Why buy a sex doll when you could just buy

Why buy a sex doll when you could just buy


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Look at this beast. Who wouldn't want to bed this 160+ lb pile of vulcanized rubber?

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My god, do they sell those by the pound? Or volume?

The driving cost factor for a sex doll / sex toy is the material and/or skeleton.

So yes, big booty bitches are expensive.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Have a 5 ft sex doll and it's like a full blown workout to move around or fuck in any position other than matingpress. Much more fun and practical to go smaller.

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Lmao great pic

This is all true.

And sometimes, the best butts come in small packages.

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Anyways, I'm out of silly fat dolls to post. Doll thread, anyone?

I got my knock-off perfume oil order today, and am trying them out. Chanel 22 is some fucking strong shit, man. Like this is just dominating my nostrils and suplexing them with office lady scents. It's a very "Karen" perfume. Adult, serious, feminine, and unignorable.

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Based cavemen

To those with dolls and / or material experience:

How similar is doll TPE with onahole TPE? I have a Tomax onahole in Very Soft, and I'd like to test these perfume oils on it to see if they would damage the material, but I'm not sure if such a test would even be helpful in determining if the perfume oils are safe to use on dolls.

>in africa
white nations prefer health, not shallow parodies of sexual organs. that's because whites are smart, not simply hard wired to put their dick into round things.

>Venus of Wilendorf

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which doll is that one

That's a Piper Doll, specifically the 160cm+ body (Beth / Risako). Though any Piper Doll should have similar assets in terms of touch and behavior.

prehistoric europeans were black user.
you didn't know? what are you, some kind of bigot?

>Moralfagging on a sex doll thread
Also this

dude I'm all for this
depending on the context of course...

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Ganguro girls are brown too
Niggers do not have a monopoly on dark skin

Yeah...Elon...you was all the time.

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Why isn't it black? They're really missing the point of a target audience.

If you want an actual answer, that's because it's a test run of a mold that hasn't yet hit the commercial market.

What the fuck?

How they move, jiggle, react when you touch or grope them, is what I mean.

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Do want

Onto perfume number two -- Boadicea's Empire. Oh, oh man. Fruity and flowery, this smells downright edible. A lot of... raspberry? It's incredibly pleasant. This shit makes my heart race. I want to just take a bite out of my hand; I can only imagine what I might do if I put this on my doll when she arrives. I'm very bad at putting what I'm smelling into words, but this is something else. If this is what perfume can do to a brain, then I am in trouble.

Creepy af watching an asian dude grope a white girl.

I'd fuck one for the novelty.

That's an asian doll.

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but she doesn't smell :/

Triggered babyman

She can if you want her to. What do you want her to smell like?

Just huff your own farts it's just like a real girl


Link to where we can?

I want more of the white ones



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like a real human

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You can do that. If you want.
Look up pic related "Japanese High School Girl Sweaty Armpit Smell Liquid"; can't link it, due to spam filters, but it's well reviewed apparently.

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Reminder cucks post on Sup Forums

Real goys post on Neinchan


If you own one it is probably sufficient to say you dont have company much

how is it not pathetic?

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I mean, one has to admit they are retarded on some level to be perceived as non-pathetic individual. Just of pure kindness.

I’m not a nigger, so no.

sooooooo .... hold up. I know there are companies that make smaller sex toys, but... does anyone make full-size animal dolls?

1- if someone does, I'd probably get one
2- if someone doesn't, that's a viable business plan right there. Awkward talk with the bank, tho.

Oh jesus help us. Fucking furfags are jumping in on the game.... Well wait a minute cat girl lolis might be okay.

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Doll here

Yfw he pulls out too far and sticks in your ass dry.

Aw shit thats funny.man im so fucking high.

Even the normies are tempted.... it's a foolproof business strategy! They've already made them for dogs - for people we can just crank up the profits!

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This motherfucker come witha rolling cart?
I got a bad back and cant move 100lbs of ass.
Give be another disc hernia.

god i want a piper doll

You want a Piper Doll? I want MY Piper Doll! I'm still miffed that the other user who ordered an Akira three days after I did got his factory photos three days ago and I'm still waiting on mine.

The wait is murder.

I laughed way too hard at this.

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I’m not into dolls but i would prob fuck that

this thread has lead me down a hole much more dark and deep than I realized... how many companies are there making sex dolls now'a'days?

Is Akira the slightly chubby and curvy one or the skinny and super curvy one?

I just had one hell of a thought. A dark, dark thought.

Piper Doll just rolled out this hanging hook option, yes? What if you got your doll in the closet, hanging by this, somehow get the wig around the hook, cover it in matte black tape to hide the hook itself, and fashion a noose around the doll's neck and make it taut with the ceiling of the closet. Maintenance man walks in, fucking corpse hanging right there.

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>how many companies are there making sex dolls now'a'days?
Tons. Many of which are very, very shady. If you do order a doll, please please do your research ahead of time. There are dozens of companies making knock-off dolls with subpar construction, shitty skeletons, made out of material that at best stinks to high hell and at worst is actually toxic and harmful to the user.

