Canine and Equine Feral Discussion Thread

Canine and Equine Feral Discussion Thread

Just here to chat, hop in if you love it, hate it, or not sure about it, and let's talk about it

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hey, man, how ya doin ?

Pretty good. Waiting for my sister to go to work so I can be home alone for a few hours. It's cold as shit the last few days, been snowing and shiet, fucking hate it but on the other hand Kaiser is way more cuddly and actually wants to get under the covers cause I'm sure he's cold too lol

How bout you? How's life lately?

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sucking, less than usual, but that will change (like always), unfortunately i dont have any furry friend to cuddle with, eventhough i would like to get one someday

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horses are hot and that's basically all I have to say

I'm sure we talked about it a thousand times, but why don't you have your own boi?

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yeah, but way too big and i would be scared shitless about taking one

nah, i am pretty sure we didnt, i was more of a lurker, till recently


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Very much so lol. Dogs are superior because of their loyalty, companionship, cuddles, and you can actually take a dog cock and the bond that'll form between you and him will be unbreakable, but horses are cool too. I lost my virginity to a mare, the same mare I'm still with now. Love her to bits. How bout you? Have you ever been with a horse before?

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ah. Well then, the question stands, why don't you have your own boi yet?

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I don't mean taking one, but just sort of looking at it and appreciate the hotness
no never but I'd like to try it, you got any pictures?
nothing going inside me tho

Sadly, pictures get ya beaned. Learned that the hard way. That's why I just make "Feral" threads instead of the old "Zoo" threads

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im still a uni student, short on cash and dorms dont allow pets

sad to see them go, I don't post here very often now but I remember those threads were a lot of fun
what's it like being with a mare then?

This thread is dubs heaven

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yeah, horseys are hot af

perhaps a sign this will be a great thread

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Really nice. I mean that in both a physical and emotional way. She's super affectionate and friendly, but doesn't get a lot of attention cause she's just a show/breeding mare vs all the other horses are either boarded or for riding. I love spending time with her, just petting her, brushing her, giving her kisses, scratching all the spots that she loves. Every time she sees me she trots on over, she just wants to be by my side. It sounds kinda pathetic, but I love that she actually likes me. I like feeling loved.

The sex is great too lol. I honestly don't even really last that long cause everytime we have time to do anything, I always spend forever on foreplay, lots of petting, lots of rubbing her udders, lots of rubbing her vulva and eventually fingering, lots of oral, in fact, fuck tons of oral, be the time I actually get up on something to fuck she's already winking and I'm already really close to nutting. I have nothing to compare it too cause she's the only being that I've ever stuck my dick into, but it just feels so warm, wet, and tight. Like fuck man, it feels so comfortable, makes everything feel fucking amazing, my dick feels like it's on fire I always start going for a few seconds, feel like I'm about to cum, pull out cause I don't want it to be over and go back to eating her out, and repeat.

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what a slut

lol is that the "f e e t" character?

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eating out a mare? now that's pretty kinky

honestly no idea, just something i found browsing rule34

So you guys are fucking big dogs, makes sense. But what about small dogs? Do you just jerk them off every now and then so they don't have to go their whole miserable lives without nutting?

If I let my lab fuck me would he love me more?

It's great and once you learn all her spots, it's fucking amazing for both of you. She literally starts rearing me and winking. God, the winking is the fucking hottest part

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A mare once pushed back and pinned my head to the stall wall while I was eating her out. I was expecting to die drowning in horse pussy.

Professional trainers all "relieve" their dogs before a show. Working dogs like police and military dogs are "relieved" by their handlers. If you get your dog off, he'll be happier and calmer.

As for letting your lab fuck you, he may begin to see you as a mate and become increasingly affectionate, but my Akita also began to see himself as the alpha and would push me around after I started letting him fuck me.

I recommend you use a trigger like a specific sweatshirt or location when you do it, so you can establish that you're still in charge when you're out on walks or have company over.

