Gay Thread. No traps. No sissies. No CD

Gay Thread. No traps. No sissies. No CD.

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bump fags

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Goddamn another one?

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oh, gifs? my bad

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that's definitely an ass worth fucking

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Looking for Kik dom no limits, drop kik

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ok... proceed


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ok boomer

Big fat nerdy cock, anybody?

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that isnt big or fat but ya know as long as you can keep yourself happy dude.

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Sup Forums server

Looks big enough to me

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This place is obsessed with smooth sub bottoms. I prefer alittle beef on my meat

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Can someone explain to me why a guy like that would want a dick in his ass soo badly?
I mean, there are no pleasure nerves in the anus, do wtf does he enjoy soo much?

Damn, that's huge


rate my cock?

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I would, that's a pretty dick 8/10

Any facesitting pov?

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Post some smooth feet in this thread

What is pleasure but enjoyment of stimulation? For some people, the feeling of having a dick in your ass is pleasurable. You don't need a certain type of nerve to enjoy a feeling. I really enjoy the feeling of having my scalp massaged, but that's not an erogenous zone.

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No faggy bum boys on tonight?

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Looking for fat cock

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Gay ass?

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Oof this gif is making me crave some big cock

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I want to be forced down and made to take a cock that big. I’d be a slave to a
cock that big

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Stop turning me into fag b!!!

From both ends mmm

Give in to the faggotry and take cock. A good top doing his thing is an amazing experience

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Need that in me

bump again fags, keep posting

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Don't we all

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It's funny how I like female porn but my bf doesn't.

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nothing is better than twink feets

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Less feet, more pounding

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want twink feets, user?

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not user, but please post more

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Fuck I need a big cock to do that to me

ok, but other guy wants pounding
and ngl is hot as fuck

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more twink feet

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fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck dont you just wanna run your tongue across those soles

Fuck, I need a big dick muscle daddy to bust a fat nut up my ass

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and more pounding

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someone tell me what to put up my bum


Hell yea

Satisfying both camps. Pounding and feet.

Most impressive

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feces comes from them holes...

feet, pounding, AND 2mb limit was hard to find

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>there's no pleasure nerves in the anus


Got this without the text?

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i have some similar stuff too

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Any sub want this cock?

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Where are you from?

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Fuck I need more I love cum covered ass

Do this to me with it

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Would love to

Where UK? Manchester here

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This thread is gay

S. Wales