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reply or mom big die

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Is.. Is this the power of maximum over-cuck!?

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would love to read about the abnormal drug trafficker

That's not cannon.

Ding ding ding

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Literally no one cares about SJWs. Thy aren’t funny anymore. You aren’t clever for making fun of PC culture. It was maybe funny in like 2010, so you’re like a decade too late on the bandwagon. You’re just too dimwitted to tell a proper joke. You’re like the high schooler wearing a Nirvana t-shirt in 2019 who thinks he’s found something no one has discovered.

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is that "shaved my balls" dude?

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Look man, I get it. I'm mad about this too, but none of this is funny. This is a YLYL thread, a thread for funny pictures, not political statements. Take this stuff somewhere else, where other people can appreciate it better. We're all here to see funnies.

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Haha everyone is bluepilled but you right?

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I’m posting these to raise awareness. You must be a woman if you care so much. And I’m not the edgy guy. In high school I played Pokemon Go with the jocks, and even went to a couple parties. Everyone respected me. Try again.

They’re in an open relationship and the “friend” isn’t even a part of it. Mods had to lock the comments because everyone was making fun of them.

seems reasonable

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But I’m right and you’re wrong.

Can’t even laugh at this kind of thing anymore. It’s too predictable.


No u


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doin him a solid. good dude


i still feel bad about this one

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I love these "finding herself/ready to settle down" memes because they reminds me how many furious incels there are here and that makes me feel better about myself for occasionally getting laid

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>But I’m right and you’re wrong.

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The kid in the NASA shirt..you can tell this is not his first time seeing this, this is nothing new for him. That Adam Lanza fuck is sure looking though.

Is this how spineless lefties are?


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I finally figured out how these shit whatevers keep ending up on here. It's the JIDF Jews auto-posting to ruin threads that don't align with their faggot/pedo agenda that they want Sup Forums users to follow.

Finally makes sense. As though some complete loser would wait around all day to post these inane images.

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Oh, I get it now. This & other Chan sites are a psy-op. The popular media describes them as "Alt-Right/White Supremacist" sites, to lure White guys to the sites. But when you get here; you're bombarded by porn ads, "BBC" & other interracial porn threads, & "trap\sissy" threads. These threads also overlap as sissies into BBC. There's also at least 1 poster who spends their life posting scat porn threads, with pics of some little known goth rock singer (Andy Sixx logs). Plus asian animated pedophilia threads, and incest threads are continuously scattered across the sites. Then there are constant threads trying to convince White North Americans that they are "Amerimutts" or "burgers". There is a single page, Sup Forums, that many of threads are right leaning. But even it has many anti-White\left-wing threads scattered through it. The real aim is to belittle & brainwash decent White men and teens into becoming confused, ashamed, perverts. Also, the operatives of the Deep State monitoring the sites, go after any brainwashed, confused White male, who contributes to one of the pedo, or "domestic terrorist" threads, & ruins their life.

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you mean it really was the Jews all along ?

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nah. kid was a dip shit. natural selection

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Based and JIDF pilled

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Wow, just wow.
Also, filename