Time for our daily femanon Q&A thread

Time for our daily femanon Q&A thread

You got the Qs and they got the As!

As always tits not required but encouraged

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Oh look this thread again.

Yep! Hows it going user!?


It's going pathetic for you?

Well that's unfortunate user


Seems like you have a favorite word.

Thanks for bumping my thread though!

You are pathetic.

Nah I'm pretty good :)

Again, thanks for the bump. You must really support my thread

Nah you are just too stupid.

Well if that's what you think.

I'm not the one bumping a thread I dislike though so I mean....who's being the stupid one?

you lol

Do a vocaroo on why you hate blacks

You do know what bumping a thread does right?
Or are you that new?

No thanks user

oh look OP's first real bump that isn't himself

You've been bumping the thread yourself user


Why you so dumb OP?

I'm not that one bumping a thread I dislike.
I think you should ask that question to yourself

Or maybe lurk a bit more so you actually understand how Sup Forums works

I guess you are new because I'm not bumping your thread if you pay any attention.


If you dont like OP then why are you giving her attention and bumping her thread?
Its clear you actually want to talk to her.

Oh man you really dont know what a bump is!
I'm dying!

Thanks for the bump again

I don't know if you notice but a bump actually bumps you. You must be new. Also you are so dumb this is very fun.

hey user... how many times have you masturbated today?

...you are bumping her thread user....

"Bumping" a thread means to reply to a thread.

You don't have to right the word "bump" for it to be bumped. It's just a term.

Every time you reply you "bump" her thread to the top for everyone to see and it gives her more attention.

I cant believe I had to explain that.

0. I have a husband so I dont need to

Lol it's sad that you had to explain it. I really never encountered someone this new to everything.
I'd be so embarrassed if I was him.

tits or gtfo

ask anything

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do you do anal with your "husband"?

Well you as just as retarded as OP I haven't bumped the thread once. Not one of my posts has bumped thread.Maybe pay attention? Hasn't moved to the top once.

Nah I'm good
Might give ya tits so theres some fun for ya

why is your shirt still on

What are you talking about user???

You seem to be acting stupid on purpose. I cant tell if this is a joke or not.

I'll put it simple...in order to NOT bump her that means you dont reply AT All.
That doesnt mean you have to

because you fags don’t deserve nip

shut the fuck up bitch. post them

LoL you are new. I'm not bumping. Please show me my post bumping thread to top.

you mis-spelled NIGGERS

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Why is that quoted? Lol



List save your breath

redditspacing to the extreme

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rate me OP

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Only idiots believe audio.


To any femanons, what is your ideal body type for a guy?

the quotes are just quotes.. no offense! :D thanks for your answer user

user do you inderstand what "the top" is????

Ok let me explain it this way.

There are 10 pages of threads here.

If they are completely ignored....as in no one posting a reply. They get sent more pages until they reach page 10 and they are basically pushed off completely.
So for example if you respond to a thread that's on page 4. Your response will immediately "bump" that thread to page one and keep the thread "on top".
If you look at the page number of this thread you will see that her thread is on page 1.

That's because of your help bumping it to the top user.
You seriously need to learn more about how this works

If you still dont get it...theres no hope for you.

Again show me where my post are bumping thread.
You can't.

I was in a depressive state and haven't engaged with anyone sexually for a number of years. I recently lost a great deal of weight and am ready to return to the world of dating but am terrified to engage in real sex with a woman i care about again because I will likely perform poorly, finish early, and have unrealistic expectations for the expereince since i have spent a few years only watching porn and not having sex. Do you have any advice for me? Am I just destined to disappoint women in the bedroom for a while while i re-learn the ropes? will people be understanding and have reasonable expectations?

Oh look this guys posted bumped the thread buy mine didn't seem to crazy.

Somewhat muscular, defined but not too much


Ooooooh that's why you dont get bumping...you're that new stalker of mine!


Femanon here. My personal preference is one in which they are clearly physically in good condition. Not obese(a lil chub is fine though!!!), good hygiene, presents themselves well. Muscles are nice but there's absolutely a thing as TOO MUCH muscle.

Learn to post and not bump noobs.

You still arent getting it user.

If you never replied to her you probably wouldnt have made this thread popular. Now we have multiple anons here (thanks to you by giving her someone to reply to) who are all bumping her.

Sure now we cant pinpoint the bump itself because EVERY reply is a bump (that's what you dont seem to understand)

But its common Sup Forums knowledge. If you dont like a thread you either ignore it so you dont contribute to it or you sage it (which doesnt work well)

But essentially it's like you putting money in a money jar and asking someone to pinpoint your actual dollar bill. Theres lots in there so we cant fund it but you STILL PUt THE MONEY IN THE JAR

Porn is not really the best example of sex honestly. Just do what feels right, use lots of foreplay, and have the courtesy of finishing her yourself if you finish first.

Every post is a bump

You are dumb haven't bumped thread once.

Why would you want to post and not bump? If you don't find a thread interesting, just ignore it. If you're posting on the thread, it's obviously more interesting to you than everything else you could be doing.

Honestly I’ve been really understanding with men in the past if they haven’t performed well. I appreciate it if he warns me beforehand so I’m not surprised.

Keep watching the main page and you would notice in two seconds im not bumping thread.

Do you think it's a good idea for a virgin man to tell a potential partner that he's a virgin beforehand? Or is it best to just fake it till you make it?



The fact that you're posting here and getting responses to your posts means you're essentially bumping by proxy. If you want a thread to die, just stop posting.




I think it’s a good idea. When I took this guys virginity he was upfront with me before. I was really patient with him during it and taught him things.







Don't most women find virginity a turnoff though? Seems like there's a good chance they'd just break things off as soon as they find out.


Giant man-gods

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I’m deviant I guess and I enjoy it. It turns me on that I will be his “first” and usually I toy around with him


Best reply I can give ya user






Can you tell when other women are on their periods?


...I just cant with you. Theres no point in responding to an ignorant retard.

Just stop. He refuses to understand


wtf retard you bumped the thread

No user that's not how it works.

There are currently 85 replies so there are 85 bumps

Being this new.

No but it is true If you hang out with a woman enough that periods can link together and start at the same time

It's the weirdest shit

You are seriously the only new one here user.

Or probably just a really shitty troll

I dont know what women you're talking to but breaking a guy in is usually a turnon for chicks, so long as you're not creepy or pathetic about it.

Only if she's unhygienic.

What age range are you talking about? By 30 or so, women expect a potential partner to have experience.

You are the issue if you think im bumping the thread.

Just stop user. Stop bumping the thread

What's the weirdest thing you've used to pleasure yourself?

Breaking a guy in?
Jzuz what a fcking whore lol, you and all your friends.

bumping actually refers to doing a line of cocaine, get it right fag