Diesel tribute thread

Diesel tribute thread

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Get off /b you fucking stinky nigger


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Do her?

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Looks like she already has

We could see the time on the phone, fail attempt at larp

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Tribs this slut

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You’re a special kind of retard aren’t you?


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Looking for a good feet&face pic to cum tribute

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Got kik?

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I do but it’s only open to private paid tributes. There’s no wait for those who pay. Kik is thethickbbc

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You're that desperate to think some nigger is gonna put their dick next to your crush's pic?

My cuz

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Tig ol bitties

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Hard pass

can anyone tell me why they call him diesel?

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Someone please do her.

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Thank you.

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Requesting : )

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are you erect in the paid tribs?

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Yes? lol

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what are the prices ?

Ugly milf sisters.

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Please op

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Kik me at thethickbbc if you wanna know more

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She deserves it

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this one would be good

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Ex. Cum on her ?

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She’s begging for it.

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can you post an erection picture ?

hahah amazing

please !

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plzzz sir

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This would be good op

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