Other thread hit max images and Janeway murdered Tuvix

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I keep trying to understand the reason behind this pictures. The mood ist undefinable.

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Threshold is the best Star Trek episode ever.

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The white chick surround by blacks on the couch meme.

Got this instantly

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doesn't necessarily have to be white

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Exactly why this fat fuck should get the bill or solve his own problems

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it gets worse the socialist fucks take the piss as well

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That's fantastic.

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What was her name again?

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He graduated?

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I read these in Kermit the Frog’s voice.

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Uh oh

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lol I lost at this one

Piper perri is white AFAIK

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Good stuff. Very funny.

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>gets drunk and fucks guy at party

>why is he so controlling

You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!

well yeah but the pic could mean any fmmmm porn

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lol good one haha


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I didn’t think I’d lose to something this ingenious.

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