Wanting to buy a pipe but not sure what to get, what you guys smokin out of?

Wanting to buy a pipe but not sure what to get, what you guys smokin out of?

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a potato

im at my dads house this weekend so i have to improvise and use a mechanical pencil by taking out the eraser. makes me cough a lot but smells misleading which is good

Get a cheap glass blunt. They're very small, easy to clean, and the heat it hella hot if you get it right. Don't even try with the normal bowl things, they're just more annoying to deal with.

Make sure it has a deep bowl and a big carb, aaand a big hole at the end where you smoke out of it from. Easier to clean and clogs less this way.

Enjoy your cancers dumbass


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Buy a cheap glass pipe names or brand doesn't matter. You'll probably end up getting stoned and breaking it

we smoking this dick tonight bois

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just a cheapo $5 pipe I bought a couple of weeks ago.
almost cheaper and easier to just throw it away and buy a new one instead of cleaning it, really.


I've got plenty of pipes and bowls, but I always go back to my one hitter and dugout. Super convenient and best way to conserve weed.

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Actual retard

The good 'ol rolling paper

"smokin out of"

I don't. I vaporize my herb in a box vape. Cost me only $40 including shipping and handling. And then I bought a miniature bong to attach to the whip so it's like aroma therapy. It also can be turned up in temperature to do hash oil. Now any time I actually smoke, I cough like a bitch and get massive headaches. Stick to vaping. You can also take your AVB (already vaporized bud) and dump it into a crock pot with coconut oil overnight to make edible oil that's extremely potent.

I did that and cooked it into suckers to make edible marijuana suckers.

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Coke can. Gravity bong made tinfoil and a Coke bottle

"Best way to conserve weed". No vaporizing it is. Smoking gives you barely 30-40% of the THC within the plant whereas vaping can yield upwards of 80-85% THC. You can also cook your AVB into coconut oil or canola oil for edibles. Stop wasting your weed.

Don't be a cancerous child. Go to a headshop and get a cheap pipe. Or better yet save up and get a vape because it's such a better experience.

Finally someone who gets it. Vaping is healthier, saves money, and the AVB can be recycled into edibles that are potent AF and easy as all hell to make. Stop wasting your money like a child with smoking. Your body and your wallet will thank you.

Drill a hole in a whiskey bottle and use a door floinger as the bowl.

This may be so but the capacity of fill chambers in potrable vapes is terrible

Just buy a $1 thing of rolling papers and go at it

Dunno what kind of vaporizer you've been using but I have never had that kind of problem with my box vape. The vast majority of bad stories I hear surrounding vaporizers seem to come exclusively from either portable vaporizers or the bullshit vaporizer pens that use THC "e-juices" laced with the vitamin E that fucks up your lungs and kills you. I just vaporize the raw herb in my box vape. Never had a single complaint.

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could you please enlighten me on the best practices? both how much one can vape it before it's no good for cooking and how much one would need for a small amount of edibles?

A Fury2, hence why I say portable, as in, pocket sized. That thing looks decent tho

Buy active coal filters and rolling papers. Learn to roll your joints and you're set. Fuck pipes that you gotta carry around and hide from people.

Or if you wanna go healthier buy a vaporizer. Less stress on the lungs.

Vaporize using a Volcano or a VapeXhale. It's the patrician's choice.

Hundreds of $ outlay. Sure user.

Random pieces of prior smoking implements which have broken or gotten so dirty I just threw them away except for these specific easy-to-clean pieces.

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Theres a shit tonne of youtube vids dude

I don't smoke because winners don't use drugs.

pipe, bubbler, bong or volcano. Pipes, bubblers are cheap ($) and bongs can be anywhere from $15-$80+

Volcanos are $$$. mine was around $220 Canadian but theyre the healthiest on the lungs and you can taste the flavor of the weed strain

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Rubber mouthpiece user?

Peasant. Can't even afford a quality vape for your own health. Too poor and too druggie.

