Stuck another knife in my cunt cause I lost my previous thread. Whatcha think again

Stuck another knife in my cunt cause I lost my previous thread. Whatcha think again

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spread while u do it op

come stick my dick in it instead :)

Why a knife in the cunt tho?

Sorry I’m not English. What do you mean spread while you do it

Why only one?

Your dick is certainly not a knife tho

This is the knife. Should I do more?

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Why not?

Bad idea?!

Tryna make some homemade roast beef apparently

two knives then spread them apart so we can look inside

Wtf more

I feel bad for the knife.

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there it is

The fuck is the point of this?


Timestamp or gtfo

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go on

Handle in pooper

put chilli sauce over knife than put it back on vagoo.

rolling dubs for this

Ja mehr bitte

Lmao wtf? Why?


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so hot, go on

knife against your boobs

dunno boredom

Have you ever cut your self down there?

thats pretty fucking hard core for once OP is not a faggot and even has bigger balls than most of us around here
Its a decent looking pussy too, so please be careful with it OP

No it’s the first time I’m doing it. I was bored and thought “why don’t I stick a knife up my minge” and here I am

True Sup Forums legend, hi youtube

Shit I want the link of the future video now

Hey YouTube do I gotta story to tell you

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This isn't what we meant when we said sharpy in pooper pls... But sharpy in pooper pls

So do you like shove it in bareback or you wrap the knife in something first, than put the knife in and remove the wrapping?

wow, now lets use a spoon

not even sharp
do better


No I put my finger in it to “ease” the entrance of the knife, then remove the finger and let the knife explore further

cut of your clit and eat it

That’s so fucking hot hnnng

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Once the blade is in, press the sharp side hard into your pussy walls, and pull the knife out as hard and fast as you can.

cut yourslef open from the inside and watch the red pour out

My asshole’s not trained for this... It will die in battle for sure

Now put a fork up that pussy

Going to have to second this. Want to see it sticking out of your ass

You don’t have to keep making it a knife thread. Random insertion? Action figures?


should come cam for us instead bb cakes.

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>don't cut yourself with all that edge

Damn, I like you, fucking fearless bad bitch over here

Kys nigger

Need to see this happen

lil' donnie

fucking based
here just to say I was

yeah come cam .
>i can
>haz chat
> . com / winning

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next picture please, its hard to fap to text

Come on OP dont give up on yourself so easily, we all know you can found it within you to do this. You have already accomplished so much this shouldnt be a problem for you, you only need to try

Balance tip of knife on clit

Ive prayed for you op

Gap her ass with a glass cup
Quick and easy shitpost

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do it, lets watch you fuck the knife

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Nice I’m in the video HI MOM

Thank you, it's people like you why I love this board. :)

That would be so hot.

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He op, tut mir leid das dich Sup Forums so schlecht behandelt, das hast du nicht verdient

You are going to do permanent damage to yourself your insane

Ok last one and it hurt a bit. Gn guys

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Speak English you dumb kraut


You're a queen.

Now stick it up your ass

its gonna burn when you pee

Thank you dude it’s for people like you that I post shit on here

Do a small cut in your clit. Doesn't need to be a deep one. Just enough to draw blood.

What breed of nigger are you? Asian or Paki?

Fuck, that’s disgusting. Might as well give yourself labiaplasty while you’re at it, that vagina is UGLY

It is already burning. Think it’s a small cut tho. Well I’m sorry to disappoint you guys but I actually care a bit for my body so see you next time (probably tomorrow) when my nipple and the knife will meet each other. Gn

Same time???

I’m already giving it myself dude... how can you be so idiot

Please never do anything like this again.

Gn until tomorrow

I see Im late but good shit OP keep b crazy
Maybe do a webm to post next time?

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see you then, babycakes

epic thread! zomg

Could be a spic too. They're mentally defective. Are you one of those crazed cartel goblinas?

See you tomorrow knife-chan, stay safe~

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Is there a way I can save this thread and keep it forever?

Do it

Imagine the smell

Nice Got dubs

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She wants a full butter knife, not pocket knife

Screencap it or look it up in an archive, newfie

But who was phone? Timer?


Dear lord

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