Kettering or corby anons here?

Kettering or corby anons here?

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Do you know who megan sanders is ?

Yeah mate, any many others haha


Post her if you know her?


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I meant her wins -_-

And that's a FB pic anyone can see that :(

Well, you from round here?

What's that gotta do with the wins? Are they wins or no? :(

All depends doesnt it. Im confused what youre dont get wins that easy haha



After m s nudes or BJ?
What have I got to offer. Not much :/

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Whos that? What other girls you know?

Don't think there is more


Zoey T
Not many. Only a fat girl.

Have you got more mate?

Her bf is a tool. Deffo fucked her good

Yeah but only sharing with locals who know otherd tbh

Have you got even one nude of hers?

I'm local

Dunno mate youre spamming me a bit haha you said you only knew two girls?

Lol you ain't got shit. Playing you all. This Megan girl has nice eyes though. Decent

Lol I know a few. From Rutland

Whats your kik?

Haven't got one?
I'll make one if you send her nudes?

Lets chat on there if you want. Cant make any promises.


No point in me making one of you haven't got nudes or anything of her?

Ok ;)

Mate.... Have you got her nudes or?
I'll make one now. Otherwise no point trying to play me about. Simple...?

Dw he hasn't got it. Would have posted one to get you in



Im open to talk about anyone local

Lol ain't got shit on her. Playing games

Nah he's not

Post more?


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