There's a place called the Doll Forum that is a great resource for which websites and which manufacturers are safe to buy from. There's also a pasta that gets posted in these threads a lot that has many those same places in it.

Akira is the 150cm (4'11) model with small ("small") breasts.

Are all Akira.

The "chubby" one you mention I'm guessing is Beth, which is pic related. She's still not very chubby, she just has a little more meat on her bones. Compared to a real women she'd still be skinnier than average, especially in America.

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hi there

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Mostly a bump.

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Are any of you here superstitious or believe in ghosts/possession and shit, if so what would you do if your doll straight up turned its head to face you while you were railing the shit out of it

Throw the horns, hail satan, and pound harder.

I would fuck the evil out of it

Can we get some more pics and videos of people wearing them out

because i'm not a nigger

They are similar enough that the test should be useful. Biggest difference is resulting oil seepage from the formulas used in dolls, but the materials themselves are equ8valent just in different ratios and maybe using a different plasticizer (which admittedly is your big wildcard)

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Pasta, order up.

The one i have access to atm is a bit old though. I really need to transfer more shit to my phone.

doll mfgs
good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or so
wmdollshop.com (1-3k)
dh168 www.dollhouse168.biz/index.php (1-2k)
hgdoll.net/ (also sells other mfg including catdoll, approved vendor 1-2k)
catdoll.club/ (800-1.5k)
piperdoll.com (1-2k)
d4e www.doll-forever.com/en/ (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k)
j-suntech.net/ (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
dollter.com/ (500-1.5k)
hidollshop.com/ (clones, 1-2k)

dsdoll dsdoll.us or exdoll.com (sister sites, all models available from both, also dsdolleurope.com) (2-4.5k)
sanhuidolls.com (2-4.5k)
gynoid? www.thecityofsexy.com (4-6k)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800)

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Okay then, time for some science. Here's a before picture of the home in question, it's old and beat to shit already so if this scars it in not too worried. I'm going to apply the oil up near the ridge on the left, as that is the smoothest portion I could find on the rear of the toy.

You should do a pic of your doll cooking noodles for when you post the pasta
That would be funny

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Can't decide between ex-doll and piper

Herp, I forgot the fucking image.

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A loli bringing me a sandwich... I'd Fucking start crying man. Caause I'd know i was in heaven dead.

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Yup get that last nut before she stabbs me to death.

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Here it is with a very liberal application of the perfume oil applied to the surface. No bubbling, no hissing, no indication anything is happening. I'll give this a couple days, and if anything changes, I'll report back.

Meanwhile, this vial was "Highness Rose" and is... well, it's a fucking rose is what. I shouldn't be surprised given it was described as a pure rose soliflore. It's nice, better than Karen No. 22 was, but doesn't blow me away like Empire did.

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Yes, yes i do.

So many pics i need to take just as soon as i finish my scheduled sleep day sometime next month

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Look at this dolly cooking pasta. Just fucking look at it!

As long as the oil content is non-petroleum based it should be fine. Dont think ive heard of a reaction to anything that wasnt silicone based with TPE (they eat each other)

My last accidental contact needed a week for a minir deformation, so give it at least a day or two.

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I don't think an oil based perfume would have any real effect on TPE, since TPE is oil based anyway. Denaturing that oil with strong soap or something could be bad.

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I wrote the vendor I bought from to see if they could let me know what precisely the oil base they use is made of, but they said they're just middlemen and their suppliers consider it proprietary information so they did not have it available to share.

I suspect that you're probably right that it's safe, but better safe than sorry. Test it on something old and unimportant before putting it on a brand new doll.

Also, holy shit I beat the hell out of this hole. I know I never took care of it, didn't bother to powder it as the powder came off every time I used it and had to wash it, and would wrap it tight into rough-cut towels and fuck it in a pillow, but damn... I need to make sure my doll never ends up looking like this.

Heh, onaholes are meant to be disposeable but it would be good to get into good habits early if you plan to get a doll.

If that was pure rose oil its full natural and should be fine. I think the "oil" there is litterally just what seeps off the crushed petals. Pretty easy to make yourself too if you have an ample supply of roses.

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Where can I buy this model specifically???

Catdoll 126cm Sasha

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Nah, that's an oil perfume knockoff of a rose perfume called 'Highness Rose', so it's not just pure rose oil. The scent, though, is just punch-you-in-the-face rose. There's a little bit of green in there, and it's got a velvety texture, it's not bad, but not what I'm looking for.

Apparently it's a HiDoll model. Can't seem to find a website for it that works, though.

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That actually doesnt surprise me, hidoll seemed like the type to do all sorts of crazy shit

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Black guys don't want to fuck black girls, they have to....

I mean, you could probably get about the same result from an old department store mannequin, and save yourself a couple grand?

>how is it not pathetic?
Oh, it is. Most of these guys are just 1 or 2 bad days away from killing themselves. This is one of their last chances at finding some joy.

Personally I prefer lotsa weed and camgirls, but that's just me.

>he actually thinks this

Poor bastard

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