Bored lonely kissless femanon here...

Bored lonely kissless femanon here. When this thread gets 10 dick pics with timestamp I'll show my face and pussy together.

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>Bored lonely kissless femanon
you must be rural. city girls all get STD's and bastard children.

I hear you, but allow me to retort

>Tits or GTFO

I'm just not attractive :-( too many hot girls around here

Just how ugly are you? Post pics

>Bored lonely kissless femanon here
>kissless femanon
wew, what are you, like 7 years old ?

>kissless but not a virgin
kek whores are a strange people

>too many hot girls around here
those are called "sluts" user. also known as "skanks" and "whores"

You first lol

22 just can't get a bf

Technically still a virgin. I've gotten finger fucked by two different guys but no penis.

>I need attention but my personality sucks so the only thing I have to offer is my body

Tits or gtfo

I'm about to masturbate to your pic, if it's any consolation

You ever tried stuff with a girl?

we have rules here

U timestamp first

Follow the rules op of gtfo

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.
>mfw thinking of you hurting

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Where are you from?

Timestamp or gtfo

>expecting anything without timestamped tits

Fuck off.


You're a dude. You're just pushing your penis down.

Or you're a dude pretending to he a woman.

Either way, you're a man.

>i-i'm ugly and lonely ;(
>gets finger fucked by two random guys
fuck off



You got a discord or something?

I read this in psychicpebbles voice


I asked first, if you want you can just dm or some shit. My discord is koeda#8771

Tits and timestamp fucking ho

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I'm a grower but I can't get hard without your tits

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>tfw micropenis

Thank you

No, not really my thing.

Thank you kind sir.

One was when I was 15 and scared to have sex the other was when I was ready but he wasn't.

You look fine lol

I'd be happy to oblige but you know the rules user, tits and timestamp or get the fuck out. We live by these laws so we do not regress into animals.

He said it's a grower you inbred, that means it potentially goes all the way up to 6-7 inches

You clamming the picture is you?

>it potentially goes all the way up to 6-7 inches
yep, it's a little over 6in when hard

Im gonna have to second this.
But i will say all pussies/Women deserve to be pleased.

Michigan? I'll take you out on a date.

Fake and gay nice bait

Theres wayyyyyyyyyyy too many incels for this to be an actual situation

Not fat
Has vagina

This meets the criteria for the majority of straight men

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I'll take YOU on a date. Both of ya

Anyone else have their peepee shrink with age/weight gain?
In HS I measured about 6.5 when fully erect, but after the better part of a decade and 120 pounds I’m barely 5.
Any way to get it back?

I sometimes go to the gay boards, and get several nudes from the threads there to send to female online friends. I'm addicted to getting OC from pics that aren't mine.

First of all, samefag.
I'm sure your tiny 1 inch penis gets all the way up to 6 when you're hard, user.

imagine having a dick that stays the same size all the time

Try again faggot

You forgot the crazy factor. If she looks clean and never kissed anyone, it either means she think no one's good enough or she's such a looney no one can stand her for too long

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OP wont timestamp so neither will I

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Okay even if this is bait I shared my dick around here so many times Idgaf
Have fun
I sadly dont have the original anymore so this must be enough

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No tits with timestamp?
Since when do we fucking care
Obey the rules and maybe we will listen

Cmon you ignorant moron he said grower. See all those folds. Easy 5 inches. Nice micropenis fucking wanker

But I'll take "her on the offer to show my face if shes up for it

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do I need to find my tape measure?

Go ahead.

>Be fatass with micropenis
>Samefag this hard

I am many things, a samefag is not one of them. I'm sorry you're a small show-er
(tbh I thought most guys were growers)

Offer me a little more proof and I'll show you my dick sad femanon.

If you've still got this bedsheets just show us your bed or something, I'm not picky, and I am touch starved enough to want to believe I'm talking to a girl.

Here fuck it

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wie groß?

Why did I read this in a nasally, low voice?

Op is a faggot

Geez, lotion your dick every now and then, cutfags need to stay hydrated for best plumpness and feeling.

No timestamp :/

You can lotion it. It's not wrinkly when its hard

Wheres your timestamp

You sound like you know a lot about cock.

wow WHAT A FAGGOT for a sec i thought Sup Forums wasn't gonna fall for such an easy bait.
This is Sup Forums we have had the same rule since day 1. If you want to claim to be a girl it's simple Tits w/timestamp or gtfo and anyone who accepts less is just killing Sup Forums.Back in the day this stupid bitch wouldn't get a single reply other then tit or gtfo but if she did post she would get a million replys. Now you faggots just reply anyways

You can lotion mine too gaynon, although I'm not as pretty as him.

No I'm here for cocks gaylord.

For all you retards that like to believe half the women here b/c they post voice .....

Holy shit, it's like we're cock twins. We gotta meet up and touch tips my dude

Pus here

is it dilation time MAAM

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this is definitely not a girl lol, if it was she wouldve posted more proof

I do know a lot about cocks.

>This now

Here's a dick pic for you.

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I might show my cock if gaynon has something to offer.

Time stamp on same pic pedo

Why the fuck are you here faggot

Get out there, you can find a boyfriend mate.

This fucker got baited
>top kek

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let's see the face.

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Where do you live user?

Imagine not reverse image searching your picture before using it to pretend to be a girl

Corsair gang

20cm. An guten Tagen bissel mehr .
Yeah you didnt post a timestamp either fuck off kek . Plus I dont hsve any need for your pussy I get plenty

Im just her to show muh dick bait or not haha

i don't understand a word of what the f you said

stop pretending to be me you weirdo

How did I pretend to be you ?

So, is the OP even here by this point?

This is just a fag baiting dick pics.

you replied to the guy replying to my picture. sorry my english is not on point tonight

A fat bitch showed Tits and pussy earlier, if she can do it so can you slut