Who you taking home?

Who you taking home?

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the one in the backround

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Right, left has a horse face

Hot. More pics with less clothing?

Left. Any other answer is just wrong

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Less clothing

Can we get even more with even less clothing?


Right, rack looks nicer and the top half of her face doesnt look as distorted as the other.

>which if these three are you buying drinks for all night just to hump her unconscious body for 10 minutes?

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Glad you said unconscious. I enjoy the conscious sex so this would clearly be to get a nut off. Right because she's shorter so would need less alcohol to buy. Then I just use her and lose her

Whichever one the roofies hit first.

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Middle. Less horse face than left, less forehead than right


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Either, they're both fucking fantastic

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Any nudes?

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Right for sure

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no :(

Fantastic tits

Whoever will have me

and luckily not shy to show them

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No nudes?

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