New Celeb Thread. Get Cozy With Carly

New Celeb Thread. Get Cozy With Carly.

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you a smol qt
I give you new jj webm for this boop
still very meh, have a few doc appointments within the next days.
The fire was nice tho :)
How is you boop user?

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gib mutt wife

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feet heaven

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best Karlie coming thru

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With those legs yes

I gove you cookie monstah
If jade enters the celeb thread, give target thread +2 cuteness +1 image limit

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Indeed best Karlie. No best Carly though :>

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No, no, I don't get home until tomorrow evening. Probably around this time, maybe a bit earlier.

That's stitch from lilo and stitch.

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I want to smell her panties :3

Ah then probably yes. Hope you stay save
Yes but I reference it to Carly poster's pic of her with the cookie monster

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That´s why you win all the tiem, you play with unfair jade planeswalkers and other qts.
you mean cheater

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One moment.

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potato tomato

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pixel upgrade

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Here's hoping you're feeling better than ever soon qt, in the meantime I can give a boop
I'm oki, a bit better and staying comfy c:

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i want a giraffe gf

The *first* thing I'll do when I get back in and settled is tell you some things that are only for your ears.


Sweet lips

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Bless you
Whenever a qt gets posted, make thread better
+1 image limit counter: Post a qt

Not my fault that Sarkhan was perfect for my Bolas deck
Oh dear...

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what do you mean ?

There it is :p

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Sorry, it's true.

You are naughty

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Hello again anons!
Hope all is well

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You're a sexy little slut, I can't help it.
Fuck, did I say that out loud?

Thick mommy


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Yes you did...

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Bombshell here

A-A-As y-y-you c-can s-see m-m-my mistress h-h-has a-a way o-of making m-m-m-men feel weak a-and useless...

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cheers me up to know you feel a little better, as long as there are boops, we´re good.
At least I can save games, a very rare and epic talent only very few have :P

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>me in the chair

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nessa1 creeping in the stalls confirmed

You won't tell anyone, will you?

Save games?
Oh... Sims... that was frustrating
I'm not gonna mention that you called me a slut, Pixi. No worries

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A fine piece of fuck meat.

I fucking love Karlie too tbh.
I get so randy when you call me that user.

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Hey Carls! How’s your day going?

They don’t call her Cheryl Bombshell for nothing

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Whew, dom me mommy.

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God those pale legs

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Those tits are fantastic.

would you volunteer as tribute?

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No aneurysm yet sadly.

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You just know.

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Need to be licked.

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Glad I could bring a little cheer to you, qt (:
Boops are forever and always *boop*
JJ bum as adorable as ever, I see!

They are intoxicating and delicious

Both sorry and glad to hear that
Make it last while you can I guess

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Karlie Kloss Jr.

moner boner

more elsa hosk please

Is November testing your limits, or are you just being silly?

You're so understanding.

V-V-Vic's j-j-joy guy i-is here...

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forgot a jj, pls no bully

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I think I know something that'd cheer you up burrito boy

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he always watching O.O
you´re a big derpy derp

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My nuts hurt so bad I thought I had a UTI. Honestly I might have a UTI.

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elsa is 10x hotter fuck off

Absolute babe.

You'll be alright, it's not long now.

Shes like Karlie Kloss manlet edition.

the come get me BBC pose

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Can't even get a bone unless I focus real hard anyways. SSRIs are kind of a NNN PED

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you are like the retarded beady edition

I-I'm n-n-n-not j-j-j-just a piece o-o-o-o-of m-m-m-meat to V-Vics...

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Word to that.

You a Marzipanpupfelhase
Well me or Jade?

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You, obviously. Jade's cute, tho. I like her bum, if I may be so bold.

I would never trust any sort of mood altering drugs, tbph. Is it that bad for you?

I personally don't think you can compare the 2... they're each hot in their own right.

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You siad that both out loud again..
Taking quetiapin?

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It's necessary.

elsa is wayy hotter