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If you are going to smoke regularly at home I suggest buying a good convection heating vaporizer. I've had it for a year now and it's the best thing I've bought

Stfu cunt, I'm talking on behalf of OP
Also, stfu cunt.

nice crack pipe

Enjoy your cancerous toxins you fiend.

"the best practices"
Well it depends on whether you are wanting to do it on a budget or not. If you have money to play with, I'd suggest jumping straight into a volcano but that will cost roughly 100-200$ depending on the vendors. Avoid the portable vaporizer pens. Those suck and will only lead to sore disappointment. Get a reliable home-rig. My box vape cost me less than 50$ and I got it on amazon shipped from china. Took only 10 days.

"how much one can vape it before it's no good for cooking"

With my vaporizer box you can probably pack roughly 1/3 to 1/2 a G at a time before you risk "burning it" on the hot iron you put the whip over. I "stir" the bowl 2x before I throw it into my AVB tin container. I usually just buy an ounce and can make it last almost 2 months (vaping EVERY day mind you) I usually yield between 10-15G of AVB which I then cook into the oils.

"how much would one need for a small amount of edibles?"
I mean... the minimal I would say is maybe a quarter ounce but I usually like to stockpile my AVB until it's at least a half ounce or a full ounce.

I am trying to send a picture of my setup but I keep forgetting how shitty Sup Forums is with their pictures. Can't exceed 2MB in size which is ridiculous. So stupid...

Over here we smoke out of soda cans

oof. never again

cheers my dude. this helps a gram

Soo...nice one Elon Musky..

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Well I smoke regular cigs + a hooka every couple of days

also I got m'self dynavap titanium vape, got it for the convenience and I love it. surely it doesn't affect much in all this, right? as long as the bud isn't burnt

Get a small pipe and a bong

It's a cut-down silicon straw so I can bite the mouthpiece and hold it in my mouth while doing other things. I live in WA, so unless I'm behind the wheel or in public I'm smoking.

Thanks lol.

Classic apple

Good ole classic joint
Zig zag paper

You can get it higher than that. All my dispensaries carry 90%+ cartridge.

>Not smoking in public
No one WA gives a fuck.

Bro make a gravity pipe, best way to smoke

Get something you are not attached to, like a metal pipe with a screw on top. Something you can throw in the storm drain if shit goes down. Every pipe i've ever owned ether broke or was pinched by someone. spend 200 on a glass pipe shit rolls off your desk one day. All done.

Cant go wrong with a stone pipe. Better than a metal pipe cuz aesthetic and less fragile than glass pipe cuz not glass.

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Someone should take a dick pic with their pipe next to it.

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seconding this.
shit's strong so you can drop it and it wont break.
even when it does eventually break, it'll break cleanly into two pieces so you can just glue it back together (unlike a glass pipe that'll shatter into a thousand deadly pieces).
they're only like $4 each too.
best part is, if you keep the stone pipe clean it doesnt even look like a pipe to normies.
i've straight up hidden it in plain sight as a paperweight or desk ornament and housemates/friends have been none-the-wiser.

>.> f-f-four bucks??? Im getting ripped out. I paid $20.
Also you aint wrong, got a turtle one that looks like my kid made it for me lol

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I've literally smoked in cars parked outside of police stations. Hilariously, the police checked me out and asked if I had heroin while I had a bong in my hand and my friend next to me was screaming about hits at the top of his lungs with the windows cracked.

I've also smoked in walmarts and storage units here. I wouldn't advise any of this though, and don't make a habit of smoking in public.

Why dont you make a pipe?

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I use to use a corncob pipe they arent to shabby, tho a bit of a pain to clear

Yep I started with cobs Ive also made some neat turkey leg bone pipes too

Okay so total newb here but I've never used a vaporizer before. You still use ground flower, right? Does a normal headshop have that kinda stuff to get started?

I used to have a deer antler. don't know where that sum bitch went

Oooh bone pipes is kind of cool, imagine smoking a turkey bone pipe and it makes it taste like turkey gravy.
Not even stoned yet.