Are you married? How often do you have sex with your spouse?

Are you married? How often do you have sex with your spouse?

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Yes. It varies I’m shooting for daily when she is home because she away a lot for work

Married with kids. My life truly became that old TV show. But it's all good.

Have been married for 6 years. We have had sex 71 times this year, around 1,5 times a week.

Average 3 or 4 times a week for the last 17 years. Sometimes more. Sometimes once a week when things are busy.

Once or twice a week. Married 17 years this year.

Married for three years. Fortunately found someone with the same libido as mine. Generally about twice a day, sometimes more on the weekends.

These guys must be old, been married for like 9yrs, fuck every other day unless something random happens. Like I'm sick or she's sick or a kid is sick

I’m lazy so I get BJ’s and handies more often than we have sex.
Sex is good but as I said I’m lazy.
Probably averages about 3-4 times a week. I rarely go more than two days but at times I do. Others I might get off daily for a few weeks straight. During that time I might fuck her 4 or 5 times.
Also smoking more pot recently which brings my libido way down.

That's a nice looking anus

married for 17. haven't had sex in 7-8 yrs


>3 years
>No kids
>Once every 2 months or so

Not even with a hooker?

Is it at least good? If it’s good, why do rarely?

Fucking laughing at the clearly unmarried posters in here.

Married 3 years. Sex life is zero. Maybe once per month, no exaggeration.

When dating it was all the time, blowjobs etc. Now nothing. Strongly considering divorce lately.

Yes, for five years.
Once a week, two if we’re feeling it.
Either way it’s mutual

How do you mother fuckers have sex so much and manage to keep an healthy relationship with your wives? Personally I have sex once or twice a month (by choice) and the reason is; the less, the better for me since I've been practicing semen retention for 2 years. Which means I do not ejaculate during sex or at all whatsoever.

We fuck every day

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Yes and not often. Shes an ice queen

15 years this month. 3 times a week for first 10 years. Now down to once or twice a week.

Why? Did you lose a bet?

Married 10 years

3-4 times a week.

Usually, bent over the bathroom sink while the kids fight over the tv in the living room

You have my sincerest condolences.

Used to be awesome! Honestly; she was the best fucking I’ve ever had. A full hysterectomy, with both her ovaries removed, wiped out our sex life, COMPLETELY!

She’s so damn jealous, that she throws shit fits, if she catches me jacking. I’m supposed to just throw away all my urges for Pussy?!?!?

Recently made an ad on a no strings, cheating site. Can’t take no sex anymore.


Once or twice a month. Fucking hate her. Want to go back to hookers like before. Life was easier.

probably every other week, used to be up to 3 times a week before we had a baby


Married 10 years next month. I mostly get myself off but once in a while my wife's bull is away on business, then its my time to shine

>>tried to get something going with a coworker a few years ago
>>feels over jeans
>>never tried again

>want to go back to hookers
Breh, you arent young anymore, it wont be the same. Getting older means everything EVERYTHING is awful.
I used to think going back to strippers would be a better life until I really thought about.
Maybe MAYBE all these sex apps wouldf be a better option since youd be fucking women your age or slightly younger, but I doubt it since youd literally be fucking someone elses fucked up exwife.
All we have is porn anymore.

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Not really. She got fat pretty quickly after marriage. She’s got fat tits and a dimple-free fat ass, all of which are fun to play with, but she’s otherwise kind of repulsive to me.

Before anyone calls me out, I’m the exact same weight as I was when we started dating.

Can you please list the things that repulse you?
Im considering a fat gf and want to know what im in for.

Yes. I demand sex 3 times a week, plus a handjob 2 times a week. On her period I want 1 or 2 blowjobs. Sex on the first day her period is over. Repeat.

Good man.

about 5x/week
(saturdays and/or sundays are usually doubles.)
Been married 20 years.

yes, 2 or 3 times a week usually

Every other night because of her getting sore each time.

Married 2 years... sex 1-2 times a month. 1 kid and preggo again

Wrap it up right now.
Particularly if you don't have kids or significant marital assets.
So much cheaper and easier to cut the cord now rather than later.

married 12 years.
used to get it on every day, and 2 or 3 times a day on weekends.
plus kinky shit like public play (changing rooms, parking lots), watersports, sensory play, toys galore.

after kids 8 years ago, went down to once every month or two, although I had a dry spell that lasted 7 months.

for the last 2 years I've been meeting up with a work collegue about once a week. shes also in a sexless marriage, her hubby travels often.

she has a great body, face is a 5/10.
great sex, really sensual and usually lasts hours, with loads of foreplay in the shower/hottub, and we sext almost every day, and we use lovense toys frequently when we're home alone.
Biggest thing for me is I love giving oral, and she loves receiving it too. (something my wife totally went off)
plus she keeps herself healthy too. its great feeling a tight bod.
shes not after anything long term, same as me.
we're both comfortable in our respective lives, apart from the sex, so we make up for it when we get together.

not an ideal arrangement I know, but it has honestly kept me sane these last years.

is this good enough for you?

