Why do liberals hate Trump so much?

Why do liberals hate Trump so much?

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They hate blustering ignorance, I'd imagine.

>autistic screeching

3 years down, 5 to go.

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Hey, if you're not prepared for the answer, don't ask the question, my man.

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Why do republicans hate the truth so much?

plastic surgery ruins pornstars

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former soviet republics export the best porn

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this is now an on/off thread

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Nobody likes a festering shitpile.

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My attention is yours

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>>Sup Forums
>>Sup Forums

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probably doesn't help he made trolling the left the center of his campaign.

Maybe, but there people can't samefag on Sup Forums

fake truth, bro

I'm sure to support the next rapist-in-chief then, faggot.

>he made trolling the left the center of his campaign.

and also he never stopped campaigning because he has no skill or passion to actually govern. It's a little tiring being trolled 24/7 while the shitbird lines his pockets with ill gotten gains.

Why do you think I support Biden?

liberals hate trump for the same reason conservatives might not recognize his blunders. tribalism. side A vs side B. if trump was a democrat but behaved more or less the same you'd probably hate him too.


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his entire presidency is basically one giant trump commercial to push his brand..
>no publicity is bad publicity

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why would you build a feminist robot.jpeg

>he made trolling the left the center of his campaign

The fact of you idiots being trolled all too easily is absolutely hilarious.

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Is that butterface?

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Have you sat through one of his speeches? Trump is literally retarded.

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Because he's delivering.
And support from what they thought was their "locked in" constituency is eroding.

Now a THIRD poll by NPR/PBS Maris
has Trump over 33% among minority likely voters.
Consensus is anything over 20% will be a landslide.
Three separate polls, one even by NPR/PBS no less.

And what is being subtlety non reported

And that is what is driving the left absolutely apeshit,

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Is that a shadow or does her vagina have a goatee?

I never said I was on the left
the fact you assumed so is telling

>Now a THIRD poll by NPR/PBS Maris
>has Trump over 33% among minority likely voters.
>Consensus is anything over 20% will be a landslide.
>Three separate polls, one even by NPR/PBS no less.

Fox news showed a poll saying 55% of americans support impeachment and removal.

The difference is that NPR isn't going to fire the person reporting on their own poll when it doesn't line up with their narrative.

Non-American here never in my life have i seen such a smeer campaign and outright hate even before he did anything.

I was hated and the media smeered him from the moment he started running. Was weird as shit.

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>the fact you assumed so is telling
Make a comment, get called out on it.
Don't be all pussy hurt about it. Go make your wife's boyfriend his dinner before he slaps you around again.

liberals/conservatives is such a dead paradigm

it's people who are okay with with currency/power distribution system changing from labor based to social based. Hot people who are okay with manipuatling everyone else want socialism/communism, because in a system where every have the same money, the only thing that separates you is your social/attractiveness power.

Not since Hitler has a political figure been so misunderstood.

At physically attractive people are least likely to be socialist commies? How intredasting

You realize Bernie hates china, right?

No that goes to Nelson "killing fucking everything but the world thinks I am a saint" Mandela.

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That's mostly because he didn't immediately call for white genocide. Everybody in South Africa would have gone along with it.

>if trump was a democrat but behaved more or less the same you'd probably hate him too.
Fucking this.

Politics is just tribalist bullshit, now. And Sup Forums is the last place to go to try to change that

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Our left and it's media is basically a sinister cult at this point.

>And Sup Forums is the last place to go to try to change that

As shitty as this dialog is, at least both sides are talking at each other. On reddit and facebook they are both in their own feedback loops with no visibility of the others existence in the outside world.

didn't realize i had two of this bitch

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>get called on it
no one even refuted the single thing I said.
I stand by my statement
I will add that a good portion of trump supporters are just trolls themselves. it makes sense for a troll to admire a bigger troll

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You are a faggot, everyone in that picture is a faggot, and so is Trump

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And your a troll too, your just writing this because your tired of all the outsiders coming to Sup Forums

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Or better yet go where people put their money where their mouth is.

Trump has more cash on him to win, then the top 3 dem candidates combined


Sup Forums is an echo chamber

>outsiders coming to Sup Forums

What, you think Sup Forums is for it's employees? Everybody is an outsider.

yeah, that's why you gotta go to Sup Forums

Ur mom is outsider

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Well he's a racist idiot who spews conspiracy theories. He's surrounded himself with corruption. Every position is either up for sale or goes to a member or his family.

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Nah he just thinks he's cool because he knew about Sup Forums before any "Normie McNormans"

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Right, since coke heads that are kicked out of the military are a hot ticket item to the tune of 83K a month.

How is he a racist and how is he an idiot? Provide proof, not conjectures

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>Provide proof

LOL, did you forget when he wanted to ban Muslims from the Middle East? I mean I know you are trolling, but try a little harder. Find something where is a bit more covert or nuanced before sealioning.

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When did he want to ban Muslims from existing in the middle east?

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Anybody can go on Sup Forums leftists just come here because they can't hold their own there.

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>existing in

thank you, the extra effort is really very thoughtful.

Politics are a business and you're the best man to pay for it.

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