Sup Sup Forums what the fuck is up with my heel?

sup Sup Forums what the fuck is up with my heel?

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Smoker or diabetus?

Either way it looks pretty necrotic and you should go see a doc if you donĀ“t wanna fucking die of a sepsis.

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You're posting on 4chins when you should've instead gone to see a doctor weeks ago?


Yeah i just left it as i can't be dealing with no doctors bill right now

you are aware that the doctors bill will be much higher if they end up having to amputate your leg?

I guess it's safer to avoid the doctor than to let your whole foot rot and kill you. Good thinking, retard.

its cool man i just wash it with alcohol and cover it with a band aid

Uh... that necrotic tissue says otherwise, buddy.

I don't believe it's a heel. Nice b8 tho

For your own sake I hope you are larping, otherwise enjoy your stump

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of course its a heel you kike

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Get your ass to the doc now, OP

Okay, now I believe it. If you're serious and not just baiting like with someone else's pic, then go to the fucking hospital.

How did it start? Looks like you were riding a motorbike bare footed and fell off and scraped your heel on the bitchumem for a good 40 or 50 metres.

dude if you're really diabetic and that's really your foot, you need to go to the hospital like right now. you can apply for medicaid after getting treatment and they will cover your expenses for awhile at least until you can figure something out. having diabetes will shoot you to almost immediate approval. I fear it's already too late but you might have a chance.

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Wtf is wrong with your skin? It looks like you were burned and are being treated for it.

nigga that's a knee

Please go to the hospital or a doctor this is serious shit, I'm not even in med school yet and I know this is bad.

if not diabetic necrosis as the thread is suggesting then possibly some kind of localized frostbite?

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It's probably just a minor case of herpes. Treat it with apple cider vinegar 3 times a day until it clears up. I would drink nettle tea twice a day to keep internal toxins down too

Are you bedridden or in a wheelchair? Looks like a pressure sore that went necrotic. Could possibly have a blood infection too dude. Doctor is mandatory at this stage.


Oh no OP!! Better say bye to that foot. Too bad. She looks like a perfectly good foot other than the dead flesh and rotten skin.

OP is diabetic and obviously doesn't take care of himself. With diabetes the skin on extremities can become really dry and inflamed, which can resemble minor burns or frostbite, because there can be blood flow issues. OP's condition has turned necrotic, and if it continues he'll either die of sepsis or they'll amputate.

UK based surgeon here:

you have an arterial ulcer - go to A&E

Going to Docs now.. thanks for advice..

will update

OP don't panic. Did you buy new shoes recently? I bought new shoes 2 months ago and after wearing them once i got blisters filled with blood. After a week they looked like this too, but a week ago the dead skin just fell off. It doesn't have to be serious. Just wait

Thats necrosis either badly healed up brusings from unfit shoes.
Nonetheless looks like your feet sweats alot and that aint anything good for necrosis/bruise healing
IF its necrosis it should be treated asap or doctors bill will be the least of your worries

Amerifags, always one doctors bill away from totally losing it .... lol

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That's scary af.

Hahahahaha, Captain Poorfuck and the story of the lost leg

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go away bjorn

Dude you're gonna fucking die

Don't listen to anyone here they aren't food doctors. I'm a foot doctor. That is perfectly normal;. It's a sub-dermal heel hemotoma ulceritus. Nothing bad at all. It will be fine in a week or two.

Just one question op, do you vote Democrat or republican?

>just some hematoma, you'll be fine in two weeks.

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/ b/ is a doctor

Hahahahahahahaha what a nice country you live in

You'll probably gonna loose your foot because u got no money

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(This is just hate against america in general, get well soon m8)

Lol, cya later faggot. You'll be dead in about 3 weeks tops

the wounds don't look remotely the same, different angles and shapes.
OP is a fag.

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you look fine bruh

The first pic is a long time b4 the second pic.
It has healed a lot in second pic.
OP is a leaping fag.


We already told you your foot is dying and it is going to fall off/kill you, and you still wont do anything about it.

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we can agree he's a fag at least. maybe it's the same foot but the wounds are completely different in place and size.

did OP interrupt your trap, fb,IG or feral dog sex threads user?

That is necrotic tissue which has already dried. If you are diabetic it makes sense. To prevent you should control your blood sugar levels and stay more active since you need more circulation.
For now you can leave it alone but if it gets too bad then you might have to go to a hospital.

Doctor here. Shove some quartzite and feldspar up your ass OP. And start drinking chamomile tea. You should be fine.

you are becoming BLAK

tranny elbow

it looks a bit smoll tbqh

Lol the guy is trolling, no way anyone would let their foot like that

That seriously looks like gangrene. Go see a doctor like now.

Yeah looks like a pressure ulcer though if you aren't in bed or just sitting all day I'm not sur ehow you get one. It needs the eschar removed to properly stage it. Then pack it cover it and wait these take a while to heal if they are stage 3 or 4

yo, thats necrosis get your ass to the nearest hospital ASAP, you can lose your leg if this goes untreated

Mustard gas, don't worry take a nap and it will go away in no time

Looks like you stepped in nerve gas.

Looks like necrosis.
Go see a doctor.

it's fucking necrosis you absolute retard go to the fucking doctor's

Brown Recluse!

> (You)
>>just some hematoma, you'll be fine in two weeks
I actually did have a toe cut off two years ago yesterday due to necrosis from an infection.

Nerve gas.