Have you ever talked to a loli?

Have you ever talked to a loli?

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On some chat sites sure

"Talk" lol. And yes

How was it? Did you have fun?

When they actually show me their feet (im a footfag) and or let me jerk to their feet yea

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That being said the amount of times i got to do that with a real loli is low. Most of the time the girls are teenaged

What's your favorite age of a loli for the feett thing? 10 yo?

Hello Mr.Glowfag, I know people in your professional branch are obcessed over pedophilia, and many end up getting weirded out with every social interaction between adults and kids, but I've got to tell you something, everything (normal people at least) talks to kids, everyone talks to old people, and we do it without even thinking much about it, hopefully you'll get well soon glowie, don't let your job take over your mind, it isn't healthy.
T. Fellow user

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Real quick the hell happen to pururin.io/ it’s been down all day


Shut up faggot I don’t care what you think.

That's a fact, it isn't my fault you don't meet anyone in your life, you should try seeing the sunlight every now and then, get your chiken tendies you know?

10 to 14 id say.

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Did I ask for a faggot’s opinion or did I say shut the fuck up?

The neighbours girl is always playing on our front lawn.

Shes kinda cute, I guess.

I say hello occassionally

I do stress a bit when I talk to kids. My filter is not that great, I usually curse at least one time every time I talk to a kid even though I make a conscious effort to not say anything stupid.

Also, I get worried that they might be secretly armed. I started to get paranoid when I saw a kid completely bypass security because the guard, for reasons that are beyond me, felt it was unnecessary to just wave a wand over him. Sure, anyone can be armed at any moment, but nobody ever suspects them of anything.

Drawings can't talk.

yup i have a very young cousin she was around 4 last time i saw her

Yes. It's easy for me to talk to them. They make my heart melt

Not since I was their age.
I wish I had a bigger family.

Jesus dude were you in fucking Mogadishu or some shit, and to the OP, yes, seeing as I'm a Non-pedo, functioning member of society I speak to them fairly often

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ikr? kids can be wonderful sometimes

Makes me think you have some sort of schizoaffective disorder. Talk to a psych. It'll probably help you out a lot.

What is a loli?

This man is on to the mini assassin program, he must be epstined.

bro bro bro
anyone gotta d*scord link niggers?

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Nice try Mr. FBI


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thats funny because the leaked video said its was the clintons

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