Cuck thread

Cuck thread

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Looks like a great party.

23m cuck, she's pale white and a fit redhead
I have a huge foot fetish and pregnant belly fetish. Looking for bulls interested in that. Kik me at tentaclebelly

kik erfonas

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Also if anyone is into photoshopping her fit flat tummy into a huge swollen fertile pregnant belly, someone has done that before and its so hot.

About to get into the lifestyle here shortly.
I made a reddit post somewhere and got about 100 replies from dudes looking to fuck my gf and we picked one. They want to meet us first at like a restaurant or bar.

What comes after my girlfriend gets fucked by this guy? That's what I'm uncertain about.

It's fun shut up and post pics

Sharing my ex on kik. Anon0867. I’ll also snap or kik girls you know and send them my cock

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Sharing my gf

Kik parsleysagerosemary6

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show her body

even if you get cucked by the girl you're about to propose to?

It was most fun because the girl was my fiancee. Added to the taboo that she was to be my wife.

>Finally get a lunch date with a girl in college
>Chad roommate sees us in the dining hall and invites himself to join in
>She's already fawning over him and I'm trying to get him to leave
>He insists we all go back up to our shared dorm room for some drinks
>Get there and let him mix the drinks while I take the opportunity to get back to talking to the girl
>Drink mine and start to feel real tired and real drunk
>Only halfway through my drink and can barely keep my head up
>Realize he put something in it but can't put my words together
>Hear my roommate talking to her about how I'm a lightweight and can't handle my alcohol
>Feel him carry me over to the bottom bunk and tuck me in
>They go into the bed above me
>Fight to stay conscious as I watch the mattress above me bounce as he fucks my date less than 4 feet away from me

Kik cgr941
Will fap to your girls nudes, save them, set as phone wallpaper anything

Kik: vagli
I will share/rate/wwyd your gf/wife

bi cuck looking for bull to push me to find a cock to suck on grindr while i'm forced expose my gf to you both.

kik makemybitchyourbitch

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In all seriousness you two need to talk about how you feel after. Then go from there. Wife and I played it safe the first time and went out of town for her first so if things didn't work out we wouldn't have the risk of awkward encounters later. It's been years and we're swingers now so it's not just her having all the fun.

He's right tbh

Send me your sluts cucks

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what happened after the first cucking to you and your wife?

scarsbuildthrones on kik

cheating whore, cucked her fiancee for like 2 years

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Still looking for another couple to cuck kik kate105105

Cucks looking for a big cock bull kik domswitch420. I'll rate/wwyd your girlfriend/wife/sister/daughter.

And if you're near Spokane WA, I'll fuck her irl like you never could

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Post more of her

bulls post wins

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Wife. Not my cock. Took me a while convincing but she's finally into it.

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More of her please, she looks sexy asf

send nudes and i send some back

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Why am I a degenerate who loves the thought of my gf getting trafficked and fucked relentlessly forever. Why does this thought get me off, knowing strangers just wanna fuck her for self pleasure like a rag doll

The idea of sweet, innocent, smart girls like her getting kidnapped off the street, and sold to the highest bidder and fuckmeat or breeding stock is so hot.

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Fiancé has been mostly doing the hot wife thing with a friend of mine who lives out of town for about a year. First time was a MFM, but the cock comparison/humiliation factor was too much for me, even though they were both really subtle about it. Plus, she gets really overwhelmed by more than one dick.

I’ve watched on a couple of occasions, but they mostly just do it privately in another room and they individually tell me about it later. I think they’ve only checked in once together in a hotel. He’s married so he’s very careful.

BUT in really exciting news, I think I convinced my black co-worker to fuck her. He wants all 3 of us to go out for dinner or something first before he fully commits. Kinda weird being fiancé really likes you, she wishes she was out with us right now, but get a few drinks in her and she’d probably try to take you wouldn’t be interested in that would you? She’d probably start saying rude things about you have a bbc? Never thought I’d be asking a co-worker about the size of his cock to ensure he could sufficiently pleasure my future wife.

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Wow - i would definitely buy here for a weekend. Maybe we could switch?


She can be a lot of fun if you treat her like the little slut she says she's not

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Add me on Kik and I will show you my gf

but she still loves you and has sex with you?

Maybe we can get some kind of arrangement

I wonder what if my petite gf decided to cuck me with a guy with cock much bigger, let's say 7,8 inch. I'm curious how would he fuck her and cum.

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Hngggg more of this pls

my wife. wanna see how it went?

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got my wife her first bbc. now she's addicted

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Did you join?

I like watching big dick cuck porn because I have a huge dick (8+) and it hurts every girl who even tries to take it and I can never get a girl to sleep with me for a second time so it's nice to see girls enjoying (or at least pretending to enjoy for their husbands and bf's benefit) a dick like mine.

I love share my ex gf pics for a real male when eh humiliate me and degrade her
Kik: sissybtchsub

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i did. so technically more of a swinger thing than cuck thing. I hope that's okay ...

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email: priapospower at gmail

unable to find you

would love more of that ass. kik?

Made an album of a cucks gf he sent me on kik. His kik is in the link too

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fake. not gay, though

moar ?

lets see it

happily married neighbor. they always behind on bills and rent . as a nice neighbor I've been helping her pay the bills for the last couple years for favors

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Link for his gf

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"fake"? whatever you need to tell yourself to make u feel better lol

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It’s always very smart to get coworkers involved

She sent me that when she was with her bull

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The guy left and we talked about it. I said it seemed like she was holding back. She said she didn't fully get into it as she didn't want to seem like she was enjoying it too much. I told her that I wanted her to enjoy it and I enjoyed seeing her getting into it. Then we had sex. A few weeks later we tried again and she got really into it the way I was hoping she would. It's been a few years and this isn't new territory for us anymore. We set boundaries and don't cross them for anything and it works out well. We are part of a few different groups now, couples and single females mostly. Her last bull moved away so we're looking for a new on. The key for us is communication, honesty, and separating sex from intimacy.

How often ?


damn thats hot. more?

when ever they get too far behind on bills.. as often as 20$ for gas a week a part to paying her rent every few months to few years

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got kik?

mine: nuilevoyuer for tributes.

anyone interested?

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yes u got kik?

Maybe buy her a bra her size loll

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sharing my 20 year old gf

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Tribute this cucks gf and send them to him on kik. Dont say anything just show him his gf getting tributed. His kik is kmj1989

Keep going

yea kush8888

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she got addicted to drugs and lost a shit ton of weight... so yes she actually has fitting cloths now but for a few months u couldn't keep up

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>Took me a while convincing
you mean she pretended she wasn't into it lol

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Add bigoof420p on Kik to trade or share

Have a Kik?

God damn

long distance gf. loves attention and showing off. i get her to film or take pictures when she hooks up with other guys

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Post fat tits and now tits

super hot. more?

message me on kik for more

Hngggg I fucking love cuck snaps


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Cum to my gf on kik.
She's 18, nudes for cum tributes
Post kik

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who knows Jen?

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