>small dogs

Gtfo lol. I don't think anyone who is an actual zoo has a small dog. By that, I mean a dog under 50lbs.

And yeah, your dog will love you tons more if you two start getting sexual. I know with guard dog and loyal breeds, they fucking stick to you once you guys start fucking. Shepherds, Rotties, Dobermen, they all stick to you like glue cause they start seeing you as a mate. I hear Golden Retrievers and big Labs are pretty chill too

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does she taste funny at all I mean it's kind of weird but I guess as long as she's into it

lol the perfect complement to Mr. Hands.

One nigga dies of horse cock and the other dies of horse pussy

What breed was she btw?

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To me, it tastes a little like normal pussy with this added aftertaste of hay.

Palomino. She was one hot blonde.

I've definitely thought about it but there's gotta be some weird dog dick bacteria or something.

I've made him hard by fondling his nuts and he's licked my balls before but thats it.

thats hot

Like I said I have nothing to compare it to, don't know if human or dog coochie tastes any different. Mares though, it doesn't really taste like anything. Just tastes like skin. The smell on the other hand, is pretty good. Horse genitals actually smell good, the closest I can come to describing it is faintly smelling of peaches. No shit, actually smells really fucking good.

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You don't need to worry about bacteria, but you DO need to worry about allergies. Some people are allergic to dog cum and you don't want to find out when he's knotted in you. Get a little on your skin and see if you get a rash, try some oral, and then move up to anal.

and do you play with her ass at all?

I guess I hadn't even considered since I was so focused on the main event, so to speak. If I get another opportunity, I want to explore more of her for sure.

horsecock on dog

Dog weiners look naturally wet. Do you need to lube them up to jerk them off?

There's nothing you can get from a dog sexually. Nothing that you couldn't get just by petting him. The only time people have gotten something from zoo is either people who are allergic to dogs getting a reaction, people fucking/getting fucked by strays that have fleas or something, or people fucking/getting fucked by dogs that fuck/get fucked by other people. STDs are all species based, HPV, HiV, etc all have H in the name which stands for Human. Canines can have those diseases but it would be CPV or CiV. Either way, human STDs can't affect dogs and dog STDs can't affect humans, the worst you can do is carry it for a bit before it dies off, and that's even if they have it, and if your dog hasn't fucked some random stray female before, he won't have anything. If he is your dog and especially if he's an inside dog, there's a 0% chance he will give you anything.

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No, avoid touching a dog's cock directly, they're too sensitive. To "jerk" one off, you just need to squeeze behind the knot inside his sheath. He'll do all the rest.

Nah, they are pre-lubed by themselves. Some people use lube for when they are getting fucked by a dog, but I've never used any. My first time was literally just dog salvia and his already wet rocket

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you fucking moron you can get brucellosis if your dog has it... but that's the only one and you can only get it through sexual contact

would love to hear more about her
did she like you right away or did you have to earn her trust?

What was your first time like? Why'd you do it? Was it with her or another mare?

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If it's too sensitive how am I supposed to suck it then?

You guys have a mental disorder. Pls dont reproduce

Unless you give your dog weird-ass milk, they can't get that shit, right?

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You can, just make sure not to use teeth. Don't actually touch the rocket either, only jerk his sheath and at most hold his knot, the actual shaft and tip though, those are perfect for being held in your mouth and using your tongue to feel around

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There was a zoo thread the other day and some dogfucker nearly sold me on a Standard Goldendoodle. I've sense figured the coat maintenance would be too much. An excellent shout, though.

I was pretty young and grew up on a horse farm. It was a pretty much nonissue and I was a little shocked to find out it was "weird." In the 4H club, the sheep farmers son definitely fucked the sheep and the goat breeders son definitely fucked the goats. So I was horny and we had a mare. She was winking and horny and kept squatting. I tried a finger and she squatted and nearly took my whole hand. Finally one night, I got out a bucket to put me at the right height and pushed in her. I came on nearly the first push. After that, it was a regular thing I did most every chance I had.

