Comfy bed for qt celeb

comfy bed for qt celeb

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I wanna see my waifu!

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Post her moles, I want to see as many of them as possible.

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It's been a long while now, shameful, almost downright embarrassing. That's the way she goes tho, especially when I tru (and fail) to NoLewd so much. Don't wait up for me. (˘ε˘ƪ)

>My brain right now: "Do I want to get bullied or no?"
No. :

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w-why tho

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Oh. My. Goodness.
Can you bring even more of her purrfect legs here?


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I'm not here to bully you you big lug

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This is a leading question, isn't it? You and your dirty mind.

It's alright. Next time the stars will align, you'll make it up to me.
D'you remember that time we played with Sammi? Since I'm in these rare spirits, I want to tell you that I still think about that night quite often. You were too good.

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The Kardashians are trash. Ugly bitches, all of em, looking like mexican cholas who ride the bus

I would succ those toes like psycho. I think I could stick her feet deep in my throat like a nice cock and gagging hard on that

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Natalie Portman’s mouth is simultaneously disgusting and sexy. Discuss.

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I'm right there with ya user. Love her legs and feet.

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i want another life in which i'll be a world-famous boxer and she'll be my girlfriend

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As an European I am surprised that riding a bus is considered an offense is the US

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five nine get

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never dirty mind about geeg!
there are lots of other qts for all that, as you know :p

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all the pieces are the same, but they're now assembled so differently

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( ·́ ௰ ·̀) It's been... 63 days since my last bully free day... I just... I assumed today was going to be like the others.

I remember posting Sammi before but I don't remember what we talked about, I could probably find it in the archives if I looked. :>

You liked that huh? ;p

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I'm here to bully you with kindness. Here take my lunch money bicth

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Fuck, I'm too horny right now. Need to calm down

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I did. And I like it when you sass me a little, so that was nice, too.

I'm acutely aware.

Never calm down. Coom down.

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I've missed you, wish our slep times synced like they once did

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Sometimes you gotta set a boy straight, no matter how horny he is! :3

I'll remember the sass for next time! ^^

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Sweet dreams

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Luv sleen feet

I'm also going to ask if you're okay and offer to listen if you need it. Or if you need a coom I can oblige. Maybe this is overstepping but you remind me of myself a lot and I would love to help if I can.

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Calm down? What for?

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Omg user, I saved it! I'm leaking.
But I want to complete NNN and that's the challenge

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Forgot to tag you in that red heels pic. Here’s another

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>you remind me of myself a lot
cuz you're one of bd's other personas

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>me in the middle

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Release bob

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Can't handle
Now I need to make own legs pack with her :3

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I love Elsa.

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I think you should make a mess in your palm for Elsa. Don't you user?

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im only going to do this once

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Ok thank you you can recloth

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I'll raise you actual bobs

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pre nose job

lil pup :3

she looks better pre nose job

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look how miffed Maddie is that she was exiled to the second row lmao

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