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Waifu thread


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Just Monika

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i imagined it
how do i stop

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evening!! biggg day biggg work... no biggg rest :<
want weekend fast...

is (you) doing okay at least?
i hope...
god i hope :(

d-don't say that!
it's not "just"
know your worth

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But, every girls don't date virgin. So how can you get ride to it?

`comfy Sup Forums server, join quick before the jannies cuck us:



Just donate some money to her shirine and she'll forget all about you being a virgin

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Men covet virgins and women loathe them. I see now.

It's fine, I just turned gay anyway.

Just Monika

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fuck off with your reimu shrinefaggotry

Nothing else matters when I think of this precious rainbow fortune cookie World that I had the unreasonable luck of crossing paths with.
I am here, to post the Planet coaster, before I go to sleep in my bed. Goodbye.
I'm going to kidnap my waifu and bridal carry them to the bakery, anect the place, bake the biggest chocolate cake for them, and we'll buy a place together and I'll become an old raisin by their side and then I will collapse into their arms in the evening and maybe then one day the cute thoughts will stop inflitrating my mind and throwing my emotions in a circle.
But until then I'm none the wiser, good luck!
I hope you'll have it better soon, sounds poop. I had a great day, but I was sick and had a headache and a stuffed nose the whole day.
You should try to enjoy every day, not just the easy ones, otherwise you'll spend 5/7 parts of your life waiting for weekends.
Goodnight cutie, I have to sleep to get back to health
cute megalomaniac

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yeah that detail annoys me as well

Playing Total War?

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Not recently. Last time I've played a TW was maybe two or three weeks ago.
I've been playing EUIV
Hallo kamerad, wie geht's?

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i will take, just you then :)
ill give out a drink you can have anything you want!

...nothing alcoholic tho...

im glad and thankful we still speak at all.
oh nou~ sounds not gud.... it sounds like where you are it's really cold and you caught some of than :|
get well soon dear earth fren! remember, tea is gud, hot liquids in general help a lot... you should try ginger!
waiting for weekends... huh.... thinking about that, it sure is fitting kinda i have to admit. but ya there are the gud days... and i enjoy getting praised and being of help to other's it's honestly the best.... you're right im too focused on all the negative bits >_<
im so glad to have you as a fren

hope you have a gud slep... come black later? pls... i like talking biggg text and you are one of the few i can do that with.. i miss writing biggg text...
get well quick!

eh shit until recently
but earth made me realize it's okay.

how are you doing? you don't have snow there yet either right?

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Bad day at work huh? Those happen, but I'm glad it's better now.
I'm doing alright. No, no snow here and probably there will be very little of it if any at all.

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no not necessarily bad, just all over the place so much to do you start one thing, telephone rings "blah blah NOT WORK!!! COME!! blah blah" go ther do thing get back sit down, dude knock at door "uhhh hallo fren how you do XYZ again?" go with dude... explain, show... go back to office.. finally continue what initially had to do.. emergency BOOM now other thing has high priority so fuck what i was meant to actually do today
and so on. it's not often so busy and im thankful for that
but ya... three people having to babysit like 50 is kinda rough fren but i like my place we care for each other lots and everyone is friendly and even talk and play games outside work biggg frens there :)

little snow is gud! less is more i say! you know

uhhh sorry i got carried away thinking back at today hope you don't mind biggg text!

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listening to music with the waifu!

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Some lazy-eyed cholo look-alike was saying my sweater had a weird colour. Not sure how I feel about that.
Listening to Lofi?

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This ain't a shrine thread. Clown image for a clown thread.

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no im listening to stuff from k-on actually
playing it in clone hero, actually actually. its a pretty small selection unfortunately
also i dont agree with the usage of 'lofi' as a genre but thats just a personal opinion

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No idea what the other game is. Only rly played total war when it comes to grand strategy.

