Medfags i need help

Medfags i need help
Do these fucking red spots require treatment? I didn't have it yesterday.
Also I have a flu since few days so maybe its only due to weak immune system?

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Does it itch burn or hurt? Is your skin flaking or scaling? Have you been masturbating? Used any new lotions or soaps?

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looks like ring worm.

doesn't itch or burn and no scaling. I have been edging for 2 hours on monday

Give it a break for a couple days. Try putting neosporin or another antibiotic ointment on it, maybe just overnight and keep an eye on it. If it gets bigger or starts hurting see a doctor. Could even be a fungus like ringworm.

thanks user

Your clitoris seems slightly enlarged

If it is ringworm it's very contagious and you can spread it to other parts of your own body so be careful about touching it and washing your hands. You'll almost definitely need an antifungal ointment


Yeah man sounds like herpes flu like symptoms reddish blisters on body. Go get checked out herpes can stay dormant for a long time then bam hit you hard

this happens to me if i jack off a lot

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Medfag here. That's herpes

Mediterranean here, not sure what that is bro.

I have the exact same thing never caused me an issue.

You need to provide more information. Had similar before? Do they hurt? Did you get a weird tingly feeling a couple of days in advance? Do they itch?

Looks like vesicles, so could be herpes, but it's too early to tell from picture alone.

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My god the people in this thread are a bunch of retards. This is bog standard damage from friction. ie. you spent too long jerking your dick. Its probably become slightly more irritated than usual due to your weakened immune system from the flu.
Just keep it clean and it'll be fine. You can even keep jerking off if you want, just be gentle and don't expect it to heal quickly if you do.

Source: Has happened to me a few times after ridiculously long wank sessions

And the spots are just penile papules - entirely normal. They're inflamed from overruse and friction.

I can trll you what the stuff on the shaft is. Its fordyce spots, hair follicles where hakr isnt usually at. If you got ring worm it would eat away at the layers of skin until you had tiny hair poking out of each of those bumps. Happened to a friend of a friend