Anyone want to help me out with getting my sister's nudes...

Anyone want to help me out with getting my sister's nudes? I found out she was selling them and I really have no way to pay without my wife finding out. To get the full set it's 75usd. Kik me killemjon for my cash app and I will share the pics of course. Pic unrelated.

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Just ask, you're her brother dumbass she will give them to you for free, family over everything

Literally just ask

Yeah that wouldn't end well.

How old is your sister?

19 tig ole bitties, nice ass

>Grown man cant figure out how to spend 75$ without his wife asking

Go buy a prepaid visa gift card and then pay for it on her website. Is your wife really going to ask about that 75$ ? Tell her it was for a video game or some fucking hobby you do.

also link to this website ill fucking buy them

Jesus Christ

just cashapp me @shprain

How about you cash app me then I’ll
Send you the pics you fucking autist

I’m providing the service so I want the money eh

Can't afford to link anything, can't have her finding out, I'm her only sibling

Not OP

How did you grow up without knowing a thing about computers, software or the internet. You're an idiot.

Dont really know what you mean by that but okay!

>creat throwaway email
>create throwaway Venmo/PayPal etc
>buy photos

How could she find out?

If she sees it here or somebody who knows her sees it here. I'm not having a problem with the actual buying them part aside from not being able to remove cash from my bank without my wife knowing.

Buy a prepaid visa gift card and tell your wife you bought shit for the yard or something.

Is your wife going to seriously scrutinize 75$?

imagine not doing a reverse image search and believing this turdster

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I don't get it. Is this all a fucking meme? Do the faggots in this thread not realize OP is a fucking scammer?

Really not trying to scam anyone. I will most definitely share the pics with whoever comes through with the mula.

A reverse image search on what exactly?

>a reverse image search on what

the picture numbnuts, its been posted before its not his sister

We know its not his sister, it even says so at the bottom of his post u dumb fuck

He said pic unrelated dumbshit

but you just got busted, she knows perv

Oh okay.

Are you fucking retarded?

>imagine not doing a reverse image search and believing this turdster
>Pic unrelated
>Pic unrelated
>Pic unrelated
>Pic unrelated
>Pic unrelated

you have more of that album?

lol i shoulda read the whole post first