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Got some new photos in. Photography is hard, mmkay...

And then I couldn't help myself and now she's getting cleaned out again. So much for photography.

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Its a good look

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Except for this one. May my phone never do this again...

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I typically remove the eyes before I do anything around them. It makes replacing eyelashes and doing makeup easier. I'm also worried about getting glue on the eyes themselves.

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Very cute outfit.

2 spoopy 4 me!

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That doll is cute, what kind is she?

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These are old pictures from the Internet.

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Would you like dinner? A bath? Or

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looks like it could be a bel with photoshop?



>accidentally let my cum get clear and watery over the holidays
>trying to work to get it white and semi creamy again

"accidently" sure.......

Does anyone have a lolli doll link from Alibaba or AliExpress? I can't really find one, has to be from one of the two sites tho, pls bros

Wow I really want this same one

Hmmm... yeah, maybe?
Breasts look a bit smaller and eyes and mouth a little different than mine. But there are variations.

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Any doll fucking vids/gifs/webms?

all over any -tube
more variant tags

Hah... OK... elf ears.

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Anyone own any shota dolls? Are they any good?

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there arent many ever to have even existed but catdoll is finishing up a boy model

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Alright a few days ago I posted this doll and someone said it looks bad.

whats so bad about it?

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that is a very cute doll. i guess it's an Orient doll

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I hadn't heard that.
Not my thing but smart on their part I think. It's very much an under-served market and if anyone can do it right it's Catdoll.

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i think multiple people have bought it and posted on b and they seemed to indicate it was just not quite as good as that photoset implied.

I see it.

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That's a doll4ever 135cm debbi (small breast version)

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Oh my... thanks for linking that twitter feed.
Some very cute dolls there!

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yep. that one is a Molly. that guy is a good photographer

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It's one of the most counterfeited dolls on the internet. The actual, real, $1600+ version of it is quite good, but most people buy the $700 clone off of amazon and it doesn't live up to their expectations, because it's a knockoff.

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That guys little elf is crazy cute. As far as i know OI didn't make a head like that though.

Really doesnt look like any head i know myself. Its got bits and pieces that are similar to a few different ones

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Pound for pound what is the best loli doll out there?
The amount of options is kind of surprising.

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This pedo thread again....

Welcome to Sup Forums. First time?

i fell in love with sasha and started saving bucks.

look around and see what you like, the best loli manufacturers are probably catdoll, dollter, and dollhouse168.

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i think it's an orient Berry or Coco, but i think the elf ears are an add on

it does look a lot different than their other dolls

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Ahh yeah, could totally see that being a modified coco

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best part about this pic is the doll in the back
not sitting next to anyone
but also the best looking one

Her owner is probably taking the pic to clown on all the other guys dolls at the Meetup. What a jerk TBH.

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Can't argue with he other suggestion of Sasha. But my greatest love is Catdoll's 126, Mimi head, Asian tan. She's perfect to me.

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This is everyone who owns one of these

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Really nice pic.

Why thank you :-)

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>had this particular fetish since everquest about impregnating a wood elf
>learn from these threads you can customize them a bit
>find this doll
>seller tells me tan skin is possible
>can also order with different head

how the fuck do heads work on dolls?

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Usually they have an easy release bolt or just an regular m16 on cheaper dolls. You can swap the heads if you get multiple.

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Yo same here but about getting something else pregnant

some day there should be a pregnancy air bubble on pregnancy dolls that you can inflate with one of those blood pressure measurement pumps and dollmakers would make a killing

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easy release or proprietary plate is harder to deal with, but a lot of mfg just use a threaded bolt into both sides so pretty easy to use about any head on those.

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You are right, im going to need 2 dolls for this fetish. one non-pregnant and the pic related.

first one can be all petite and toned with A or B cups and then bam, doll2

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How much does the pregnant doll cost?

obviously the doll came in on its own.

>not wanting to be the sex the doll
the boards total weirdos

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Welp, there goes my arms. I got nothin' left, they're just floppy noodles at my sides.

Do you even lift, breh...

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>user who tore the anus/vag wall of his doll last week
>TPE glue came in today
>took some TPE scrap
>made the puddy with the TPE glue
>new question/possible problems before diving in

1.) How does this puddy solidify? air? time?
2.) also does it remain soft or is the patch hard?
3.) how do you spread the vag and anus to always keep it open but without long term damage? spread eagle for a week? i dont wanna buy those metal prods that doctors use to spread real vaginas

That is horrifying. I'd rather fuck an amputee, quadraplegic, down syndrome meth whore.

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exactly the kind of nonsense I was talking about

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haha its quite the workout... she looks good though

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Has anyone heard anything about getting cat dolls into Australia?

Anybody have issues with static electricity generation on their dolls? Mine is slowly turning into a bloody dynamo, especially her booty. While I don't mind her having an electrifying ass, as it is quite shocking, I could do without the sensation especially as it seems to be transferring to her wigs and absolutely fucking them up something crazy. She's starting to look like she's got her hand on one of those plasma balls, just... all the time.

i do when i have them sitting on my table for maintenance, but otherwise no.

should depend a bit on the material she usually sits on.

