Taking shrooms for my first time this weekend by myself. Any tips? I’m picking up an eighth. Is this enough? Too much...

Taking shrooms for my first time this weekend by myself. Any tips? I’m picking up an eighth. Is this enough? Too much? How much should I eat the first time? Any general tips will be greatly appreciated

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Erowid is your friend.

Take half the bag first with some kit-kats. I find it’s the best way to mask the taste. Try not to do them with sober people because they are annoying. Walking around outside is fun but overrated. Try do to a few other things

try play halo 4

an eighth should be more than enough for a first go, might want to take closer to 2g's, i prefer eating them on an empty stomach, just trip in a place you're completely comfortable preferably with someone you are also completely comfortable with, enjoy dude they're a fantastic time.

Just make sure you won't have any disruptions.
Turn off your phone.
An eighth is fine. I wouldn't go above that first time.
There's nothing wrong with Pepto Bismol it won't ruin your trip and it can make your tummy feel better.
Have some beer or a half a benzo just in case you start panicking. But don't go for it the second you feel uncomfortable.
Part of shrooms is feeling uncomfortable. That's how you learn about yourself.

Music is nice, but I find that a lot of people rely on music too much. I try to get a good hour of eyes closed no music meditation time. That's when the best stuff happens.

That’s a proper trip right? Because I want to experience a proper trip with everything, not just some brighter lights and enhanced hearing.

I dont get why people worry about shrooms.

I did them in a park and it was great

Make sure you're in a good environment. I.E Camping , or low-intensity place without a lot of people. It's very common to want to get away from too much activity.

Different people have different responses.
It's better to be cautious than regret not being cautious. Especially on someone's first time.

My first time I ended up running though people's backyards thinking bees were attacking me. Dogs were barking and shit, it was very confusing and disorienting.

It's a lot easier to start in a safe spot, then adventure outward when you're comfortable.

take hero dose, otherwise its just a waste of time and product.

the problem is you have no idea how that much will affect you as its your first time, really depends on the potency of your shrooms, I've had 2.5 hit me harder than 3.5 and 3.5 hit me harder than 5 it really just depends on what you have and how your body reacts.

It's not a frequent flyer program also.... so the following day you won't really want to trip again.. you gotta let everything...reset...for a day or two...

So if you go with a small dose, and it's not enough after lets say... 40-60 mins.. you can supplement it... but you probably wont want to try again the following day.

Try to check out neat lights in the dark... everything will seem more vivid..

I try to explain to people it's like "turning up to voltage in your brain util things look different"

Know your source, ask them...Are they Strong?

Some shrooms are very strong while others are meh...

You can always stagger your dose, they don't take too long to kick in. 30-50 mins...

to touch on what this user said, I've found this image to hold pretty true and I've been dosing every other week for about 3-4 months

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I'm trying these this weekend. Anyone know how many I should take?

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It will be way less fun alone imo

You'll get a tremendous boost of energy from them.. so make sure you have things to do to stay occupied.

Get a bottle of spirits and keep it close for safety, if you feel bad, drink it to come down from trip.

All of them

shrooms make you sleepy

Ok. Just made a start. Are delicious.

Eat half or more, then do what you normally do, once you start feeling different I recommend switching to youtube or something artistic and observe things. Congrats

remember set and setting

u can make a tea out of it. let it steep in your tea. i did it for maybe 20 minutes. 4 stems. it was pretty crazy.

I did an eighth my first time and it knocked my ass off. Differs between body mass, but an eighth of shrooms fucked me up more than all the acid I ever did. Highly recommend having a buddy for your first time. Very fun, but they take you for a ride, and you have to go with it. Acid (if pure, none of that NBOME shit) was always more "controllable." Just be safe and have a good one bud.

Being alone tripping your first time isnt recommended, but if you can get a benzo for possible anxiety do it. Nature is the best place to trip. Or warching a funny show or movie, music, art, etc. Break them up some and eat with BBQ chips. Trust me, you won't taste them. It's the best way I've found.

Never would of thought of bbq chips. Totally would work I bet. I always did the stereotypical peanut butter sandwich.

i actually ate the shrooms after...

i felt the effects in an hour. during the peak, i wanted to lay down or felt like sleeping. the visuals was amazing.

taking it home is prety safe. i would get some music, headphones, some visualization effects,a hoodie maybe. lots of water and eat juicy fruits when u can.

last week i ate a molly at home. it was cool, but theni went to the massage parlor and i couldnt get jr up

weeks later i ate acid and i went the the parlor again, only this time. i was horny as fuck.

If you don't feel much then they're bad shrooms.

Everyone is different. My first time, half an eighth made me trip balls. That dose is usually fine each time I take them, granted a good amount of time has passed between trips. I've gone higher, but half an eighth usually produces my favorite level of trip.

I was tripping balls. I was happy about having a sitter.

from experience:
>don't eat beforehand
>have a tripsitter around you trust
>don't mix, maybe some weed for the comedown
>choose a safe spot.
>enjoy, it's gonna be fine.

> but theni went to the massage parlor and i couldnt get jr up

Is that just an expected thing at massage parlors?

I'll tell you my experience:
I don't know if "eight" are enough, depends the size of the shrooms, your weight and also the kind of shrooms you are taking. Plus how damaged is your brain.

I took 1/2 grams of Pink Thai Buffalo before a "normal" size lunch. There's a myth that if you took them with your stomach empty you'll have a stronger trip. I didn't took that risk because I thought it was a bad idea, more taking in count that shrooms makes you feel like you're gonna throw it up in a certain moment of the trip obviously cuz' shrooms intoxicates you. I felt that sensation all along the trip but with different intensity. I had the bad idea of eating in a café, i had diarrhea when I came back to my boyfriend's house.
The trip lasted 3-5 hours. The effect in comparison to LSD is lower (btw, when I do LSD which is twice a year I microdose, so my brain has a certain tolerance to psychedelics I think, unless everybody agree that shrooms are lower). I didn't saw "crazy colors" of that kind of stuff, I just saw little details moving of what I focused. The delirium was more like in my head, I overthinked everything so fucking fast in certains moments. The last effects of my trip was calm, I was so fucking relaxed. I had sex on shrooms but it wasn't that good. I don't recommend being on psychedelics in reduced public spaces, being in the subway was fucking horrible.

I would take about half the eighth to start and after that hits you do the other half if you wanna get more trippy. I would expect to be nauseous and maybe puke or have to take a shit. Dont fight it because it'll feel better once you do it. Have fun bro