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i have whole album
get here nyaa.si/view/1132155
i listen often! mostly on biggg drives really loud at night :)

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Look at them
Look at them and laugh

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shes missing out

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Not much of a big text really, it's fine. Busy days can get really annoying, I know from experience, but at least as you say it's not too often. That's really cool that you're friendly with your coworkers, makes work much better in my opinion.
That's true, a lot of snow can be really painful when it comes to travel.
Europa Universalis IV, it focuses more on running your country, it gives you more options and stuff to do than just fighting wars. At it's core it's just a map painting simulator really. You don't fight the battles yourself, it's all a dice roll (terrible design). It's a great time killer though.
I've played all Total Wars up to Warhammer, though just for literally 30 minutes.

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i was wrong last time i shouldn't have apologized.
you really are mean :(
after what happened last time...

oh! ya right you are fine with biggg i forgot >.< !
absolutely! we do "business" trips together like hiking and BBQ it's really beautiful here in nature of krautland

ye! especially shoveling.. i say this every time but shoveling SUCKS >.<
like get up an hour earlier than normal JUST to shovel ;_;

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what makes me mean?

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Agree to disagree.
Enjoy your tunes, Tsugu.

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last time,
you ignored me ;_;
you know you did.... that hurt
i thought we frens since known for biggg time :|

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Its rosti day bitches

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o-oh my. this has... everything... thank you. i probably wont listen to all of this, i just like a couple songs, but thank you
eh its just a weird hangup i have about genre labels, i understand its usage and that the style would exist anyway, and i even like it most of the time, just feels less accurate than it otherwise could be.
also tune time is over, work time is now


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rory day
gory day

never mind my mind is weird sometimes i just saw and it happened.

-poke "ears"-

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i have it all :3
listening on max during biggg drives!
have nice drive while listening fuwa fuwa and stuff ^w^
i need to go through dashcam.. really man.. sometime.. i wanna share

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I mean, you don't really write big texts, it doesn't even take a minute to read.
Grand, I'd love to go on a "business" trip like that once in a while. I'll be investing in some hiking gear myself so maybe I'll get into it eventually. Germany is a beautiful country, I want to go and see Schwarzwald, Westerwald and Bavaria.
We didn't have a proper winter here in ages, just some snow once in a while but that won't stop the public transport from screwing up.

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dafuq is rosti

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i have dyslexia, I always ignore people by mistake!

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Ah, I remember now. Junko wanted me to play that game. Sadly I'm only interested in the war in such games. Not really a strategy kinda guy. Unless it's an RPG like Divinity.

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some complained in the past when hit 2k :<
though i rarely do that nowadays... just if i have an idea and need to put my fantasies to paper/manifest in a post

i love hiking! since gud nature where im at, not biggg city just semi-biggg town
biggg nice forests around wide open fields and shit
we should go hiking someday in the future, if the opportunity should present itself which is highly unlikely but one can still hope :)

true true... when i think about it, biggg winter with shitload of snow is now really biggg time ago, haven't really thought about that before, always just glad there is less and less haha

swiss food
grab some rosti my fren lets eat some Pausenstangerl :3

then im really sorry....
last time, i was apologizing how i was so mean to you... like i felt really awful after what i said about you always leaving :/
and intentionally didn't give out my disc well... just to be mean... im sorry

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its okay
i usually skip posts by mistake, but i encourage people to link me when I do it

I don't believe in ignoring anyone

I don't even have anyone blocked on discord!


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are u for real? I know what Rösti are u utter schmock. I live in switzerland if you've forgotten. I just never thought anyone would be excited to eat that shit AND write it without the ö at the same time... I find it hella boring. I'd rather eat a whole potato than rösti.

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Goddamn I liked this image at first, then I got caught up on how little of the stick that seemingly got truncated hasent been shown as such. Yeah it has a LITTLE less on it, but the other stick has SO much still connected... I'm stuck on this user...

These cheap jap and chinese food shops give ya sticks that are held together by a base. That base has 2 break parts. she just broke it at one point.

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Im making them, not eating them. Also dont care for proper spelling.