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Wish they would make a loli with this kind of belly.

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Scary how real these look. Are they even light and bendy enough to maneuver around? How do you hide these for when company is over? After all, there's a huge stigma for a doll, yet alone a questionable age one which would be social suicide if word got out in your circle.

only if your in a shitty social circle

some quick weights of a few different mfg
Bel: 132cm 20.5kg TPE
DS145cm: 19kg (one of the lightest for its size silicones on the market)
Catdoll 108cm: 14.5kg TPE
THICC wmdoll: 163cm 49kg TPE
sanhui 168cm: 35kg silicone
Piperdoll 162cm: 42kg TPE
WM 108, Lcup: 21kg TPE

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standing feet dolls sometimes shock me with the prongs on the feet
the one non-standing feel doll I have has some static issues but those go away with powdering

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Thanks for the info.

>only if your in a shitty social circle

But cmon, 99% would freak seeing a < 18yr old looking sex doll in a box. Adult one maybe if you have really liberal friends, but that'd still have to be pretty far out there. Then again, I googled what some of these brands are and WM doll (adult looking version) shows up on Amazon for sale of all places.

Keep in mind the Amazon dolls are actually knockoffs. Amazon is one of the least trustworthy places to buy a sex doll from, oddly enough.

you overestimate the general populaces puritanical reactions. far more people are likley to not give a fuck than are.

of course mob tactics come in to play here, and if your circle of friends has a loudmouth that likes to shit on things then the rest might have a habit of parroting them.

and as the other user just said, pay close attention to places like amazon, most of those are knockoffs/copycats. Big rule of thumb, if the price is more than 30% different than the manufacture, dont trust it.

and since it hasnt been posted yet, some stale pasta
doll mfgs
good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or so
TPE: (1-3k)
dh168 (1-2k) (also sells other mfg including catdoll, piperdoll, d4e, ect, approved vendor 1-2k and often cheaper due to deals) (800-1.5k) (1-2k)
d4e (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k) (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
axb (500-1.5k) (clones, 1-2k) (lot of sub 1k, not sure on quality) (500-2k)

dsdoll or (sister sites, all models available from both, also (2-4.5k) (2-4.5k)
gynoid (4-6k)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800) ( XYColo advanced skelly(~$4k)

3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site) DS distributor) eh

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user here who originally requested that pic a while back. Didn't come around to say this yet: thank you! It turned out really great

I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!!!

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Is the position (girl on the bottom) possible with dolls? do they bend that much?

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That should be possible, yes. Some brands you may need an EVO skeleton to get fully into the squat pose, but it should be doable.

yes also sauce?

So beauty, custom made ? She's look like BJD.

Does anybody have any experience with Dukehhdolls? I really dig the crazy cartoon thicc proportions.
I have a distressing amount of loli paraphernalia as in so I am not sure they would care much.
It would still be weird to bandy about a sex doll in front of everyone though.

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i finished and closed already
are the tags i used on sadpanda

that doll is from another company, if they have that pic its a bootlegg/scam site or they are a reseller.

i think ive seen it on thesilverdoll, check there as they state the original manufactures.
never trust a company that tries to hide the original manufacture.

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SilverDoll has it listed as an SYDoll:

Just FYI, If the website you're shopping on doesn't cite the manufacturer... you're probably not buying the real deal. Most doll websites are resellers, not manufacturer sites. If it was, actually, a manufacturer site it ought to be really easy to verify, too.

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I'm guessing a christmas tree lockable storage box or something would work.

I'd love to get one of those Catdoll EVO that was linked, but I don't even know the legality, and getting busted with it would mean seppuku for me. Pretty sure loli cartoons aren't even legal around here.

Found it. Thanks.
Apparently it is by SY Dolls.
Does anybody here have a doll with a big butt? I am curious what they feel like. I am a little worried they might be a bit too firm.

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Oh yeah, I never followed up on this, but... the perfume oil test I was gonna do? It was a failure. The spot on her scalp I tested shows noticeable surface marring, and while at first I thought it might be abrasion from the wig cap I then realized it's only that spot, and it covers that entire spot.

So, no, sadly perfume oils don't appear to be TPE safe, at least not for Piper Doll / D4E / DH169 2019 EVO dolls. They are still way cheaper than normal perfumes, though, and are perfectly fine to put on clothes / wigs just like normal alcohol based perfumes are.

>I am a little worried they might be a bit too firm.
Depends a lot on the manufacturer. I can't speak for SY Doll.

Here's a Piper Doll Akira's ass. And take it from personal experience... it's just as good as it looks.

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And here's Piper Doll Beth / Risako's ass.

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Oh sorry I missed your post. Yeah I got an ad for it and assumed it was legit because I am a doll noob who isn't sure what to look for.
What country are you in?

Those look really nice and a lot more realistic feeling that I would have imagined.