Caught a homeless guy going through my dumpster when I got home. When I confronted him about it and told him to leave...

Caught a homeless guy going through my dumpster when I got home. When I confronted him about it and told him to leave, he got an attitude with me.
What can I do about this? I'm assuming the police don't give a shit, so how can I keep fucking homeless people from going through my dumpster? I don't even live in a bad neighborhood, there's just more and more of them every day. Fucking disgusting.

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Take a shit
throw it in the dumpster
record the homeless guy reaction
post his face here

Water hose

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What do you care? It's literally trash

post pics

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Yeah haha like sensitive personal information, what do I care if some homeless piece of shit steals my identity and opens up a credit card or takes out a loan in my name? Not a big deal, right? Fuck you, moron.

Love the idea.

throw a poison sandwich in the dumpster

Invest in a shredder you fuck

Quit being a lazy bag of shit and shred any personal documents like that.

Vote democrat so less people are homeless

Can always stab him multiple times, toss his ass into the dumpster.

>not shredding personal information before disposing of it

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> Vote democrat
> So less people are homeless

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This, but also try to get rid of the homeless mofos rummaging through your trash OP

Why are you putting sensitive information in your fucked trash? That's what shredders and/or fire are/is for

Poison everything that might be edible,
Mix urine with soft drinks/beer inside cans, Bonus points if you mix a bit of bleach with beverages that have a high degree of alcohol,
Put feces in boxes with springs

This will work.

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how much of a retard can you be? complaining about hobos getting in the dumpster lmfao
what other kinds of things that dont effect you do you like complaining about?

>Implying hobos are really neat and not leaving trash all over the ground after they are done going through the dumpster.

Sure let me just put my medicine bottles through a shredder. You fucking idiot.

Just eat the trash yourself

Shut the fuck up and mind your own business.

Damn, let him get his nut off first at least.

Start a communist revolution. No more poor or homeless. Problem solved.
That was easy, next.

You're a piece of shit, OP.

My identity is my business.
Just because yours isn't worth anything doesn't mean nobody else's is.
You are clearly retarded.

Climb into your dumpster and set it the fuck on fire then, faggot.

Kinda sounds like you don't have any good arguments and you're just a little retarded, but ok.

you have a homeless man going through your trash and you are so upset about it that you made a thread on Sup Forums, you have a lot more problems going on in your life if you let a homeless guy ruin your day. It is also YOUR responsibility to dispose of any sensitive information, if you leave it out in the garbage then expect the worst. It’s YOUR fault.

Look man I've got nothing against retards but let's not pretend that your mental state is healthy and normal.

Nobody in the United States is homeless for more than a week tops unless they're retarded or have a criminal history preventing them from being able to rent. Chronic hobos are to a man shitbags who only exist to make life disgusting and miserable for everyone around them. Leave your basement you leech.

Not only is it fucking annoying, most of them toss the trash to the floor while digging into it. They don´t even bother to pick up what they don´t take.

Try harder

Go to jail for murder

It's you that is the parasite that adds nothing of value to the culture and society at large. Instead of skulking as user online, try shouting your views from the rooftops irl if you actually have the courage of convictions. You're no thought leader.

You assume we give a shit? Handle your own business.

Free bath

remove the labels?

You cared enough to comment, kinda sounds like you give a shit lmao.
I would say "found the homeless guy", but you somehow have an internet connection.

Doesn´t 7/11 have free wifi?

Scare the fucker next time. Threaten to kill him. Do whatever you want. Shit, just beat the fucker up. Bums dont call cops and who gives a fuck if he does. Cops dont believe or care about bums

I have empathy and humanity, parasite.
Therein lies the difference between us.

Oh, do you let homeless people live with you? Or do you work in a soup kitchen?
I do too, but you can't help people who don't want to help themselves.
I'm sorry you don't understand that yet.

Also, the irony of calling productive people parasites is, I'm sure, lost on you.

You're not telling me anything I don't know or don't have experience with. There's a lot of homeless people that are pieces of shit that I have no sympathy for and the same feelings apply to members of the business community. It is you that clearly hasn't come to a greater understanding of the world we live in.
Implying you're productive connotes that you're somehow beneficial to his environment when it's abundantly clear you're only concerned with yourself. Don't kid yourself, you're a clown.

Stop being a whiny piece of shit. Buy a shredder and mind your own fucking business

Put in a motion activated spotlight. Also paintballs to the face.

you're poor. if you had money the police would take care of it. you're a fucking loser.

Going to take a wild guess and say this happened in California? If so, no, cops will probably arrest you for interfering with the noble hobo.

Sounds like you were being a total dick and you should leave homelessbro alone.
What the fuck is wrong with you OP?