and where she's been putting that thing.

OP you're a faggot

What kind of faggot gets turned off by some acne?

Pop pimples. Use acne puss as lubricant

Guys, this comes out if women don't wear boxers/grandma panties.
just suck it up.

I love some grandma panties

Not true, my girlfriend usually wear thongs and frequently goes without underwear and her butt is completely pimple-free.

must have good hygiene or change her pants often.
good for you!

(also I have no idea what I am talking about)

Kek right

My mrs ass has pimples but the rest of her body basically not. Shes pretty self conscious about it. Shes pretty clean and tries to get rid of it.

Anyone here have this and have any tips for getting rid of it?


It's not the acne itself that's a turn off, it's the lack.of.hygiene that's a turn off. If a woman's are looks like that it's because she's fucking disgusting.

Pop them zits then fuck.
What else?

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Tell her to stop sitting on her ass for 8+ hours a day and to get some exfoliating face scrub for her ass cheeks.

I tell her instead of fucking arround learn some proper hygiene you dirty slag

She's actually reasonably active, unlike my ex! Ayooooo!!

At one stage she was working 3 jobs. It was still like that. She cleans every day, more hygenic than me thats for sure lol, doesn't wear tighter fit clothing anymore, wears dresses instead.

If anyone is curious what this indicates. This shows she spends most of her time sitting around high/drunk and fucking, while not being active or showering. Will be or is diseased and will become very fat. Similarly, pimples just on the chin indicates a low energy whore.

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turn her down because anal is so overrated. they have a self lubricating hole designed for fucking right next to it, why would i want to stick my dick in shit instead? then i get second thoughts and do it anyway. some acne dont scare me off i have seen worse.

girls fuck me even though I have a hairy ass. I'll still plow

Not bad, kinda hot actually. Not much different from my own ass.

pimpels make me double horny

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Turn lights off and go to town. Then proceed to offer to wash her ass for her daily until it clears up.