How can weaboos handle character designs like this...

How can weaboos handle character designs like this? You could literally fit another eye between her eyes and it looks so weird it hurts my eyes even looking at it.

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fun fact; anatomically, the space between human eyes is about one eye wide, that is correct.
the reason it looks so weird though is because normally, an eye is 1/5th of face width, these are about 1/3rd

No one needed to be explained this


Your point is?

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difference is that nobody faps to homer

It is worth explaining why op is wrong

hentai is hot

Wanna bet

Thanks for in-depth explanation user

because of muh weebshit, or in general?

i liked his explanation

go be bitter and old and angry by yourself

people fap to cartoon girls all the time

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in general. opposing views make your arguments stronger

top mid and bottom mid are okay to fap to cause they resemble normal humans, but centre and sides is just weird.

this rhetoric strategy is impressive, thanks user

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>are okay to fap to
Who are you to say what's ok to fap to?

I'm less of a sick fuck than the rest of you sick fucks?

I dont fap at all, fight me

I'm not challenging those trips

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You're free to have your own sexual preferences but a lot of people disagree with you. Maybe you're in the minority.

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I probably am. Especially on this site, don't get me wrong I'd bust a nut to the three to the right, but it's still kinda weird

>top mid and bottom mid are okay because they resemble normal humans

What humans have eyes that big? The anime girl looks more human. Maybe they feel off to you because they're based off of a different race of people?

Also, you excluded other characters that resemble normal humans like top left and bottom left. So what you're against is the art style. You should understand that's highly subjective and you're playing into the subjectivity by only picking the top and bottom two.

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