Do BJ count as 0.5?

Married for over 15 years. We haven’t had sex since 2017. Probably average once every four years over the last ten years. It sucks.

Married 8 years, 2 kids (3 and 1), sex probably 2-3 times a week. Nothing passionate, just a good hard fuck in doggy before bed. Oral is almost none existant. Sometimes in a morning she'll ride my dick before the kids get up. Still excellent.

Whats the age difference between you and the coworker

As a punishment?

You clearly married the wrong woman. We're you guys virgins? Only bjs but sex until marriage? My sex life has increasingly gotten better over 17 years. Keep laughing bro

Married three years, sex is at least once a day

she's 3 years older, I'm 38, she's 41.

>increasingly better
How the fuck is that possible? Has she gotten sluttier?

Good job, user.

married last year after 10 years relationship, 2 kids. last 3 years we have the same procedure once a month. i lick her and then doggy. considering going rogue

Yes. She wanted to be spanked a few years ago. Then we played with ropes starting last year. We fooled around with anal over the years and she finally got herself a drawer full of toys. Now i get balls deep in her asshole while she gets her pussy off. Shes able to take 4 fingers in her pussy and occasionally squirts. Broaden your horizons

Twice a week minimum.

i am not married, but i masturbate virtually daily
>tfw wizard

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Married, 1 kid. Sex life took a hit after the 1 was born, probably once every 2-4 weeks.

It's picked up again because we're trying for number 2 to probably 2-5 times/week depending.

Was probably 2-3 times/week before we got married, but thats cause we didn't live together and alone. We still don't live alone.

Yep....married 20 years. Zero sex since my last kid was born 11 years ago. It's pretty common. Ended up getting a gf/fwb on the side a few years ago. She's also married & no sex at home. So win-win for us both.


BULLSHIT, why you lie user?

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Been married for 5 years, been with her for 10 in feb. We try to have sex once or twice a week. Usually it's twice a week

it's called larping, get over it

reminded me of this image user.

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Haven't had sex since january
She fell out of love with me and I did as well
Getting divorced.

Just got engaged (her family is worth close to 9 figures).

She wanted to focus on her career and were finally moving in next month together as we've been in different states. Right now we have sex once a month or so.

I've managed to live out every fantasy with different types of women. I'm pretty much focused on living an easy life and if I have sex, then awesome. If not. I'll find another hobby.

So live action virginity then?

Together 20 years, married 11, 3 kids. Usually averages to about 3x per month. She gets bad ovulation pain, so we tend not too around that time.
Havent had a BJ in forever, but she isnt very good at them anyway, so I stopped asking.

technically not a virgin since my crazy uncle jay put his willy in my bum

How the fuck can you even have sex 5-7 times a week when you're married for more then 10 years, don't you have other shit to do?
How do you keep getting so horny over the same person for so long and so much?

Okay maybe in the beginning of the relationship but that shit fades away after a year or two.

I have sex once a week or so, been together for 3 years now.

Was it a game called cave explorer? If so I know your anal pain.

Been married for about a month and a half. Dated about a year before married. 2 to 5 times a week. It varies a lot because of my job. I have a small 5” penis if that helps anyone out there who thinks they can’t get a woman by the way. She absolutely adores me. We are both probably a 4 on the 1 to 10 scale. But we both are very clingy and love to cuddle constantly. She will do anything for me sexually. She sucks my toes, gives me rim jobs, and takes it up the ass. I still look here to satisfy my lust for hot women, but I know that the absolute unconditional love and loyalty she gives me outweighs any hot hot chick. When I was younger and worked out a lot I could pull in the hotties, but they were always high maintenance and other guys hit on them all the time, so it was always frustrating. Luckily I met back with a girl I used to live by in our childhood years and I have never been happier. I do masterbate a lot still. Example: yesterday we fucked, oral, pussy and came in her ass. Yet later I still jerked one out in the bathroom and again this morning. Everyone’s sexual relationships will vary so don’t think there is any one standard. Just be happy with who you marry. Do not get married Just because she is hot. You won’t like the outcome. My wife and I fortunately share a lot of memories from the past. We truly are best friends. I am very lucky.

Been with my wife 7 years and married for 2. We still have sex at least 3 times per week. As long as you're still attracted to each other it's amazing. Gets better, in fact.

2-3 times a week, she pegs my once or twice a month, a 3 or 4some once about every 3 months and im thinking about setting up a gangbang for her on our anniversary. all in all id say we have a pretty active sex life.

