Ask a black introvert anything

Ask a black introvert anything

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Are you an introvert because you are in an isolation cell?

Introvert by choice? Or a prisoner of your own mind, social anxiety?

Do you find it troublesome to be around other black people, seeing as how most of them are obnoxiously extroverted?

Small dick?

If you're referring to my room then yes
A bit of both, and I do have terrible social anxiety.
Yes and no, I don't talk to people much but when I do they're usually talkative. But I don't think its different for other races though.

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Nope, 8 inches

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name of she?

Leanne crow

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Everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion

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Why would anyone care, what insight do you offer? Being black means nothing as being an introvert

It doesn't matter, I just want people to ask me things.

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>Brittany Elizabeth
You're a man of culture.

Whats your fave type of woman to jerk it to?

I have a huge thing for bimbos

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That's honestly a tough one, but atm it's either bimbos or tgirls

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This topic seems to happen a lot.

If this is the same dude, what question gets re-asked too often?

Also thick black girls

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If I'm on probation for being black

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got more of this thicc wonder?

What happened to the gay black guy who used to make these ama threads. He was classy.

Her name is katt leya
Idk, probably doing black guy things

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Can you recommend any thick black pornstars/insta thots. All i know is Maserati

>8 inches
Got a discord? I'll throw my wife at you.

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There's katt leya, rissa2cute(only does solo scenes) Victoria cakes, yumtheboss, and Ms london to name a few

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I prefer to remain anonymous

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Meant to quote you

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Also Moriah Mills, she's quite popular with white guys

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Thanks man. I realized i need to expand my porn horizons after i been jerking to lorna morgan kerry marie and michelle may too long

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No problem, i love putting more people onto black pornstar.

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of depth in your anus.

I guess dindus lie on every medium, 20th century was a mistake for your "people".

Sup Forums hasn't been deleted yet, you should go there.

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do you watch Black Ntrovert TV?

Not sure if you are trolling or being serious

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serious :)
I don't sell dope, not really into selling hope, just a young man with an opinion so lets go

In that case no, I haven't even heard of that before.

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You can knock up one woman, anyone.
And you can make one Tgirl knock up another woman.

Who do you choose?

I would knock up Angelina Jolie, and I'd let bailey Jay knock up Rihanna.

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is this you? lol

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Thats pretty damn hot actually fuck

That doesn't even look like Squidward, and no.
Angelina's jawline on a mixed woman's face would be perfect paired with thick ebony thighs.

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>I have a huge thing for bimbos
based nigger

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bumpin because huge tits
whos this?

Korina kova

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are you into bbws with huge ass aswell? biggest ass u like. black or white

I do like bbws occasionally, and black ones usually.

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But there are a handful of pawg bbws I like, such as colors of autumn

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And full_xmoon

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as a white guy black bbw ass really is something.
something like da butt or miss hydro...
do you have any faves

Top 3 are Cherokee, Victoria cakes, and bunz4ever.

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bbws or just huge asses hmm. Victoria is def one thats the thiccest. cherokee was the one of the first ones i found out about ages ago... nutted too all three though.

Same here

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do you know about da butt, theonlyhydro, fyebottom? nice ones

I know them, definitely spilled some seed to hydro

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Fucking gay lol

We all have our fetishes user, don't mock him for his.

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yup def some bbw material.... how about da butt? that extreme?

Meh, she's a little too big for me, But I still would smash if I had the chance. I also forgot to say zmeena Orr is my fav.

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Btw does anyone know of any good apps that plays pics and videos as a slideshow? I have a ton of porn that I wanna watch but i can only find apps that only play videos or pics.

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yeah shes huge af but still amazing there so many. ms booty, ms cleo
u kik?

I don't, and I'd prefer to remain anonymous. Sorry

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you have good taste though and you still could haha. if you doo.. add 20190416

Thanks, and thb I don't even know what Kik is. Is it a texting app?

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yeah phone app u can create throwaway acc

If it's truly anonymous I might create one someday, not now tho because I need to do some research on it before I commit.

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>on probation for being black
So typical dindu, then? Why do black people feel that obeying the law is "rayciss" and that having justice served against them is "rayciss" and it's always "i dindu nuffin"? I'm not trying to troll here, looking for an honest answer

yea just a username and pass nothing else needed

Stop posting niggers you retards

I haven't heard of any black people thinking that obeying the law is racist, and it isn't a race thing to say you haven't done anything illegal, alot of people do that because they don't want to get arrested. Plus there really are alot of black people sitting in prison for crimes they didn't commit.
I'm still a bit skeptical, don't alot of pedos use that app?

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We only want shemales (not black ones) OP. I’m also black for the record

No, people need to appreciate black women.

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There are black tgirls that look good

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>I'm still a bit skeptical,
still a decent good app lol maybe

I ask that because of the threads I see on here, they look sus.

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name? cuz wow

Moriah mills, and she does porn.

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yup still a nice app tho lol

I forget, was it WhatsApp or Kik that was shutting down?

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kik but they arent now

Why do you seek attention this much?

Why were they shutting down? And what saved them?
Why do you care this much?

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Would you impregnate

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>Why were they shutting down? And what saved them?
they were switching business to crypto or something then someone bought them i think

In a heartbeat, she's gorgeous.
I just searched it up and I think it's because they wanted to focus on the currency they created.

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I need more btw, I only have a few pics of her

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What pics?

Of her, someone posted them in a previous thread

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