I'm putting together a team. Who's in?

I'm putting together a team. Who's in?

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I'm in.

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Ok faggot, let's do it

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I'm out, you drunk gin. That shit is for old people and hipsters with shitty taste


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check 'em, boss

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You son of a bitch. I'm in!

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No joke. I'd be legit scared if I saw that guy even 15 feet away in the street, in the middle of the day

kurwa masz¡

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I shall do your bidding, my liege.

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count me in

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lookin' good¡

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You son of a bitch, I'm in.

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>the guy who dies first is black


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I am ready

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count us in

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You son of a bitch. Im inn

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how'd you get that bottle of Havana Club?

I think we win

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We brought a load of Tuborg along sir

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You had me at Picard, but AOC for brains? Bruh...

And what does Guevara bring to the speed fighter role?

I'll bring the knives and the herpes

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if it weren't for your shit taste in liquors, id consider

not so fast

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AOC is one of the smartest youths in the US right now, and Guevara a guerrilla, what's a better speed fighter than that?

You Son of a Bitch.

I'm in!

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This is great, but who's the speed fighter and mascot?

Paul walker (fast and furious) Maddie McCann (missing since 2007)

>AOC is one of the smartest youths in the US right now

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you male offspring spawned from a female dog. IM IN!

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Please, name another poor, under educated, minimum wage worker who somehow came into one of the highest positions in government without having brains essentially overnight? Hate whoever you want, but don't underestimate your enemies.

He looks like the final boss at a Pride parade.

Rick Crawford, Arizona

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you son of a bitch, I'm in.


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the archer

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My skin is at your disposition

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Joseph kony wont die first he´ll use his child army to protect him.

9696 get

I got you guys covered

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You son of a bitch, I'm in.

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I'm ready to go right meow!

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I was thinking more of a GWAR stage slave


Yee haw!

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Ser Tomas of House of Longspear at your service my lady

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Let’s do this

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Who in their sane mind would buy a lego costume???

You son of a beeatch, I'm in XD

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>turnip dies first
>feet pics lady for brains

yep, I'm thinking he's based

Heard you fellas needed some help

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I guess it's time for one last ride

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salutations my fellow knight of honor, i hope your travels weren't too weary on your body

The armor of my House is the greatest honor a man of my customs shall receive

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they won't stand a chance

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Acquire currency and fornicate with females

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a real g never leaves no homie behind

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stupid curse

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got me too

Aight let's roll

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I talk a load of shit but i'm in.

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im in

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i know its bait but im not risking it

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You son of a bitch, im in.

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Make room you faggots, your new king is here.

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Hey, I had that same plastic, toy Luger when I was a kid, too. Neato.

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Reporting in

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the pin on the right is 8 bucks on ebay. anyone can have one. the one on the left... what the fuck is that, eastern european?

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