With the palomino, she warmed up to me real quick. You learn how to make the right noises and hold the right posture, and horses are pretty quick to warm up to you. I think she must have been in season because she was horny as hell as soon as I started playing with her.

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they can catch it from other dogs via sex or respiration

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Wait, is that actually true? I know it actually is a good idea cause it's just like dudes, when they bust a nut they aren't interested for a while, but I feel like it's too taboo to actually do

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Aren't y'all afraid of being kicked by one of these horses while you're trying to finger them? You could die.

German Shepherd or my personal favorite, King Shepherd, is the way to go.

Other than that my other fav breeds are:

English Mastiff
Bernese Mountain Dog
Saint Bernard
80lb+ Golden Retrievers or Labradors

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You stand beside them and reach around. Getting kicked is always a danger with horses, but you don't get behind them until you know how to judge that she's safe.

oh fuck yeah, thx for the list

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This dude gets it. King Shepherds FUCK. It wasn't just animal, I felt totally owned and claimed by one. No tugging or pulling after. He just stayed on top of me until the job was done.

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That's like saying "aren't you afraid of petting your dog, he might bite you". Horses aren't just some random wild animals, they are domesticated, and especially if they are socialized a ton they are super friendly, and if they see you as fren then fren you are.

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Yeah. It's one of those "Trade secret" things since it's in a legal gray area. It's totally legal if you're "collecting" for insemination but dubious if you're doing it to relax them. But if you get into professional dog showing, it's just expected.

I FUCKING KNOW RIGHT! Finally someone else. My boi Kaiser doesn't go ass-to-ass or anything, he just stay on my back, or if I slouch down he'll just stand over me. It's my favorite fucking thing cause I hate going ass-to-ass.

Also, I really like hearing about people's first time, was yours with him or another boi, and how was it?

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has anybody here been with a stallion or gelding, if so, pls tell what you did, and how

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I'm really curious about rimming a mare
it sounds so kinky

My first was a random mutt. He wandered in out of the field and I tossed him some bacon from my lunch. He hung around until dark. Once I was sure everyone in the house was asleep, I went out back to explore with him. I wasn't expecting to get fucked but he was jumping on me right away. I just relaxed and let him do it. He hit his target and fucked me go. I had to gag myself with my shirt to keep from moaning and waking the whole neighborhood. I was hooked after that.

Damn the other thread died

Also, I agree about going ass-to-ass, it always makes me feel like I'm seconds from having him tear out of me. Just feeling him relax on top of me is the best and that's a trait I've found almost exclusively in sheps.

must be nice having all that long warm fur draped across your back, feeling every breath and heartbeat while he's resting on top of you

i'm jealous

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I have 2 dogs, I don't want to have anything that close with them, but I love to read your stories, specially with mares, god, I'd love to mate a mare, much better if is white or blonde. Sadly I don't have access to any horses, and that's such a pain in the soul ;-;

I'm always really jealous of people who discovered zoo during puberty. I had my boi Kaiser since I was 15, and I didn't discover zoo until my senior year. Like wtf man, I was literally a furry that whole time, I was even loving the gay fur stuff and yet it still didn't click in my mind to get with Kaiser. Fuck man, it took until someone in a g/fur thread showed me feral and then a bunch of them walked me through it. Hot diggity damn I get so mad, I was depressed as shit through high school cause I was focusing on trying to dick a girl, I can't imagine how much better high school would have been if I wasn't focused on sex all day. Actually I can, cause the last semester of high school I was with Kaiser, and I just focused on friends and having fun. Shiet.

Anyways, anything else while you were exploring? Have you ever been with a dog or a stallion?

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If society never said it was wrong, everyone would do it. It's the best sex I've ever had, totally devoid of all the weird social issues and stress that comes with humans. Just a stud, wanting to fuck you, fucking you, and holding you until he's done.