Yup I'm married.
When we first started dating we fucked all the time. When we moved in together we fucked twice a day Monday through Friday, three times a day on Saturdays and fuckes all day Sunday unless we got out of bed to go somewhere and then back home and fucking again. The last 7 years has been very little sex at all, if any. Hell I think about how to kill the bitch without getting caught more than I want to have sex with her anymore. And that is how anyone married for so long knows the rest of you are larping virgin faggots

Not married, but 25 and been dating for 4 years and we live together. We could have sex everyday and at times it's about that frequent, but honestly it's better if we don't. It's like the longer we go without it, the raunchier and more intense the sex gets as we both get super lusty. I like to feign a lack of interest for about week, all the while masturbating when she's not around, and then fuck her brains out. It's astounding everytime and I need like the rest of the night off to recover. I'm pretty certain that the longer I deprive her the more deprived shit I can make her do.

fo' times a year

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Wrong. Even after 2 kids her pussy is still tighter than any of the other dozen women I've fucked, and I remember when I was 14.... It''s like my dick is getting a handshake from Michael J Fox. THAT'S the secret to a happy marriage, prime grade-A pussy.

Does she fuck random dudes when she's away?

She is having woman problems.
No sex until it's fixed.


Same. Marfie5 for 2 years. Get busy once or twice a month at most. Were usually bushed by the time we get to bed. Averaging 5.5hrs of sleep a night. Often don't get home from work/uni until 10:30pm. Get up at 5:30am to start the next day.

Married 10 years. Two kids. Probably 2-3x a week from when we were dating through married. Now maybe 2-3x a month. Once a week minus a week when she's on her period, if we are doing well. And the weird thing is I don't much miss it. She wanted to fuck last night but we just sorta .. didn't. I prefer stroking to fucking tbh.

And not like it matters and I'm not going to post pics, so believe this or not but she is a 9/10 milf regularly gets mistaken for early 20s at 39. Probably a better/tighter body than when we started. Same with her pussy.

Part of the problem I think is that I really want her to fuck others , she won't, so I've somewhat lost interest in her. She wants it more than be to be sure.

We fucked 1-5 times a day for 11 years then she had me son and he makes it so I'm lucky to get 3 quickies a week. Pic related

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First wife, we fucked daily after marriage for a good 4 years.
Then every second day (at her request).
Then twice a week (at her request).
Then it quickly went down from there.
I am just kind of glad she is infertile so no kids with the divorce but damn I still miss her. 7 years married we made it.
Current wife is pretty good. Getting better at BJ’s. Currently married 3 years. 2 kids. She can cum a lot easier after the kids so she’d let me fuck her almost daily but it’s closer to once a week because it is a bit boring for me now. I need to spice things up.

Proper council bird that. Bet she wanks you off into her cheesy chips if you ask nicely.

Enjoy your prostate cancer.

Just give us a pussy pic, bro.

I can believe you on her being that hot at 39. My ex-wife was hotter at 39 than she was at 22 when I met her. It's rare, but it happens.

Been married six years. Two to three times a day.

Why wouldn't you?

Damn reading this as a 19yo make me sad. How quickly love fades away in marriage.

20 year anniv coming up, 2 teenagers.

Before marriage and before kids, sometimes 3+ times a day of everything - all positions, bjs, anal, etc..

Lately, maybe once or twice a week, sometimes weeks or month+ with no action. Almost always same position, no variations, no bjs, no etc.

I don't even care anymore.

> Ok Boomer

I was dating a girl for 5 years and the sex slows down tremendously

male and female patterns of horniness don't line up. Around 25 males are less horny than females, and then it shifts again and again as we age

when you're with someone a long time, you become comfortable around them. Sex isn't supposed to happen all the time because it's not a necessity.

If you want pleasure all the time, start enjoying drinking water

There's more to life than sex user.

9 years. No kids. 3 to 4 times a week. Wife is bisexual so on occasion there is an extra woman in our bed with us.

Not married but been with the same gf for 7 years and we're pretty much gonna be together for life. Used to fuck multiple times a day, now we do a handful of times a week.

Honestly? Our relationship is so much better now than it was when we met. We've grown to love eachother as people much more. Sex isn't everything and she's not a lunatic who has problems when I jerk off.

Been married 21 years
Sex went down hill after our first kid, and the way of the dinosaur after our second born.
We have the neighbors 18 year old daughter babysit when we go out for dinner and drinks with friends. One night after we returned I started chatting the babysitter up. When she see`s me outside thereafter she comes over to talk, One thing led to another and I have been fucking the babysitter for the last year, she is now 19, and she is a freaky little bitch in bed.

Known wife for 10 years, married 5. Sex was infrequent at best, now it's once a month -maybe. Every so often she pulls something out of the bag and surprises me - but more often than not it's me.
And it's usually pretty vanilla.

Don't want to send a pussy pic, long story, but how bout this one.

I don't know how it happened but her body got much more lean and tight after having kids. That's gotta be a one in a million lmao.

Pussy is slightly looser but only slightly. 2 fingers was a stretch for her now she takes 2 comfortably but 3 is still too difficult. For 15 yrs (dating + marriage) and 2 kids that's a pussy I will happily take lmao.

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7 year gf

2 - 5 times a week if I wait for her to initiate, 6 or 7 if I ask

>Every so often she pulls something out of the bag and surprises me
shes fucking someone on the side.