How big is your flaccid penis?

How big is your flaccid penis?

2.5 inches

>pictures optional

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Nice trips. Is that a semi?

I'm 1 inch flaccid

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Even hard I'm a joke.

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What about letting it hang?

Guessing about 4 inches? Im not much bigger

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Barely 5.
He's a little camera shy, but yeah, that's about ti.

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Looks like a 2 inches, maybe 3?

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I can see why so many of you people love Trump.

Im am 3.2 inches flaccid and 4.5 inches erect

Looks like I’m just over 4 flaccid...just took this cuz this thread got me curious lol guessing I’m between 6-7 erect

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Looks like you got a half chub. Your not fooling anyone lol

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Cute. Are those your panties?

Penor here


Flaccid in last’s a hard pic with my fiance in it. Cock slipped out of her mouth lol

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never measured it flaccid. how much do you think?

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I'd like to see that hard.

here. I'm more of a show-er

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Ok, here I am hanging with my one ball. . . Still only 1 inch soft

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9.9 inches

>tfw your fully erect peinus slips out of a loose thots loose mouth.
Don't worry sorry it skint Pete, her mouth is loose from all the bbc. Nothing wrong with your short skinny Peter

nice but groom and take better pics

My condolences for the other one. Happened to a relative of mine as well, he got testicular cancer as a child and could keep only one. Did that happen to you also?

1.25 inches

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Perfectly shaped penis. Statuesque.

high praise thanks. it helps to get a good pic

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Looks like a newly born baby.

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I've been told I have a very natural looking softie. Tell my what you guys think!

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They're right, looks nice man. Could be used in a textbook to demonstrate what a normal penis should look like. Love the bush too.

yeah nice size. it'd look bigger with less hair

Thank you, that is quite the compliment!
I suppose, but I like the natural look. It does grow bigger. I know this is a softie thread but I could post erect if anyone's interested.

yeah you pull it off nicely

ITT: people posting their erect penises and trying to pass it off as a boner.

oh rly?

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Beautiful dick, wow! Amazing veins too. Perfect soft and hard.

Not quite 2"

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3 inches

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No, I was born with only 1.


4703986037 send me all the pic please

3-ish inches

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We are all berniebros here