I've been with a LOT of dogs at this point. Never really gotten to play with a stallion beyond stroking his sheath and feeling his cock a little. He wasn't in the mood and mostly was just waiting for me to stop.

And don't feel hard on yourself. Most people deny themselves their entire lives and now you're getting to enjoy it. That said, I really miss when furry was pro-zoo. You used to be able to just wear that with pride.

Exactly. I know it sounds really weird, but zoo is perfect for when you are exploring sexuality. Being able to sexually be with an animal that you know and trust, and she or he trust you too, is fucking amazing. No social shit, just pure love.

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You haven't lived until you've taken ten inch husky dick.

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This. It's why I never dated boys growing up, just the family dogs.

Love watching my wife take our Daniff

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I don't think I'm ENTIRELY zoo exclusive, but I definitely can only play with other humans if they're also zoos. They fuck better, they understand body language better. A regular dude off the street just can't compare.

Yeah, I understand why not though, the minute zoo starts to become normal people start seeing it as a fetish and not a sexuality. Hell, you can kinda see it now, people just want to watch their partners get fucked by a dog, or they just want to be with a dog cause a dog can't complain. Fuck man, the worst shit is when zoo porn was rampant, there was (and still is) AoZ which you can obviously tell none of those women truly loved the dogs, they just wanted to get fucked and that's it. With the male equivalent of that, most of those dudes didn't actually love those dogs, those poor dogs were literally there to breed dudes and that's it. With the guys, you could tell a few of them actually loved those dogs, remembering the ones off the top of my head, there was a video with what looked like a black Chow/Shepherd mix and a Shepherd mutt where one dog fucked the dude, and the other dog would lick around either his ass or his face, and once one dog popped out the other would go in and switch. I could tell that guy actually loved those dogs, and considering I didn't see those bois in any other videos other than with him I'm pretty sure they were his or he got to keep them.

Anyways, that was a bit of a rant

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pls no real stuff, even pixelated and shiet can still get the whole thread 404'd

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you know that the mods will still ban you for this, right? you're being a retard. if you want to post it then post it and stop playing games that degrade the quality of your work.

It's OK, man. You need a good place to get this out sometime, and it's not like you can tell just anyone. I agree when it comes to zoo porn. You can really just feel it when these two are lovers and this isn't about breaking a taboo.

How do I tell my gf I like zoo?

My bad dudes. I just love sharing pics of my wife (edited)

Again, sounds pathetic saying it out loud, but I love animals because they love you. It's unconditional love, Kaiser loves me cause I been there all his life, I know all his favorite spots to be scratched, I play with him, we cuddle, I pet him a ton, give him kisses, feed him, and of course, he gets to dick me. Nattie (the mare) loves me and the reason I'm pretty sure is cause I'm the only person who actually spends time with her. Everyone else just does the bare minimum with her. They feed her then go on to the next horse. The only time she gets human interaction is when she gets lead to and from her stall, being hitched to a carriage, or being bred, or ever since I started working there, me which spends fucking forever with her.

I love animals because they love you back, no snake shit that humans do, not just in it for the sex like roasties, I love animals cause I love actually being loved

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Be casual about it and joke a little about it. Pull back and apologize immediately if you get resistance. It's not really something you can be "talked into" typically and you just need to hope she's been a little curious about it herself.

Just tell her you think it's hot af

>Having a gf
>That isn't a dog
First mistake

Mhm. My yellow lab was so happy when he figured out he could have sex with me. Granted I was thirteen and awkward with glasses and no hips or boobs to speak of, so I was just as happy a guy was interested in me... Even if he was the family pet. It felt really validating and good once the physical pain wore off, that the stigma went away very fast.

>having a gf of any species
>Not getting fucked by a dog instead
Second mistake

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Hey now, that fortune cookie pussy is great!

What was your first time with a male dog like? What breed was he and did you set out to get fucked or was it just something that just kinda happened?

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