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That raises even more questions.. why would u be excited about making food you ain't eating.

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i would never ignore you °~° !
unless we're having a fight...
i hope we always frens fren :)

y-you only say that because you have it everywhere over there! >///<
gimme some...

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Yeah, I can enjoy both the battles and the empire managing aspects. Some people just prefer war others just managing. That's just personal preference.
I very much dislike strategy elements in RPGs, all the equipment, skill managment and follower commands in battle is so boring to me. I just let the AI automanage all that whenever it can.
Well, it's fine by me. I'm a fast reader.
You've settled in a nice place then. I'm stuck in the middle of a massive urban area so that's why I really appreciate nature and would love to go out and see it. Yeah sure, if an opportunity like that presents itself then why not? It's always more fun to do stuff with other people.
I kind of agree, but at the same time when winter is weak there's always lots and lots of bugs during the summer so that can get really annoying.

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Eat a dick, I ain't gonna feed you poor people's food
If I feed u anything it's gonna be deer with a marinade you'll never forget, not that trash.
Well, I wouldn't rly play that game solo but coop with a mate.. that thing turns from garbage into gold.

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I hate the process lmao

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See you later.
I hope one day there's a game that combines ck2 features and total war battles. But might as well wait for harvesting season.

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but then why the fuck are you excited at all...
u don't eat it, u hate making it but u announce to everyone that u make it. Rory you fkn moron, what is going on in your head.

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mordred is acting more spastic than usual
hrt being rough?

i want to do stuff with you too... why did you decide to live so far away...
oh!! so wise!! i hadn't thought about that.. sure during winter most smol things die off but when there'S not witer... oh no OH NO!!! i hate bugs >_< !!

oh ho?? you would to that for me...
;_; !!!
gimme a bro hug fren! you are awesome! blessed be my fren! :3

someday.. i hope someday we shake hands!
sad you can't shake hands on discord.. need to wait for VR update

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Pride in my work.

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but.. who even is it for? do u just throw it away cause u don' eat it?
and u hate doing it but I guess at least u like looking at the rösti u made. That's a win.. right?

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Mordred is always like this, it's part of his charm.
I guess hash browns are bastard child of that thing.

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professional cook --->

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Peasants. I grace you with my presence.

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Oh.. it's YOU again.. wow.. awesome.

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Well, hello there fan #4271
Accept this gift. I am a generous person after all.

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Where was she from.. the weeb souls game right? The big titted weirdo. I only saw an 1hour vid of that game. Too bad it's utter trash.

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I cook for a living. We use those for eggs benedict.

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Ahh, there is the missing piece of the puzzle.
Juley used to work as a cook too. Still loves cooking all day long. He even taught me how to cook.

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did you make biscuits and gravy?

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No, I made a quick and cheap stir fry
I know. Ive been cooking longer than Jules.

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Ouh, sounds like a cook off to me.
Actually would love to see him fight a year long cook. Mostly because I love watching him cook but also wanna know how he can hold up to a "real" cook who's still working such a job.

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My job is real slow compared to my best.

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All games are better when played with a friend.
Oh that'd be pretty good. I'd like to see someone try making something like that, I think it would work out pretty well.
If you're in western or central Germany then I'm closer to you than I'd be if I were in Poland, cause I used to live in the eastern part.
Yep, I'm not a big fan of winter but it's there for a reason after all. I'd rather battle through a severe winter and have a low bug population during the summer than prance through a weak winter and have to battle with hordes of bugs throughout the summer. The heat is bad enough as it is, the bugs just make it even worse.

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eyy cute

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A match made in heaven. You and it, that is.

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whore chan


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*in an antogoistic melody*
rorys a boomer rorys a boomer rorys a boomer~

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I'll pay you $100 to fuck off

You forgot the image

based rudes and cutes

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Wow rood

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Nero might wanna consider a diet and lots of fitness.. she's turning into a whale.

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Diets are a meme

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