Thoughts on black penis

Thoughts on black penis

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Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.

Looks like a penis only black(?)

Im a very big fan

looks like a turd of shit

Im a big fan of their pubic hair but other than that they're all just dicks. Most of them are average sized.

One bonus is that most black guys are gonna smell like some sweet lotion which is usually pleasant. Just the smell of coco butter makes my dick hard.

Eating it is good for health.

white peepees are cuter imo

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My mom loves it

Got an example pic of black guy pubes you like?

Okay in small doses

Shouldn't exist, just like the humans they are attached to.
Kikes wanna ride em nonstop

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honest thoughts? I have nothing against them, they just personally gross me out cause they remind me of these

>pic related

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Found out they're mostly average sized in high school in the locker room. It's interesting how the color of the cock head is usually pinkish even though the shaft is dark.

love it, wish my wife did to.

Different type of skin there

That's good dick. Something about being bread by black cock makes me feel like I'm fighting for a better tomorrow.

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Yeah it's actually a mucous membrane IIRC. It's pinker if the guy is uncircumcised.

probably because it's flaccid. cocks can be weird. ive seen dudes 5 inch soft and can only be 5 1/2 or 6 inch hard. 5.5 is the average.
me? I'm like an inch and a half soft. 6 1/2 inch hard. i found that those of nordic descent have smaller softies but above average when hard. so everytime ive been naked around a girl i try to at least have a half chub. sucks but at least it's convenient when you're moving around or dealing with the cold.

I rarely get the tip of my cock stuck in a zipper. good fucking lord that sucks.


any bbc skype..?

no one uses skype grandpa

they look like regular penis but black

i really don't have a thing for or against, but the BBC cock meme is Jew propaganda to hurt all other races by thinking all black men have 10' coke cans! Realistically a huge dick in any ethnicity is about 4% of the population.
T. 7 inch whiteboi cawk!

t. seen plenty of naked guys

>BBC cock meme is Jew propaganda
it's literally white propaganda created because having a big dick used to mean that you were stupid so whites would gather around the campfire and say how dumb blacks were for being sex obsessed and hung

>being bread

You need to die, right now.

It hurts the black man too, if he happens to not fit the stereotype.

Yeah I can imagine it's embarrassing

What? I don't only fuck black guys, and usually I top. Some dicks demand riding though. Some guys just have massive top energy

Let's see ass

Probably why so few share in cock rate threads

Well if you can rattle of 10 white men that produce degen. porn about this very same issue then i will wait! currently this shit is being forced almost as hot as incest fantasy. Both of which are degenerate as fuck in my opinion. I can agree w/ the sentiment that back in the days it was a propaganda tool to compare blacks to sub -human that could not think without their dicks.I'd say while there is some truth to this,i think porn is giving most men unrealistic views on penis size. i know being six and a half w decent girth i went out and bought a top of line extender and wore the fucker 500 hours. So with that being said it was a lot of work for a half inch!

sucked one yesterday
was smaller than mine

Post urs

that aside never forget that it's white propaganda

Did you swallow? Was he shaved?

what about the smell?

Usually smells like some kinda lotion

Ok boomer

anti fungal cream you mean

Don't usually have butt pics but mine is alittle hairy like this

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love em

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Mmm yess

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Damn look at those nuts. I bet you cum like a horse.

What's your personality like? I love me some homo-thugs


No matter how much white bois hate BBC, the reality is just mad jealousy

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i hate niggers but i want nothing more than suck off a black king on my knees while shacking and waiting for my pussy to be pounded

Not the thug type, lol

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I like them.

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I hope I didn't offend you. And I don't mean like actual thug. I just like hood boys.

Nice load, too bad it went to waste

white girls favorite toy

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