Wwyd thread

Wwyd thread

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Throw her in a tanning bed. Have her hair dyed blonde. Get her a professional makeover. Get her some lip filler. Get her some fake eyelashers.
Manicure, pedicure.

Sexy. I’d cum in her. More?

checked and checked

Also, more!
Id fuck her until she turns some sort of color

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Haha she’s so pale I know

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Mmm nice I’d love to hold her down and rail into her

Soo...nice one Elon Musky..

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Did you take these pics with a potato, per chance?

but fukn hot, plz more. Get me hard for some white meat

Back when a potatoes all I had yes.

Thank you for your service!

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I’d hold that slut under water, rape her holes and shove my cock down her throat and beat her everytime she tried to fight back or escape.

i'd wince and use my pirate voice to say "you should be in school!"

Anyone else?

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I love her. I'd fuck her long and slow until I cum deep inside her.

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She looks like I could pick her up and use her like a little fleshlight. I'd love to bully and degrade her into submission, maybe fuck her until she cries.


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Ruin her hair and makeup

Oh she’s so sensitive she would def cry. She used to tell me to “be gentle because when I’m rough it reminds her of the time she was raped”

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Wwyd to Morgen, Liz, and Kelsey

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Which and wwyd?

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Take the left one and beat the one in the middle to death. Then I'd bang righty.

Twin sisters

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Why is one hot and one is not, then?

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wwyd? no limits

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the hot one is the one in black

Lol bro just go full send and mindbreak her

Genetics? Idk man

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Dood I tried to do anal with her and she passed out.. legit

I'm really lichen these!

Did you keep going though

Tell her to calm the fuck down and to speak English.

I would not pull out

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wwyd if you walked into your room and saw her like this?

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I would not put in.

Nah, it freaked me out tbh. We were in the shower and she just went limp


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Tell her to stop taking pictures with the light BEHIND her. Have the light IN FRONT of the subject. Also have those eyes looked at. Wash your hair.

lichen. as in moss, you nigger.

OH BOY! A NIGGER! and a fat one! Where did you find this!

Don’t lynch me


buy her boyfriend a decent camera

ask Liz to leave

My most recent gf was dared to walk around our neighborhood park naked. Wwyd if you seen her

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Then what would you do to Morgen and Kelsey?

Puke probably

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Greta? Is it really you?

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avoid -- rule #1



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looks like she has huge tits

Ask politely if she'd be down for mutual masturbation


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She was 19 at the time of these pics if that’s what your getting at.

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Wwyd to Avis?

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tie her ankles and wrists together, put something big like a beer bottle or a large cucumber up her ass and take a bunch of pictures to share later

here's mine

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consensual sex in the missionary position


I would have sex with her, provided that she enthusiastically consented

Aw, you're gentle. :) That's really nice.

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feed it

wait it out until everyone is too drunk, lure her to the bathroom were I bend her over and drill her ass. I would stuff a champagne bottle up her pussy as the finishing touch and throw her into a stall for other guests to find

sounds fucking hot, thanks user

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WHICH would you do?

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wife wwyd?

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..for the sole purpose of procreation.

lots and lots of waxing.

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Wife wwyd? Good ones get link to imig

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this is a coworker I've been flirting with and would probably hit it off with her if we weren't both in relationships.

do you like her? wwyd? would you fuck her just to spite me?

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Sunglasses for me. Get her pregnant.

I'd force feed her Prozac for about 2 months

What a flaming tumblr weeb.

but she has no sunglasses, user

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Why these threads always so boring

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