Ask me about my Body ???

Ask me about my Body ???

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Last time you saw your cock without the use of a camera?

Today I still get to see it lay back

how many cheeseburgers can you eat in one go

I’ve had 6 double cheese burgers in one go once haha

How and why?

Do you work hard for that?

By clicking post reply and because it’s something to do I guess ?

Why so fat? Is it really so difficult to go for a jog or a long walk every day?

I would say so yeah haha

Why how fat do you with I am ? I wouldn’t say it huge and I just enjoy food a lot and sitting around haha it’s just kinda happened

Why do you hate yourself so much?

I don’t hate my self at all I’m happy


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Not even sure what you said ,but yes your too fat, look at your tits and gut. Get up do some push ups go running stop being fat

Are you gonna get rid of that shit and get some pussy or are you just gonna die a fat virgin that nobody likes?

anywhere other than America and you'd no longer be considered human. In west Africa your considered food for the tribe

Can i see your cock?

Well he can’t

Not a chance I’ll be doing any of that haha
I still get pussy
I’m from the uk anyway
In my thread pic ?

Yea send the pic in the thread

how much you weigh?

It’s in the profile photo
About 340lbs

Do you have money? I find it hard to believe any women that looks human would let you near their pussy

nice. of course we would all like to see you get in shape, but as you stated in a previous post, as long as you're actually happy, that's all that matters. cheers bruv.

Yeah but I don’t pay my way my gf is 440lbs her self

>Why how fat do you with I am ?

how is having sex possible? Do you need a bar to lift her fupa? What positions do you do?

have any panties?

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Obviously meant to put “think” lol

From the UK but you use lbs instead of stone and are a cutfag?

Also how do you get pussy when your dick is like an inch long?

It’s hard but missionary is possible

Bonapa keesa. Tolpa da bunky na booty cha naga o wanna meete chobodda.

My skins pulled back rocket scientist
And lbs is more commonly known
That’s only while sitting I gain more when standing or lay back

Soo...nice one Elon Musky..

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congrats on at least being circumcised

I’m not I just pulled the skin back :/

state weight, age, BMI, virginity status, how many hours you watch porn every day and what kind of porn most of the time.

that's more than an inch. His belly makes the peepee look small.

Imagine believing Op actually has a Gf dont fuel this clowns imagination user

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Not a virgin
30 mins a day ?
Ssbbw porn

what does smegma taste like?

340 lbs god damn. Im 260 and im fat

Crazy I’m 5ft8” as well I’ve nearly got 100lbs ontop of you

5 foot 8? Damn. Im 6 foot and feel short :/

Op how does it feel not to be a white chad like me who gets pussy on the regular

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Does it feel good that I take care of your whale wifes needs cause you cant please her op ,dont worry op we dont want you having a hearth attack triying to do something so rudementary like fucking

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did you borrow Ops pants lmao


Mine is barely above 25 and I always feel like shit

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In the event of a house fire could you get yourself out of the building?

Don't kid yourself pal, you ain't all that

Indeed I was fucking ops whale wife so aggresively I ripped my pants so I had to wear this lazy fucks one to be able to go back into public

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This retard can’t even spell heart correctly. And nice ugly ass nipples fag, you breastfeed as a hobby?

I kekked.
also checked

lisen here you little nigger I am all that Im the white man supreme your just mad that all your brownie sisters love this white hunk of a man
Its not my fault im this sexy

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nice gyno tits.


255lbs reporting in

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jesus christ shave your body, with that complexion and the hair you look like a bald monkey

You are skinny fat kid with girl nipples

listen here you little bitch you know who else has gyno and is more of a Man than you the Rock fucking johnson Imagine been black having gyno and still getting more pussy than you hell I already was blessed to been black so by my calculations Im avering way more pussy than you

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Are you ashamed of your slob-like habits yet?

Burn it with fire!


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Real men dont shave beside bitches love been fucked by a hairy bear man

Skinny fat hah its called moving and lifting weights you should try it some time making words up like skinny fat, the retardation in this one is strong

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Faggot caught you
Ricardo is disappointed in you

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How are you not dead

>Real men dont shave beside bitches love been fucked by a hairy bear man
How delusional can you be

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Ricardo is my inspiration that guy is the definition of testosterone and not giving a fuck

All you bitches calling me faggot cause you want me inside you but I aint gay like that I aint gay like you guys at all, I follow the divine calling of my father god Im only here to impregnate your women whit my gods seed and to shame fat fucks like op into killing them selves

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too much hair and not a nice physic

shave ffs